7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 17

High Anxiety

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • In response to who Roxanne's father killed: He killed the guy suspected of killing her mother, not necessarily the guy that did it. They never actually determined who did it so there is no goof.

    • In this episode Roxanne father shots and kills the guy who killed Roxannes mother, but in an earlier episode (i.e. Lost Souls) Roxanne tells Kevin they never found out who shot her mother.

    • After Lucy quits school she goes to tell Kevin, and she knows that he's at the police station. She wouldn't know that he was at the station because after Roxanne called he left right away, and didn't tell Lucy because she was upstairs studying.

  • Quotes

    • Annie to Eric (after his nightmare): "What is it this time?"

      Eric to Annie: "I was marrying Lucy and Kevin in my underwear."

    • Kevin to Lucy: "So kiss now, study later."

    • Sam to Simon: "Why are we staring at Cecelia?"

      Simon to twins: "Because she's beautiful."

    • Kevin to Lucy: "Difficult in someways better in other ways!"

      Ben to Ruthie: "Am I nuts? I can't get back together with Mary. Mary's beautiful, but she'll crush my heart like a bug!"

      Lucy to Kevin: "And that's why I know that I will be able to handle anything that life throws at me. We're going to be a family for better or worse" (Lucy says this to Kevin sort of a a response and to finish explainin why she decided to stay in school after Kevin tells her that he loves her.)

      Lucy to Kevin: "I'm not going to quit school, I want to become a minister and I also want to be your wife and I think with a little planning and help I can graduate with honors in both programs."

      Roxanne to Chandler: "I had no idea that I was in love with a bleeding heart liberal who thinks that criminals have more rights than honest, law-abiding citizens. Look, you don't know how I feel. And until your mother is gunned down in cold blood which I hope never happens, you will never know how I feel! So it looks like I've got a lot to think about. And I wanna think about it alone."

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