7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1998 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Early in the episode, Suzanne's mom tries to catch her before she leaves the house, but Suzanne says her ride is there, and she bolts out quickly and hides behind the bushes. Literally one second later, Suzanne's mom walks out the door, gets in her car, and drives away. If Suzanne really did have a ride, it would be physically impossible for her to get in and be driving away in one second, and yet her mother didn't seem to find that unusual.

    • When Eric asks Suzanne to call her mother, Suzanne says okay and goes into another room to call. A few seconds later, Lucy remembers she wants peppers on her pizza, and Eric tells her to call the pizza place back quickly to change the order, so Lucy picks up the phone to do so. Why would she do that if she knew Suzanne was on the phone?

    • In the beginning of the episode, if you look carefully you can see Lucy's eyes are open a little before their supposed to be.

    • At the basketball game they do a jump ball to start the game, but when a basket is made by the other team the score in the background says 40 something. How can that be as the game just started?

    • When Lucy picks up the phone for the pizza she doesn't click a "talk" button on the phone before putting the phone to her hear.

  • Quotes

    • Suzanne: I wish we had dates to the dance, though.
      Lucy: Me, too. I know it sounds shallow, but just once in my life I'd like to walk into a gym with a really cool guy. Somebody tall, handsome, and not my dad!

    • Eric: It's just that I know she's scared, hurting... and there's nothing I can do to help my own daughter.
      Annie: You're here worrying about her, loving her for the moment... that's enough. I'm sorry your daughter is growing up.
      Eric: Me too. I like things the way they were.
      Annie: But no matter what, she'll know you're here loving her, and that'll be enough.

    • Annie: (to Mary) Well if you run away from everything that scares you, you're gonna miss out on some great stuff in life.

    • Annie: (talking about Simon) Maybe it's the light, but he looks a little older to me.
      Eric: I'm sorry your son is growing up.

    • Ruthie: You used my doll heads for your solar system?
      Simon: Well it's not like you know where their heads are.
      Ruthie: Oh, all right then!

    • Lucy: I can't believe this! Mary gets asked out to the dance in the coolest way ever, and I get stuck going with my dad! No offense, Dad.
      Eric: None taken.

    • Simon: My science teacher hates me.

  • Notes

    • In France, this episode is known as The Basketball Match, Translated.

    • Hudson Leick is best known as the evil warrior-princess, Callisto, in the TV series "Xena".

    • When this episode was syndicated there is a scene that is deleted where Mary kicks Ruthie out the bathroom when she wants to be alone. She's in a bad mood about the upcoming comeback to basketball when she plays.

    • In Germany this episode is known as, "Mary's Comeback", translated.

    • Catherine Hicks (Annie Camden) and Johnny Green (Richard) who appears in this episode have both co-starred in the same movie with Keri Russell in Eight Days a Week. Although, they never appeared in the same scenes together.

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