7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 18

Honor Thy Mother

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2005 on The CW

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  • Mothers Know Best

    As season nine winds down to it's conclusion, we get, as so often with the final episodes leading up to the season's finale, a number of episodes that just seem to be there to fill up time until we get to the finale. This episode is not too bad, but it's nothing great either. It's just kind of...there. Regardless of what people may think of the show, or that they are too sappy and sentimental, or that they are just not good anymore, you do have to at least give them credit for doing episodes like this. It's an episode that, as if you haven't yet figured it out by the title, is all about mothers. Mothers are front and center throughout this entire episode. So, as I said, it is nice that the show puts the spotlight on things, or people, that need to have the spotlight shined on. It doesn't get any better than 'mommy'. They deserve to have an episode with them as the focal point. They are the ones that bring us into the world, take care of us, and just make everything pretty much run in your life and in the home. As Annie is, mothers can be the cook, the doctor, the psychiatrist, the friend, and so on. Regardless of how good(or not so good)this episode is, or your views on the show, they do do certain things justice by doing episodes like this. The end product may not always be spectacular, but the thought is there. And it's the thought that counts, isn't it?. Anyways, what was going on this time?...

    Eric's big client mission this week was an interesting one. Needless to say, it's about mothers. Or a mother and a daughter. A woman named Marie(Melissa Gilbert) comes to Eric asking if he could help her with her mother, Mrs. Wagner(Lousie Fletcher). It seems that this woman thinks that her mother needs special care. She thinks she is getting older and things are just harder for her now that she is older and that she is alone. The daughter thinks that maybe her mother should be put into some kind of home. Taken out of her house and put into somewhere else. Eric agrees to help and he soon meets the woman's mother. When he does meet the woman's mother, Eric is somewhat surprised. The mother he meets is not the person he was expecting. This lady is nowhere near old enough to be put into a home, and this lady is very much capable of taking care of herself and living on her own. He sees that there is no reason for this woman to change. So, what's the problem?. As Eric digs deeper into this new case, he(and we)learn that it may not be the mother who has the problem. It's the daughter. Why would this woman think(and want)her mother to give up her livelihood and go into a place where she can be properly taken care of when she is perfectly able to do it herself?. Everything is stemming from what's wrong with the daughter's life. She has hit some tough times here lately, and the problems are coming mostly from her side. It does hit a bumpy patch when the mother is hospitalized from all the stress her daughter has been causing her. This was actually a nice side storyline. Eric has had a number of clients and crusades he goes on, and this one, while far from being the best, was nice and decently done. Academy Award winner Louise Fletcher was fine in her role, and I can't get over the fact that she would be playing someone who someone thought needed to be in a home!. It's also kind of funny that 7th Heaven has now beaten "Little House On The Prairie" as longest running family drama, and that show's Melissa Gilbert appears as the daughter. It was kind of like a passing of the torch kind of thing. Everything is pretty much tied up in a neat bow at the end(this is 7th Heaven after all)and it was a nice little story.

    Ruthie the schemer. Ruthie is still smitten with Vincent(although I don't know why), and she wants to go out with him. Annie says no because she is planning a big birthday dinner for what would of been her mother Jenny's 75th birthday. Ruthie makes Lucy take her out shopping only so she can see Vincent. Kinda sounds like the good old days with Lucy and Mary don't it?. Ruthie is caught, of course, and it leads to a heart to heart and a talk between Annie and Lucy. The young daughter and the sneaking and scheming and boys thing is pretty much this show's stock in trade. It's been going on in some form or another since the show first began. It's wore out it's welcome a long time ago. Believe me. Every season, there is a new boyfriend, or a new girlfriend, and there is just more of this. You can skip episodes and not miss out on anything. The show has had problems casting good actors or actresses for these boyfriend/girlfriend roles, and an even bigger problem of making them good characters. They are always bad. There are exceptions of course. I never liked Vincent to begin with, and the season finale only proves what a loser he is.

    The third storyline going on is pretty simple and kind of overdramatic. Ben(he's back!)shows up and is ready to see his new niece, Savannah. It should be a cool, fun, happy time. But with this show, something is wrong. Kevin tells Ben that he wanted his mother to be the first of his family to see the new baby. Kevin wanted his mother to be the first?. Okay. This is something that the show does that's just odd. They make up these little oddities and they just never seem normal. Your own brother is there to see his new baby niece. Uh, no, you can't. I wanted someone else to see her first. It's just strange to me that the show, and the characters, have these quirks and "rules". It shouldn't matter. I've been through six nieces of my own already, and there has never been anything like that before. This is your family. It shouldn't matter who sees who first and they shouldn't be numbered. So and so is first, and you are second. God help me if you are first!!. Lol. It's just strange to me. This is an exciting moment, don't ruin it with your ridiculous ways!.

    A running storyline through the whole episode is that Annie is preparing a big meal for her mother Jenny's 75th birthday. Or what would of been her birthday. This is the only part of the episode I really liked. I have always liked Annie's mother, and I thought it was a sweet and nostalgic touch to do this. Alice Hirson who played Jenny has appeared on the show a few times after her character died, and it would of been nice if she had appeared in this one. Maybe a flashback, or Annie has a "special visit" from her. Something. It would of made it even better.

    In the end, "Honor Thy Mother" is a pretty averag episode. Nothing special or memorable. It's a pretty serviceable episode, but not much after it's over.