7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 15

I Really Do

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2002 on The CW

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  • I thought it was great!

    Matt wants to find a wife. He meets a woman named Sarah and he asks her to marry him on the first date. Sarah and her parents are Jewish and her parents want her to marry a Jewish man. The Camden family all wait up for Matt to see what he does.

    I thought it was funny how Eric, Annie, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Robbie and Ruthie all waited to see when Matt would arrive home. Even Happy was there! Personally, I like Sarah, but I like Heather and Cheryl more. I’m happy that Matt and Sarah ended up together, but I really think Heather was perfect for Matt. I also liked seeing Doc there. He is intelligent and silly at the same time. I loved this episode, therefore, it gets a 10 out of 10!
  • **Contains Spoilers** Love at first sight?!

    When the twins say "Matt. Marry." Why/How does Eric automatically assume they are talking about Matt and marriage and not Matt and Mary? Mary is his daughter. Maybe something is going on with Matt and Mary. It is the first thing I would think of considering Matt doesn't even have a steady girlfriend. Yes, he is going on a date, but it's just a date and Mary is Matt's sister, Matt's oldest sister. The stuff involving the twins just seems lame. Sometimes, I wish they'd never been created into the story.
    The episode starts out OK. I can see Matt wanting to get married before going to medical school. Guys are interested in that stuff, no matter what they say. I can also see how a guy would want to look at a Brides magazine, but be afraid to buy one so they do what they can to get one for free. According to Matt, he got his from the waiting room at the hospital. It's likely. Matt is the oldest, so I can also see how he would want to be the first of his siblings to get married.
    I like episodes that revolve around Matt. His episodes tend to be more interesting than Mary's, Ruthie's, and Simon's. I think he's my favorite sibling behind Lucy. So, Matt gets to go on the date with the girl. She was also looking at a Brides magazine. The problem is she's Jewish and Matt's not. A problem for Matt? No. A problem for their families? Yes. Matt knows the difference in religion, but love is love. Sarah's family wants her to have a Jewish husband. The Camdens don't want marriage and medical school happening at the same time. Annie doesn't want Matt and Sarah to rush into things, especially before one real date. Nothing was said about Sarah being Jewish for Matt "forgot" to bring it up!
    Lucy and Mary are obsessed with Matt thinking about marriage. They don't know if he'll get married before they will and keep thinking about it. Siblings do this. I know I wonder who, of my siblings, will get married first. Knowing Matt will be going to medical school soon and possibly could wait til after school to get married, they are worried he could get married before them anyway. Sarah and Matt are so opposites. He likes coffee. She doesn't. He's a Republican. She's a Democrat. She's Jewish. He's Christian. She knows baseball. He doesn't. He's from a big family. She's an only child. But, they love each other.
    I cannot believe Matt asked her to marry him as they were on their first date, but it's obvious they do love each other. It's one of those love at first sight stories.
    I do not like Annie and Eric's obsession with looking for their kids when they're out. Parents don't do this (all that much)! Matt could be at work, but he could also be on a date. So, Annie suggests looking for him. I'm glad the idea got squashed by Eric. Of course, after Matt and Sarah leave for their first real date, Annie and Eric rush out to see them, only getting there after they drive off. This family is big on spying. It's ridiculous.
    All in all, this was a good episode. Matt found someone he loves. Matt found Sarah.