7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2005 on The CW

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  • Hunger, sickness, and baby talk. Just another day in the life of the Camden family.

    As we head down into the final stages of 7th's 9th season, we are not exactly getting bombarded with great, classic episodes. In fact, this seems to be the way with a number of 7th's seasons in the home stretch. A number of okay, filler episodes that are just filling the rest of the season up so we can get to the season finale and be over and done with. However, I found this episode to be, while no major winner or classic, a pretty nice and watchable hour that was better than most of the episodes in the last stretch of the season. By no means is it something special, but it's better than the majority of the last half of season 9 episodes. Here we go....

    The main storyline here is one that criss crosses some different happenings and themes. This hasn't worked all the time when they interact different things, but the storylines pretty much gel well together. Ruthie is at school wearing a jacket. She sees Vincent with his new girlfriend, Margot. Obviously, an ex girlfriend with a new one is always strange and uncomfortable. The new girlfriend makes fun of Ruthie's coat, saying that it was "second hand store", and basically made fun of Ruthie. While Vincent stands there and doesn't do anything(nice guy, huh?). An upset Ruthie runs into the girls' bathroom where she sees Martin's Girlfriend, Zoe, passed out on the floor and just coming too. Thus begins the second story. Zoe reveals to Ruthie the problem, and asks for her not to say anything to Martin. And vice versa with Ruthie. But keeping secrets from people soon runs into trouble, and shows that it's always best to let people know what's going on and then getting through it, instead of keeping it in and not being truthful and honest to people, because it could blow up in your face. Zoe's problem finally comes out as her father visits Eric. Zoe's hungry. She's starving. They all there. Her dad lost his job and they are barely getting by. They are a close, loving, and proud family, and Zoe wants to be like everyone else, and acts like she is better than everyone else, to cover up the pain and embarrasment she is living. The same "cover up" is going on with Vincent's new girlfriend, who apologizes to Ruthie for talking to her in such a way and making fun of her. It comes out that the jacket brings back painful memories for Margot. Ones that I won't reveal in case you want to find out on your own if you haven't seen the episode yet. Of course, everything is explained and works out for the best in the end, but as always, has a nice message along the way. It's also a bit informative as Eric talks to Ruthie about hunger in this country, but turns into too much of a PSA when students start to talk into the camera about not eating and all that. A little too much like a film you would watch in health class in school. It's nice to get the message across writers, but a little goes a long way. We don't exactly need to watch something that is like "the more you know" commercials that run on TV.

    Another episode, another problem in the wedded bliss of Lucy and Kevin. Kevin is moping around the house complaining that he and Lucy have not really had that much time alone together since the birth of Savannah. To make matters worse, Lucy doesn't seem to really mind or show as much worry about it as Kevin. And to makes matters even more worse, Lucy has taken to talk to everyone in baby talk. The way she talks to baby Savannah. While there is nothing really wrong with Lucy's behavior and talking baby talk(who doesn't when you have a baby?), she does need to stop and realize that there are 3 people there in her new family. Not just two. While a newborn baby does need the proper care and attention, you just can't block off her other half in the process either. So, you really can't blame Kevin in all this, but you want too because George Stults is never sympathetic or convincing, and always makes something that should be sympathetic more whiny than anything else. These two really do need to move out and get their own space as quickly as possible. Eric and Annie have been very nice to help out, but you can't blame them for asking them all the time when they are moving out and such forth. It's not that they don't want them there, because I'm sure they do, but it's not just little Lucy anymore. Lucy is a grown woman with a husband and a baby. She is her own person now with her own family, and they just want her to move on with her life and not be tied at home with mommy and daddy. Some people see it as Eric and Annie being kinda mean to get their daughter and granddaughter out of the house, but it's obviously not. They are trying to help, and push the Kinkirk's forward into their own lives.

    A smaller storyline here had the twins faking being sick and staying home. I am not going to even bother naming who's who, because I don't remember(or really care), but the taller twin is faking sickness to stay home. The behavior with the two leads one to think that the two need seperate rooms from each other. It gets Annie and Eric to thinking that it would be even better for Lucy and Savannah to move out so that their sole and undivided attention would be on their own young 'uns, and not so much on the new baby. There hasn't been a whole lot of improvement with the twins, but the taller one has shown signs of getting along better than the shorter one. His speech and delivery, at times, seems to be getting better, while the shorter one still talks like he has a speech problem, and is far less convincing than the taller one. Basically, there is nothing to this one. Just filler.

    So, "Hungry" is better than a few episodes of late, and there was a sense of classic 7th with the 'issues'. While still not extremely original, it was nice and I found myself liking it and getting into it more than most other eps, and they did a decent job of writing in some info on the issue of hunger and all that. A decent, solid hour.
  • Boring, ludicrous, absurd. An insult to the viewers, definitely. And an insult to anybody who really had to struggle with the issues of hunger.

    Apparently people in Glen Oak (the Camdens mythical base of operations) can't afford to buy food. But they can afford to buy trendy clothes, and makeup. But they're poor, and SIR, they're hungry. However, they really only want to improve their social standing and get good grades. It looks as if poor hungry people are poor and hungry simply because they don't have their priorities straight, are lazy or are just too proud to accept handouts. I would rather watch Kevin and Lucy struggle over their imaginary sex life and babbling baby talk at each other than suffer through the portrayal of poor people as lazy and whiny idiots too shallow to figure out what their priorities should be.

    This is one of the stupidest episodes I have seen. I don't whether to laugh or cry.

  • Pretty Great Episode!! Ruthy and Vincent get back together. Martin dumps Zoe.

    Vincent has a new girlfriend...And you know what that means! That means trouble is brewing and there is gonna be a cat fight. Margo (Vincents girlfriend) tells her that Ruthie is wearing secondhand clothes and that it used to be her jacket and that she is poor and can't buy nice things. Ruthie goes home and throws the jacket in the garbage. She realizes that isn't right so she takes it out of the trash after talking to Vincent and him saying that he only broke up with her cause his parents made him because they were getting to close. She wore the jacket to prove a point the next day at school and Margo confesses that the only reason that she threw the jacket away was because her mother had given it to her and she didn't want to be reminded of her mother anymore because she had passed away a year ago from cancer. She asks for the jacket back and Ruthie agrees. Martins girlfriend is getting to clingy so Martin feels like he has to break up with her because she is acting stuck up and not good enough for him and he can't take it anymore. At the end of the episode she comes clean and says she wishes that she was rich and she had everything that rich people do but the truth is she is poor and her parents don't make enough so some days she goes without eating and she was ashamed of that. Zoe's dad goes to Reverend Camden and asks to be put on foodstamps because he hates that his family is starving. He hates it that he even has to ask this cause he wants to provide for his family but can't. End of episode.
  • Great episode!

    Ruthie sees Vincent at school with another girl, Margo. Margo makes fun of Ruthie and says that the jacket that Ruthie's wearing used to be hers. Ruthie finds Zoe in the bathroom and they confide in each other and Ruthie finds out that Zoe is poor and her family can't afford food. Martin wants to break up with Zoe. David fakes sick and gets everything he wants and Sam is jealous. Kevin misses being intimate with Lucy. Vincent breaks up with Margo and gets Ruthie back.

    This was a great episode! There are so many people who need help. We should all help one another. I hated how Annie was acting around David and Sam. It really looked like she favored David over Sam. I never really liked Zoe, but her story is sad. This episode gets a 9.5!