7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1998 on The CW

Episode Recap

Mary has a dream about playing in a basketball game and falling because her knee hurt. She wakes up and tells Lucy that it was nothing and she should go back to sleep. Lucy is talking on the phone to Suzanne who had moved away and they are going to the Homecoming dance with each other. Mary shuts Lucy in the closet and picks up her basketball uniform and stuffs it in her gym bag. At breakfast, Ruthie emulates Eric in reading the paper, drinking coffee, and eating toast. Simon shows up with a solar system made with doll heads. Ruthie explains that she is going on a field trip today. When Annie calls for Ruthie, both Eric and Ruthie run upstairs to get ready. Annie walks in the kitchen and tells Simon that Ruthie is scared of being left alone while on the field trip. Lucy explains that Mary is in a bad mood and then Eric asks if he could just take Mary to school to talk to her, but Mary says no. Matt explains that Mary doesn't talk to anybody. Lucy is complaining about Mary being in a bad mood when Mary walks in and grabs a piece of toast. Mary explains that she doesn't have a date for the Homecoming dance and Matt tells her that none of them have dates to the dance. Eric shows up desperately trying to get Ruthie ready for school and puts a chip clip in her hair, not the hair clip.

Suzanne's mom leaves to go to work and Suzanne lurks in the bushes until she leaves and then hops on the city bus. At the museum, Annie and Ruthie decide that the field trip is not that exciting and decide to leave the group to see something more exciting. In Simon's science class, Simon's teacher berates a student that stands up to show his solar system. When Simon is called on to show his solar system, he stammers about not being ready so the teacher tells him to come in after school. Matt gets asked by a girl, but declines her invitation and tries to cheer Mary up, but she just treats him horribly. Some of Mary's teammates talk to her about her comeback and the dance, but Mary doesn't feel happy. One of Mary's teammates tells Mary that she went through the same exact thing that Mary went through and tells her that it is ok to feel scared, but Mary tells her that she doesn't only think about basketball and storms off.

Annie is showing Ruthie a part of the museum when Annie realizes that the museum is closing and the rest of the group has already left. Simon walks down the hall with his solar system when he decides to talk to the guidance counselor who tells him to wait it out a few more days. Simon asks to go home, but the counselor tells him that he can only go home if his parents gets him or he is sick. Eric opens the door to Suzanne and gets concerned about Suzanne being there without having heard her mother's car dropping her off. Matt and Lucy are by Matt's locker when a girl walks up and tells Matt that she will see him at the dance. Matt tells Lucy about her plans for driving everyone to the game and the dance tonight. Simon is at the nurse when Matt shows up to pick him up. Matt asks why he is faking being sick and Simon explains that her science teacher doesn't like her, but she overhears him while she is in the office. Matt tells Simon that he is going to tell their parents and he will probably not be going to the game since he was too sick to finish off the day at school. At home, Eric asks about the museum field trip and how they got separated from the group and that she needs to talk to the teacher. Matt shows up at home and tells Eric and Annie that Simon was sick, but they don't believe it. Suzanne and Lucy talk in Lucy's room and she thinks that Matt is dreamy. Richard finds Mary outside of school and tries to help pump her up for her return to the basketball court and to get back to what she likes, but they are interrupted by Matt picking Mary up. Mary tells Richard to take his own advice.

At home, Eric orders pizzas and when Suzanne walks in, he tells Suzanne to call her mom to tell her that she is ok to which Suzanne reluctantly agrees. Lucy asks Eric if he remembered peppers on the pizzas and when he says that he forgot, Lucy tries to call the pizza place, but discovers Suzanne on the phone and puts the phone down. Suzanne walks back in the kitchen and tells Eric that her mom wasn't home and she left a message on the answering machine. When the girls walk out of the kitchen, Eric decides to press redial and gets the time from a recording. They realize that Suzanne has run away and Annie gives him a number to call for Suzanne's mother. When Suzanne's mother answers, she explains that she is worried and begins to explain why Suzanne may have run away. Lucy walks into her room and asks Suzanne why she fake called her mother, but Suzanne says that she ran away. Matt and Mary show up and Eric explains that it would be ok if she was nervous about her returning to basketball, but Mary says that it would make her feel better if she had a date to the dance and walks upstairs. Matt explains that after Richard talked to her, her mood improved. When Matt leaves, Eric gets upset that Richard can talk to her and make her feel better and it isn't him that can make her feel better. Annie tells Eric that she is growing up and there will be many people in her life. Suzanne shows up and asks to speak to Eric alone. Suzanne apologizes for lying to him and Eric explains that he called her mom and understands that her mom has a new boyfriend. Suzanne explains that she gets overwhelmed with so many new people around and had to escape. Annie shows up to give Simon his meal of Jell-O since he is sick. Simon accidentally lets go the information that they were left at the museum and Ruthie gets spooked and says that she won't go on another field trip. Annie asks if he needs help with his sickness or with his science project, but Simon says no. Annie then begins talking about how you can't run away from situations and facing them enables you to grow into an adult. Mary walks by his room while Annie is talking and stops to listen Annie's message, but interrupts when Annie tells Simon that you can't run away from things to tell Annie that you can run away from things. Ruthie overhears Mary tell them this and asks about it, but Annie tells Mary that if she runs away, she will miss on great things. Mary walks away.

Mary leaves with a teammate to go to the game while the whole family tells her goodbye. The kids go upstairs and Eric wants to run away since they scare him. Eric tells Lucy and Suzanne to get ready and that he appreciates having her around and that he can understand why her mom misses her. Simon takes out his solar system mobile when he is interrupted by Mrs. Hunter showing up in his room. Simon gets very nervous when talking to the his teacher, but she tells Simon that she knew that he would be worried about his presentation. Simon explains that he was afraid of what she would say about his mobile. His teacher tells him that she tries very hard to make sure that she does a good job and maybe she went overboard. Simon offers to give his presentation to her in his room. Eric and Annie listen in on the presentation and think that he has instantly grown older.

At the game, Richard finds the Camdens and sits with them. Suzanne explains that her mother will pick her up tomorrow so they can spend time together. When passed the ball, Mary passes it to another player and then suddenly, it is déjà vu with her dream, the same thing happens when she falls, but she is helped u by a teammate. Mary still keeps trying to get rid of the ball, but eventually takes the shot which happens to be the winning shot. Richard goes to the PA system table and asks Mary out to the dance in front of the entire gym and she accepts. The family all tell her congratulations, but when Eric tries to get his hug, Richard gets one first. Eric feels bad, but Mary jumps into Eric's arms and tells the whole family that they can't run away from anything. Mary tells Ruthie that she can't run away from everything, so Ruthie decides to give field trips a chance again. Now, Matt and Lucy are upset that they don't have a date to the dance, but Eric comes up with an idea about Matt taking the girls to the dance. Matt tells the girls that he will dance with them.