7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 2

Home Run

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on The CW

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  • Great!

    Martin learns that he and Sandy are pregnant. Simon feels responsible. The Colonel and Ruth come. They already know about Mary. Jack doesn't want to date Ruthie. Martin and Meredith want to go out. Carlos explains why Mary claims that he cheated on her. Kevin quits his job after almost getting shot. Eric doesn't want Sam and David playing with toy guns. The deacons want to fire Lucy.

    This was a great episode! It was great seeing The Colonel and Ruth again! I don't think Kevin should've quit. I don't think Jack and Ruthie should go out either. This episode gets a 10!
  • The Colonel and his wife come into town. Jack doesn't want to go out with Ruthie. Kevin wants to quit his job and the church doesn't like Lucy.

    I thought this was a really good episode, but it showed that George Stults, although I find him extremly hot, is an awful actor. I love the ongoing thing with how Kevin and Lucy make up after a fight. And I wish they showed a little more with Martin and Sandy interacting.
  • Thank god for the Colonel...

    Ruthie, "Brat Camp" is calling. Okay, more on that later. First of all, let me say that this episode was better than the premiere. At first, I didn't think it would be, but as it went on it got increasingly better. And it was about time we got to see The Colonel and Ruth. It has been far too long that we have seen these two. For me, a lot of long running characters like the grandparents represent a special part of the 7th Heaven series. Seeing the Colonel and Ruth, and others like Lou, Det. Michaels, Ginger, and so on, brings back fond memories. It's always a major plus whenever those people pop up. Now, we just need to see Mrs. Bink, Ginger, Julie, Hank, The Hamilton's, and others. There's something that the grandparents, especially the Colonel, bring to the show, and I will talk more on that in a moment. So, episode two of season 10 was much better than I had originally thought it would be, and it was better than the so so season premiere last week. I would still like to see the three new cast members removed from the opening credits. There's no reason they can't be in the "guest starring" section. But I guess that's just being picky. And Catherine Hicks. Last week, she had some screen time, and then she seemed to just completely disappear in the second half. Here, her part is even more miniscule. Let's see more of Annie writers!. Give her something to do for a change. Anyways, what were the Camdens facing this week?. Read on...

    Last week I, and most others, were under the impression that Eric's parents, the Colonel and Ruth, would appear. They didn't. Talk about a letdown. Thankfully, the two do arrive at Casa Camden in this episode, and when Eric opens that front door to reveal them, well, I was happy. Last week, Eric was thinking of every possible solution he could think of in order to keep the news about Mary and Carlos away from them. His plans were snagged when Carlos showed up at the door with baby Charlie. Eric is even more surprised when the Colonel walks in and tells him that he knows about Mary. Say what?. When I heard that they had something of their own to tell, I knew that it had something to do with Mary. The Colonel tells Eric that Mary called them, as she has always been close to them, and he says that he was so mad at Carlos and about him and this other woman. Again, say what?. The Colonel informs Eric, and Ruth informs Annie, that Mary told them she caught Carlos with another woman. And who is sleeping upstairs?. Confronting Carlos, he tells Eric that nothing happened. He had hired a nanny to help out with Charlie, and Mary caught them having dinner together. Just dinner. Carlos sees this as something Mary blew out of proportion so she could have a reason to leave. Well, this was an interesting new wrinkle in the Mary saga. To me, this softens the issue up a bit, and it makes Mary look a tad better. Why?. Carlos informs Eric that Mary comes to Puerto Rico all the time, and the two see each other more than when they were married. The Colonel thinks that Mary wants help and that maybe there is hope for the two in the end. I must say that I like the direction this story has taken. While it's still frustrating that we don't see Mary, this has been interesting. I like this new info that has been added to the mix, and I feel that there is hope for Mary and Carlos down the line. We will have to wait and see. This whole part was the best part of the episode.

    Kevin and Lucy and Kevin's. job. We were expecting this, but the whole thing turned out to be a lot less than I had originally thought. That isn't a bad thing, because a heavy Kevin episode is not one of the many things I would want to see. And it quickly turns from a Kevin storyline, to a Lucy one. Anyways, while on patrol, Kevin and his partner are shot at by a little kid. Escaping unharmed(how convenient!), Kevin begins having thoughts. He tells Det. Michaels that he keeps thinking of his wife and daughter back home, and that he is quitting the police force. Just like that. The whole thing goes down rather smoothly, and is not made out to be the big deal I thought it would be. When Kevin finally reveals this to Lucy, she is shocked at first, but then the whole thing is talked over so quickly and settled so quickly. I was like, that's it?. After a brief chat with Ruth, which was nicely written, Lucy goes and has a talk with her dad. Earlier, Lou had come to talk to Eric about Lucy. The majority of the congregation at the church want Lucy to be removed from her position as associate pastor. After her long and controversial sermon, people are mad. The ending with Eric and Lucy was really nice. Eric's words to Lucy were sweet and meaningful, and it ended the episode on a very sweet and uplifting nature. Until Ruthie shows up and ruins the sweet ending. Which brings us to...

    Ruthie. I know Ruthie is getting to be the typical teenager, and you get mad and frustrated and think your parents just don't understand and they are the enemy who are out to get you. That's normal. But Ruthie is like this in almost every scene she has with her family!. Does 'Supernanny' handle older kids by any chance?. Ruthie is still determined to get involved with this senior from last week. Why?. I don't know. I'm looking at this guy, and I am seeing someone who is not worth all the trouble. Ruthie believes Eric is ruining her chances with this guy, and she acts in the usual way. Ruthie's words to Lucy early on were too harsh and rude for no real reason. They came out of nowhere. And the ending?. I know they are trying to move Ruthie into that teenage phase, but they shouldn't make her so incredibly unpleasant. And why would Eric, or any parent, just let her talk and treat others that way?. That kid should be getting a good talking too. And the scene in the school hallway with her and Martin just made it more obvious that these two do not fit together. He is so tall compared to her, and the two would look funny together. It would just be odd and uncomfortable. Not to mention odd and uncomfortable looking. Ruthie is looking great these days, but her attitude is disgusting. I get that she is in this all too normal teenage area, but they should soften it up a bit before she becomes too far gone in "bratdom" that it will be too hard to come back from.

    The ongoing drama with Martin and Sandy wasn't too prominent this week. It was more Sandy than Martin. I have already lost whatever interest I had in this storyline. Simon is feeling guilty about the whole thing but it was he that introduced the two, and now Martin could possibly be the father of Sandy's baby. According to Sandy, he won't speak to her and won't return her calls. Sad to see Martin hasn't grown up anymore since last week. But there is more pressure on Simon's shoulders as Rose wants to move the wedding up to this coming Thanksgiving!. Simon finally grew a little backbone and told her that he was feeling pressured. Naturally, Rose doesn't think too much of this and goes back into her own little world. Simon and Rose is an interesting storyline, and it is somewhat refreshing to see a Camden in a marriage storyline that is the opposite of what has come before. And thank god Happy can tell Rose is evil!.

    This episode is better than normal because of Peter Graves and Barbara Rush. Their talks with Eric and Lucy and all that were well written and better than what the show has given us here lately. I don't know if it's because the material was better and more well written, or if it's just because Graves and Rush are such legendary pros that they make the material better than what it is. Whatever the case, the moments with the Colonel talking to Eric about the gun debacle and everything else, and Ruth talking to Lucy, were much better and stronger words than the show has done. Maybe Brenda realized she better give these two something worth coming back for. It was quite funny how the Colonel said he could sniff out the enemy when talking about Rose. In the end, "Home Run" was a pretty good episode. A step up from last week. And please, please, please, don't let it be another long break in between guest shots from the grandparents.
  • I wasn't looking forward to the episode because the trailer made it seemed Kevin-centric, but as it turned out, it wasn't Kevin-centric at all. I actually thought this was better than the 10th season premiere.

    I loved how Eric and Annie blamed the wrong individual for Mary and Carlos getting divorced. I loved how they trusted their former son-in-law more than their own daughter, their own flesh and blood. *insert sarcasm*

    Ruthie has always been one of my favorite characters, but I want the Ruthie we've grown to love back not this spoiled brat. Eric refuses to let her date Jack and even Jack thinks it's best for he an Ruthie to just be friends, and Ruthie's response? She wants to have nothing to do with anyone in her family with the possible exception of Sam and David. Uh...yeah I don't even want to begin to kill my brain cells in a vain attempt to figure that one out.

    Rose does what I didn't even know was possible, she made her character even more unlikable. Seriously, I'd like to know if there is a single Rose fan here at tv.com. She wants to make their engagement official now and move the wedding up to this coming Thanksgiving? She's kidding right? I'm glad Simon called to her attention the fact that he was feeling pressured. I thought they had an agreement? I know Rose likes to be spontaneous and all, but it's their decision not just her decision. I was kind of surprised that Rose didn't dump Simon when she saw Simon and Sandy hugging. I mean with Rose wanting to get married before Sandy and Martin, I thought Rose was the jealous type. Therefore, I thought she'd be jealous and angry at the sight of her boyfriend hugging another girl. Either it's a horrible lack of character continuity, or I just don't get Rose (which by the way, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter). One of the funniest moments of the episode is when Happy was growling at Rose. Even Happy doesn't like Rose. Not to mention the Colonel identifying Rose as "the enemy".

    Speaking of the hug between Sandy and Simon, Simon needs to stop feeling guilty for Martin and Sandy having sex. It wasn't his fault. Besides, he shouldn't be one to preach to Sandy about such matters considering how last season he probably slept with girls for the sake of casual sex.

    I loved the talk the Colonel had with Eric. That was truly a great father-son moment between the two. I especially enjoyed how the Colonel tied the Cowboy issue into the issue of Eric's parenting. That was some real good advice that the Colonel gave to Eric.

    I thought how it was so sweet how Martin and Meredith were acting nervous around each other. I'm rooting for Ruthie and Martin getting together, but in the event that they don't (which seems to be the case), I could deal with Martin and Meredith as a couple. I thought it was sweet when Martin kissed Meredith on the cheek. I have to wonder though what ever happened to Zoe? I asked that in a thread, but nobody ever replied. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a fan of a Zoe/Martin relationship, but still it seems weird how they went from being "fine" to being nonexistent.

    Sorry to you Kevin fans, but was I even supposed to care that Kevin almost got shot? If so, I didn't. I was glad that this episode wasn't Kevin-centric like I thought it would be, but seriously I am not a Kevin fan, so any scene with Kevin in it I kind of only half pay attention to. So he quit the police force, and I'm supposed to care? Oh, but how is he going to contribute to society as a stay-at-home dad? I thought he thought that stay-at-home parents don't contribute to society? Kevin nearly got shot, and Kevin quit the police force. Yada,yada,yada I don't really care. Frankly, if he did get shot and/or killed, at least I wouldn't have to put up with his inability to put different emotions into his lines. I said it before and I'll say it again, I can't tell whether he's happy, sad, angry, or sarcastic. They all sound similar to me.

    I loved the last scene with Lucy and Eric. Eric telling Lucy to not just throw in the towel and fight for her job as associate pastor despite parishioners wanting her removed. I loved how Eric told Lucy not to dwell on "what if". It was touching when Eric said that he believed in Lucy when she was starting to not believe in herself.

    All in all, this was definitely better than the premiere was. Maybe now the show won't have anymore Mary bashing (thank goodness!). The preview for next week reveals a Ruthie episode. All I can say is I hope the Ruthie in next week's episode is not the spoiled brat that has been in the first two episodes of the 10th season.
  • This episode was great. It was so 7th heaven and classic.

    I loved this episode. It was so 7th heaven style but it was so new, the las tthing i thought was that the corlnoal and ruth would know baout mary and carlos. and carlos cheating? wow i love it! it was so great oh and ruthie acting like that what is with her, she needs an attitude ajustment. and martin going to be a dad? wow i did not see that one comming.
  • Last week kind of plunked and this one picked up its ashes and developed nicely.

    Last week it was embarassing to watch 7th Heaven. It was like the bottom of the barrel trash. But in this episode they use information from last week and turn it nicely with a lot of help from their guest stars.

    Simon's girlfriend, Rose, wants to make their engagement official and push the wedding forward from next year spring to this year Thanksgiving. Sparks also fly when she finds Simon comforting her friend, Sandy, whi is still troubled by the whole pregancy. Sandy, has gone on an actual date with Martin which is actually fun for both of them, but they have yet to be married.

    Jack (the senior Ruthie liked) decides he doesn't want to date Ruthie and make her family uncomfortable. Ruthie gets upset and blames her father.

    Lucy's long sermon last week is coming back to bite her in the butt as members of the parish decide they do not want her as an associate paster. Lucy wants to work and really needs to when Kevin decides to quit the force (not telling Lucy why) and take care of Savannah more. Reverand Camedan however insists that Lucy stay as associate paster.

    And then there is Carlos who came with Charlie last week. It seems Mary told the Colonel and his wife that Carlos had been cheating on her with their young maid. Carlos still loves Mary and tells the Reverand so. He thinks spending time with the Camedans might bring them back together again.

    The colonel confronts his son, telling him all the kids will end up bad if he doesn't help them change. He helps the Reverand fully wake-up to the situation. His wife convinces Kevin and Lucy that choices are a luxury and they don't have to balance their lives.
  • This episode was much better then last week.

    I was impressed with this episode. Lately 7th Heaven just hasn't been up to par, with earlier years. I was dissapointed with the premire, but I enjoyed this episode.

    As for Ruthie, she has always been my favorite, because she was so cute and sweet. Now she has grown up. But I like the story line with her now. She is going through everything a typical teenager does. She is not the perfect preachers daughter! I hope she does go out with Jack, but I am afraid he isn't really interested. I really want to eventually see Ruthie and Martin together. I loved the line about pizza. Ruthie: "I dont want to have sex with him. just pizza!"

    I love Martin, but his lack of concern for Sandy is really rude, but very realistic. I really hope Martin isn't the father, but if he is I hope he deals with it, better then he was last night. I dont want him and Sandy to be together, but I think he should take some responsibilty. I wouldn't mind him and Meredith getting together for a while. I thought it was so sweet when he kissed her cheek

    I hate Rose! I feel sorry for Simon and I hope he does not let her talk him into an earlier wedding. She is so overbearing! She intentially left that catalog out for the grandparents to see.

    I was glad to see, that mary was made out to be a little better in this episode. They have drug her character through the mud, but they somewhat redeemed thereselves last night. I liked that it showed that the divorce was both carlos and marys fault. They also made Mary out to not want anything to do with Charlie. But I really like that Carlos told Eric about Mary visiting him and Charlie.

    I was glad to see the scene in the end with Lucy and Eric being so close. I thought he gave her great advice and I am looking foward to her next serman. Kevin quitting his job. Thats a little crazy. A cop to a stay at home dad. I'll have to watch in future weeks to see the way i feel about this.

    The Colonial and Ruth are my favorite guest stars! I thought the colonial made a very valid point to Eric. I hope Eric understands what he meant. I also thought Ruth gave very good advice to Lucy about balencing. Also it was hilarous when Ruth walked in Kevin and Lucy's house. You could tell they were "making up".

    All in all this wasn't the best episode ever, but a major improvement from last week.
  • Good Episode

    The Camdons Grandparents Visit i think this episode gives what 7th heaven is all about this episode was really enternaning especially when the grandparents come into the door and tell Eric that they know what Mary did and then how Simon and Martin are still dealing with there situations and then Kevin quitting the police force was really surprizing overall i would have to give this episode a 8/10!
  • Extremely Well-Done

    “Home Run” is already one of my favorite episodes, even though it is the second episode of the tenth season. I personally was excited with Peter Greaves and Barbara Rush’s reprises as the Colonel and Grandma Ruth. They both played their parts extremely well, supplying wisdom and character to 7th Heaven. I very much loved the scenes between Eric and his Dad, and Ruth and Lucy, which comes across as both intelligent and thoughtful. But I got to say, the last scene with Eric talking to Lucy truly put my heart in my throat. Stephen Collins sure can act! All in all, I found it to be very heartwarming and action-packed, as in, a lot of stuff happened in this episode. The crisis between Martin and Sandy, Simon and Rose (which had less screen time then in the last episode), Ruthie wanting to date Jack, Kevin deciding to leave the police force, the misconception surrounding Carlos and Mary’s divorce, and the possible removal of Lucy as associate pastor from the church. It is definitely dramatic!