7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2005 on The CW

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  • Pretty Great Episode!! Ruthy and Vincent get back together. Martin dumps Zoe.

    Vincent has a new girlfriend...And you know what that means! That means trouble is brewing and there is gonna be a cat fight. Margo (Vincents girlfriend) tells her that Ruthie is wearing secondhand clothes and that it used to be her jacket and that she is poor and can't buy nice things. Ruthie goes home and throws the jacket in the garbage. She realizes that isn't right so she takes it out of the trash after talking to Vincent and him saying that he only broke up with her cause his parents made him because they were getting to close. She wore the jacket to prove a point the next day at school and Margo confesses that the only reason that she threw the jacket away was because her mother had given it to her and she didn't want to be reminded of her mother anymore because she had passed away a year ago from cancer. She asks for the jacket back and Ruthie agrees. Martins girlfriend is getting to clingy so Martin feels like he has to break up with her because she is acting stuck up and not good enough for him and he can't take it anymore. At the end of the episode she comes clean and says she wishes that she was rich and she had everything that rich people do but the truth is she is poor and her parents don't make enough so some days she goes without eating and she was ashamed of that. Zoe's dad goes to Reverend Camden and asks to be put on foodstamps because he hates that his family is starving. He hates it that he even has to ask this cause he wants to provide for his family but can't. End of episode.