7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 15

I Really Do

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2002 on The CW

Episode Recap

Robbie finds Matt looking through a bridal magazine that Matt brought home from the clinic. Matt informs Robbie that he is intending to find a wife, someone who will be with him while he is a medical school--someone to spend the rest of his life with. Matt's only problem is that he isn't dating anyone.

By sharing the news with Ruthie, Robbie unwilling discloses the situation to the entire household. Mary and Lucy believe that Matt won't find someone before they do; Ruthie makes Matt promise not to do anything rash, Simon is surprised, and Eric and Annie are baffled.

Matt is suppose to go on a date, but gets called into work at the clinic. Sarah, a fellow employee, overhears Matt talking to his dad about his desire to get married. It seems Sarah has the same thoughts as Matt and decides to see what exactly Matt is looking for in a wife.

Matt is intrigued and smitten with his new "friend." He and Sarah begin to list their criteria for a spouse, finding that many of their requirements match one another. By the end of their shift, they decide to have coffee. While out they find that they indeed have many same similarities with one another, including Sarah's father being a rabbi and Matt's father being a pastor. As this seems so neat, they both recognize that being from different faiths has potential problems as well.

At home, the Camden family is worried that Matt will do something rash and find the first woman that attracts him and get married. Matt assures them that he wants to get married and that Sarah might just be the right girl for the "job."

Before their date, each brings the other to meet their parents. While Sarah's parents are not pleased with the pairing (Matt isn't Jewish), they can't deny that he is nice. Matt's folks are worried about the religion barrier (Matt forgot to mention that part), and they are worried that rushing into marriage won't be good for either of their careers.

Matt and Sarah decide to continue on to dinner because they can't resist the attraction to one another. At dinner they discuss a wide variety of topics (politics, religion, finances, sex, etc.). At the end of the dinner they realize that they really can see a future with one another. Matt proposes to Sarah.

At home, the family is waiting for Matt to return from his date. Since he is so late, they are very worried that he decided to marry Sarah that evening. Finally, they turn in for the evening, without Matt's return home.