7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 15

I Really Do

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2002 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • According to Matt in this episode, Mary is 20, Lucy is 19, Simon is 15, Ruthie is 11, and Sam and David are 3.

    • How would Sam and David get Matts bride book? And even if they did find it, how would they know it was his and that he was thinking about gettting married?

  • Quotes

    • Mary: I think Matt is crazy enough to get married. I almost did... Why are you all looking at me like that?
      Lucy: Because while Matt may do some thing as stupid as you, he wouldn't do something stupider then you.
      Robbie: I'm not so sure about that.
      Mary: Thank you.

    • (Matt and Sarah are discussing the idea of getting married)
      Matt: Should I ask your father for permission first?
      Sarah: No. If we do decide to get married, I'd want you alive for the ceremony. Not to mention the honeymoon.

    • Sarah: I haven't said that I find you so attractive that I would do something stupid like... (Matt silences her with a kiss) marry you. Could you do that again.
      Matt: I could do that for the rest of my life. But just so you know, my whole family is probably watching.
      Sarah: I don't care.
      (they kiss)

    • Matt:(gets down on one knee) Sarah...
      Sarah: Matt?
      Matt: Will you marry me?
      Sarah: When?
      Matt: When? Whenever you want. You set the date.
      Sarah: Oh Matt...Yes! I will, I accept, I do!

    • Lucy: I bet you money we'll get married before he does.
      Mary: He's not getting married until he gets out of medical school and that's years from now.
      Lucy: And you don't think we'll be married until he gets out of medical school?
      Mary: It's not likely.

    • Annie: (to everyone) We'll all go to bed!

  • Notes

    • This episode was originally supposed to air a week earlier (2/18/02) but it was pushed back one week so that the WB would not loose ratings for this episode due to the Winter Olympic Games. A similar thing happened in February 1998 for the Nagano Games and in September 2000 for the Syndey Games.

    • In this episode, for the first time in the series, we hear directly that the Camden family is Protestant.

    • In Germany this episode is known as, Get the Bride! translated.

    • This is the first appearance of Sarah Danielle Madison as Sarah Camden.

    • Richard Lewis and Laraine Newman as Rabbi Glass and Rosina Glass, begin their five-episode appearance in Season 6 as the parents of Matt's wife/ fiancé. They would both appear in episodes later on into the 7th and 8th seasons.

    • Barry Watson (Matt Camden) has been happily married to a woman named Laura since 1997. Actress Tori Spelling introduced Barry and Laura.

    • A behind the scenes look at this episode was shown prior to the original airing. This was shown on MTV on February 16, 2002. It was called Making the TV Show: 7th Heaven.

    • This episode marked 7th Heaven as being the longest running WB show at this point. The Steve Harvey Show which premiered on August 25, 1996 (one day before 7th Heaven's premiere) ended its run February 18, 2002 with its series finale. The show ended with a total of 123 episodes. At this current point, 7th Heaven is now the eldest member of the WB clan.

    • Before this episode premiered, The WB dedicated a tribute to Chuck Jones (creator of Michigan J. Frog for the classic 1955 Warner Bros. cartoon "One Froggy Evening" and it's famous logo) who died the previous Friday (2/22/02) at the age of 89.

  • Allusions

    • Sarah: "Yankees..."

      The Yankees are an American League Baseball team.

    • Sarah: Unless Rumsfeld runs for something.

      American politician and secretary of defense under President Gerald Ford from 1975 to 1977.

    • Sarah: "Your father has to be Democrat"
      One of the two main political parties of the United States.

    • Matt: "I interned for Hillary Clinton."
      Democratic member of the United States Senate from New York. Also, former first lady of the US.

    • Sarah: "How can you be Republican?"
      One of the two major United States political parties, founded by a coalition in 1854.