7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 18

Hoop Dreams

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2000 on The CW

Episode Recap

Mary is dreaming of playing basketball with a few members of the LA Lakers as her coach is cheering her on and she wins. Lucy wakes her up out of her dream to go to school and thinks that she was dreaming about Robbie. Mary explains that she was dreaming about playing professional basketball and then her coach calls her and tells her to bring sweats to school and she will be playing with someone special. Mary thinks that her dream of making it to the professional leagues is coming true. At home, Mary is running around the house, dribbling her basketball before she has to leave for school. Mary tells Annie about her opportunity and what she thinks that it may be an opportunity to join the pros. Annie thinks that her dreams are like going to the movies, but Mary thinks that maybe it is prophetic. Mary gets perturbed that Annie is not that excited for her, but Annie can't get excited about something that she doesn't know anything about. Ruthie tells Annie that Mary is going to join the pros, but Eric and Annie want Mary to go to school first. Eric asks Simon what he wants to be when he grows up and Simon doesn't know, but definitely not a minister. When the kids leave, Annie soothes his psyche by reminding Eric that Simon is only 13. Annie goes upstairs to tell Lucy to leave for school and gives Annie a hug.
At the apartment, John shows up and Matt explains that he can't get in touch with Shawna. Matt decides that maybe he needs to go to New York as soon as possible to go get into school so he can be with Shawna. Mary finds a teammate and asks if their coach asked her to practice today, but when her teammate tells her no, Mary explains her question by saying that she had a prophetic dream about playing in the pros and this was her chance. When her teammate looks disappointed, Mary tries to make her happy, but the girl already has plans to go to Brown. Eric shows up at Simon's school and pulls him out of to tell him that he was wondering if Simon wanted to skip school, but Simon is concerned that he will get in trouble. Eric tells him that he has cleared it with the principal and Simon agrees to go. Annie catches Matt in the attic and asks him why he is moving to New York as Matt is trying to get things together to sell to raise money to go to New York. Annie doesn't think that Matt will make much money selling the few things they have in the attic and definitely not enough to get to New York. At the movie theater, Eric buys tickets to a movie that they have already seen and that is already halfway over. At home, Lucy and Ruthie ask Annie why Simon got to miss half a day of school, so Annie explains that they spent the day together and maybe when Ruthie gets to be in Simon's grade, they can take off half of a day. Annie tells Ruthie that she taped the biography about Queen Elizabeth and Ruthie runs off to watch it. Lucy asks if Mary is really going to leave to play in the pros and that she doesn't want her to leave her alone in the room. Matt is having a moving sale and a lady offers him $10 for the whole lot of things he is selling. When Mary walks down to the basketball court, he tells her that it is such a great opportunity that he has in store for her, but she is stunned when she sees a group of kids that are training for the Special Olympics. One of the girls, Molly,gives Mary a long hug.
Eric and Simon walk out of the movie theater and discuss the movie and when Eric starts talking about when he thought about what he wanted to do with his life, Simon sees a flea market, so they go over there. They get to Matt's table and see all of the things, but Matt hides under the table, but the lady who tried to buy everything yells at Matt that he has customers. He stands up and they are surprised to see each other. The lady tells Eric that Matt is paying his way through med school, but Eric says that he thought that he was paying for med school. Matt explains that he is thinking of moving to New York to go to med school. Matt asks why they are there and then tells Eric that he is not ready for a long lecture, but then Simon gets worried that there is going to be a long lecture for him and that was the whole purpose of getting him out of school. Eric asks Matt how much he is selling a sweatshirt for and Matt says that it is $15, but Eric says no and they leave. The lady again offers to buy everything that Matt is selling, but Matt again refuses. Lucy apologizes to Mary about her not getting what she expected out of the deal at the school. Mary expresses her concern about her future and when Lucy starts talking about her plans for the future, she says that she doesn't want to be just like their mom, but Annie walks in at that moment. They all stop talking and Annie picks up the laundry basket and walks out of the room. At a restaurant, Eric explains how he decided on becoming a minister. Eric explains that he didn't want to go to the Vietnam War and decided if he didn't get picked in the draft lottery, then he would go to the seminary to become a minister. Eric then tells that his father, the Colonel told him to be the best he can be, but that made Eric doubt his father's message because he wasn't good enough to join the military.
Matt shows back at the apartment and tells John that all he got was $20 at the flea market. John tries to tell Matt to be reasonable and think, but Matt doesn't want to waste his years that he put into the relationship and wants to be with Shawna. Matt calls Shawna and her roommate answers the phone and tells him that she is at the library with another one of the roommates. Matt doesn't believe him and tells the guy to tell Shawna that he will be there to see her. At home, Annie is fixing a clock that Matt found that Eric gave to her on their first anniversary when Eric walks in and talks about Mary and her dreams of going into the WNBA. Annie starts crying about what Lucy said earlier about being "just a mom". Eric tells her that Simon made him doubt what he thought that he was meant to do and they both decide to try to forget what the kids said to them earlier. Molly calls Mary and thanks her for helping them and Mary agrees that she would be there to help them every day that they need her. Molly tells her that she feels guilty for asking Mary to help her and play basketball with her, but Mary agrees for Molly to come over to her house and play basketball. Molly tells her that Mary is her hero, but Mary denies her being a hero to anyone.
Ruthie dreams that she is going to be a queen and her subjects are all bowing down to her, but Simon interrupts her dream for breakfast. Ruthie tells Simon that she is going to be the queen of England, but Simon tells her that Mary's dream did not come true, so hers won't. In the kitchen, Lucy tries to tell Annie that she is sorry, but Annie tells her that it is ok. Ruthie tells Annie that she wants to be the Queen of England, but Annie tells both of the girls that they need to do research before they decide what they do want to be and they don't want to be before they decide anything. Molly shows up at the house with her father. The father says that they were both concerned with something that Mary said about not wanting to be Molly's hero. Mary tells the father that it is not that she doesn't want to be a hero, but she can't be a hero since she had a bad year and did some bad things. The father thinks that she is being too hard on herself. The father leaves and they go to play basketball. Simon gets a lecture from Annie about questioning his father's dream and that he is a little older and that he can't just say things without realizing that there will be an impact. John finds Matt at the hospital and asks him what his plans are and he is happy to see that he is still in town. Matt meets a new worker that he hasn't met before who graduated from Crawford and went to UCLA, but had a family and couldn't continue with medical school. Simon finds his father sitting in Ruthie's playhouse outside. Simon joins him in the house and apologizes for making him doubt himself. Simon says that he doesn't have patience to deal with people and that he thinks that his dad does a great job, but it is not for him. Ruthie walks into the kitchen and tells Annie several new things that she learned about the queen from the video. Lucy tells Annie that she is sorry, but Annie tells Lucy that she has dreams and Lucy has only known her for 16 years. Annie describes one of her dreams of getting working mothers and stay-at-home mothers together to help out each other. Lucy thinks that it is a great idea, but Annie explains that it is important to know the difference between dreams and reality and how to make dreams into reality. Mary talks to Molly and she finds out that the girl's father is a scout for the NBA which makes Mary think that her dream is coming true.
Mary runs into their room and tells Lucy that Molly's dad and the coach are downstairs, but she is upset that her parents are telling them that Mary should go to college. The girl's father, the coach, Eric, and Annie discuss who will tell Mary the news, but Molly's father thinks that molly should tell her. The coach leaves and Molly's father goes to talk to Molly and the coach leaves. Ruthie is watching the movie about Queen Elizabeth, but stops the movie to complain to Simon about the fact that the queen works. Ruthie is glad that she has decided to not be the Queen of England. Lucy walks into the room and hears that Ruthie is not going to be the Queen of England and when Simon asks what she wants to be when she grows up, Lucy replies that she wants to be their mom someday. Simon tells Lucy to find out what the adults are talking about with Mary and when she leaves, Ruthie tells Simon that she is happy that Lucy has found out what she wants to be and that she doesn't want Mary to leave to be in the WNBA. Matt calls Shawna's room and gets a lot of attitude from Shawna's roommate and tells Matt that she is never home since she is always studying. Matt tells the roommate that he is not coming to visit. John talks to Matt about his decision to not go to New York and Matt tells him that he has signed up to do more work and be more serious about his schooling. Matt also tells John that he knows that he made the old man talk to him about dropping out of med school. Matt and John decide to go to the library. Lucy and Mary discuss Mary's future plans and Mary suggests that she goes in the WNBA for a few years and then pay her way through college. Eric shows up and tells Mary that Molly wants to talk to her. Lucy leaves the room and Molly approaches Mary and tells her that she made a mistake. Molly explains that she never meant to imply that her father wanted her to play in the WNBA, but she is good to coach kids like her. Molly's father explains that Molly is apologizing for making the implication that he was going to scout Mary for WNBA. Molly apologizes to her father and her father apologizes to Mary and explains that she is not ready for the WNBA yet, but after a few years, she may be ready. Mary tells Molly that she will see her at practice the next week. Mary tells her parents that she really has to work harder to make sure that her dreams do come true. Eric reflects that Mary is amazing. Annie tells Eric that she has had a dream that she would like to talk to him about. Annie asks if Simon has talked to him. Annie had fixed the anniversary clock and the camera pans to it ticking.