7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 4

I Wasn't Expecting That!

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2003 on The CW
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A mysterious teenager named Martin wanders into the Camden home and spends some time with the family. Meanwhile, Matt's father-in-law approaches Eric for advice about his troubled marriage. Kevin is humiliated after being attacked on the job by a woman during a domestic violence dispute. Ruthie and Peter struggle to complete a school project, and Simon is upset that nobody seems to care about his departure for college in a few days.moreless

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  • Good!

    Martin wanders into the Camden household and helps out. Peter and Ruthie have a project to do. Rabbi Glass sees Rosina kissing another man. He kisses Annie because he is so out of his mind. Kevin is beat up by a woman and Lucy seems to have lost interest in him. Simon feels left out especially since he is going to college.

    This was a good episode, but a little odd. Martin just waltzes in the house even though he doesn't know anyone! He is snooping in their personal belongings. I just find that very weird. Rabbi Glass was really crazy in this episode! Ruthie was also freaky when she smashed the coal mine! Martin did help though and he is nice. This episode receives a 9.5!moreless
  • Made no sense. Whatsoever.

    Simon leaves and nobody cares A mysterious stranger wanders bizarrely into the Camden household, peering into cupboards. He is treated better by the Camdens who welcome him absent-mindedly without knowing who he is, than Simon (who is recovering from a life-altering tragedy and is leaving home) is treated by his own family. Rabbi Glass appears disorderly and distraught, in the worst Jewish stereotype presentation this show has offered yet, and it has an impressively bad track record. Kevin gets beat up by an angry female spouse, in a domestic situation.

    Apparently Rabbi Glass is so traumatized by having seen his wife making out with the cantor that he has lost all sense, and stumbled into the Camden household probably to reassure himself that there are others worse off than he. He then kisses Annie. Ruthie witnesses this kiss, grimaces in horror (I think, or maybe she has gas pains) and runs upstairs. She then becomes a zombie and destroys her school project with a baseball bat in front of Peter.

    The thing with Rabbi Glass's turns out to be a misunderstanding because the cantor was emotional about his divorce. The mysterious stranger is Martin, whose father is in Iraq, and he just wandered into the Camden's house to see what an American family is like, because he doesn't know, because his father is in Iraq and his mother is dead. And his father is in Iraq. (in case you didn't get it the first time). Martin magically restores the balance of the Camdens disturbed lives, suggesting they hold a surprise party for Simon because they're exercising their family values and completely ignoring him, and also resolves every other bizarre plot twist in this episode, just by being there. Why, you ask? What is so special about Martin? Well, he is the unsung victim of the nation's sacrifice, the orphan boy whose only surviving parent is putting himself at risk to protect the world and keep it safe.

    Did anything make sense? Was there any character development, any insight into what makes a good family, any bonding, any kindness, any compassion? No. Just inane writing, dismal acting, and trite political propaganda to moisten our eyes.moreless
  • One is being ignored, anothe is being kissed, another beaten up by a woman and one being a pain. And who's the new guy in town? You can't say I was expecting that, but it wasn't so surprising either.moreless

    We start off with another one of Lucy's nervous rants. It was really amusing this time, and she showed sincere relief when Kevin finally stepped out. Kevin, however, was showing a lot of pain, and I must say I enjoyed watching him all bruised up. It was much better than usual.

    I was pretty surprised when it turned out Kevin was beat up by a woman (ahh, the irony. I would love to do that to him…). I was annoyed, though, when such a big deal was made out of it. It's understandable to be hard on him, but I felt that that anecdote was pressed a little too hard.

    Martin was practically stalking Peter and Ruthie, and he had a lot of nerve just waltzing in the Camden house, and then snooping around. What made him think that was ok? Anyway, that was an interesting way of introducing him to the show.

    Simon was absolutely right about not wanting a teary goodbye scene. I wouldn't want something like that either in my life nor on the show.

    Rabbi Glass looked so funny when Simon opened the door for him. He's always a pleasure in an episode. He was visibly going through something.

    It was hilarious when he kissed Annie. Plus, Ruthie's reaction was priceless. With everything she's been through that day, she really needed an outlet. I guess now the twins can have more of that coal they like so much. Whatever shuts them up…

    Everyone was incredibly mean to Simon when he didn't deserve it the slightest bit, and even though it was some sort of main theme, I really didn't like it in this episode. It just comes to show how self-absorbed the Camdens can be. I felt so sorry for Simon when Lucy barked at him. Even Ruthie acted somewhat spiteful towards him. He wanted to help her and spend time with her, and all she did was send him away to get her some "coal". And you know you hit rock bottom when your 4 year old brothers reject you. Poor Simon, he has so little time left at home and he's being treated like a servant. It seems like his siblings were sort of taking him for granted.

    And speaking of Ruthie, she's been a pain the entire episode. I usually relate to her the most, but in this episode she was extremely weird. Did she have PMS or something?

    Was Annie was so curious that she left her sick father's side just to know what's going on with Rabbi Glass when it was made clear it doesn't even concern Matt and Sarah? I know she cares, but that's pushing it. Prioritize, woman.

    The scene with Lucy complementing Kevin was revolting. Also, whatever issues she has, it's no excuse to burst out at Simon like that. I think she has some rage problems.

    Kevin obviously has his issues, too. Under no circumstance should he have talked to Eric about having sex with Lucy, however concerned he might have been. I expected him to be smarter than that. Chandler was right; they're not that close and never will be.

    Martin proves to be a Camden-world person. He was such a meddler, calling Rosina. But you can't be mad with him, because eventually he did help the two reconcile. That was a cute scene. Funny how the situation Rosina got herself into was so similar to the situation Annie was in with Rabbi Glass. But back to Martin… he did really sweet things by the end of the episode. That completely redeemed him. He cheered up Simon, helped Ruthie, and Rosina and Richard. I loved how each character interacted with him, all thinking he's there for the wrong reason. His conversation with Rabbi Glass was the best. The speeches with Eric about the soldiers were very moving, and very true. That was a good moment and it showed Martin in a better light.

    The little things:

    # It seems to me that David Gallagher is growing by the minute, but Mckenzie Rosman doesn't change at all.

    # Is it just me, or when Martin said his father's in Iraq it sounded like he was saying his father's in a rock?

    # Annie told Ruthie that now she's adult enough to know the truth. What, they've been lying to her all these years?

    # All the men that went out to the pool hall were having such a bad day what with their wives kissing other men, or being beaten up by a woman. But Chandler had the hardest task of all- writing a sermon.

  • Note:This episode review was created by another user, "kewl_dud42."

    Note: This episode review was created by another user, kewl_dud42.

    Let's start from the Camden Family and work our way down.

    Eric: A few things that we need to talk about.

    1. Simon

    2. Richard

    3. Kevin and the "Guys"

    As for Eric being upset you can see in his eyes that he is very much. He may not be showing it but you can tell if you look deep in his heart. It's going to be hard to let go one of the birds from the nest. With Richard coming in to talk to Eric I could tell it was going to be a "serious" situation from the beginning. Richard's wife Roasenna kissed another guy. Or he kissed him or both kissed as he changed the story each time he told the story. He does the usual and says everything well be fine and well be a happy ending as it always is.

    Annie: There isn't much I can say about Annie. She talked in the beginning and the middle and that's all you saw of her. She has a kissing scene with Richard which gave her a minor sub plot which was done in a jiff. She also talked little about her father. And the last words that came from her were go ahead go have fun…. At least I think those were the last words. I would like to see more from her. It would be good to bring more to the character. Hope to see a better story line next episode.

    Lucy and Kevin: Lucy: There are some points in this episode that make a story line for Lucy. Not the best but a good one. Her husband Kevin gets beat up by a girl and changes Kevin's attraction to her. And hasn't had "Sex" since the accident. I have to say she was "very rude" to Simon. Of course she went to college but she wasn't forced to go to college unlike Simon's situation. She needs to get an attitude change pronto. Just because a mood was ruined; which it wasn't even a mood arising; doesn't give her a right to be a bad sister. She should be congratulating him. She'll get better and hopefully Kevin well recover.

    Kevin: As for Kevin I feel sorry for him. I admit there are strong ladies out there some those given a brusin to many cops out there. I think he isn't taking it well. With Lucy and Roxanne teasing him it's hard to get over it. I can't believe he would reveal to his Father in law that he hasn't had sex with "his daughter" come on now that's not something you say to that type of person. No wonder you got to go and good night from Eric.

    Simon: He is doing so much better. I am glad to see that he got to be in scenes with all the cast members all except for Annie which is odd. He is more spirited than I have ever scene in him. He is a good brother and son to all. It's going to be sad to see him go but I am sure he'll be back.

    Ruthie and Peter: Reason I don't these to separate is because they were together the full episode. Basically their role of the show was to build a coal mine, watch the twins and Ruthie occasionally talking to the "new kid" aka Martin. (Which I don't even want to talk about. But I think they are getting along pretty good). I think the scene of Ruthie seeing Richard and her mom kissing was pretty hilarious. And the reaction to breaking the project. I think that was pretty out of line for her to that. I think she is also growing a liking to this Martin kid too.

    On to the "Others"

    I consider Peter a part of the Camden since they make such a cute couple. I have liked Peter since day one. I also consider Kevin part of the family there are just those others I think need to be out of the picture or just an occasional guest star.

    Chandler: Lets see… wasn't much about him. He comes over to have Eric proofread his sermon and then when Kevin says lets go have a beer chandler goes, along Richard and Eric. With him making smirks when their talking about Richard kissing Annie.

    Roxanne: She is basically with Lucy the whole time talking about Kevin's condition and tells the story line on what happened with her and Kevin.

    Cecilia: There isn't much with her either. She has a short conversation with Simon and tells him she needs shoes from Lucy because she's leaving Sunday and is going skiing the day he is leaving. She tells him it's not goodbye it's "see you later" which may clue in that David may be in shows for guest appearances.

    Guest Stars:

    It was great to see these two although we saw more of Richard than Roseanna it was still great to know they were on the show. I feel sorry because it reminds me when Annie was kissed in the episode where the handyman is helping out Annie. It's good to see they made up there differences.

    New kid on the block (Martin)

    I am sorry I hate him. Since ever since he was mentioned from him following Ruthie and Peter to him leaving the Camden house. He would be better off a guest star than anything. His role was to snoop around and say yes or no get into everyone's business and be an older version of Ruthie. I hope he leaves the show for unknown reasons. Or…. I may grow a liking to him

    I give this a 9.5 without Martin and a 7.0 with Martin


    *We need more Annie action lets see that sub plot in action.

    *I agree with all the editors stop having the twins copy each other it's not good acting. They did do a better job though.

    *I've said this enough times. I am going to miss Simon everyone well.


    Where did the sermon paper go when Chandler handed it to Eric?

    How many means of vehicles did they take since Eric left how well Chandler and Kevin get homemoreless
Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis

Rabbi Richard Glass

Recurring Role

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman

Rosina Glass

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The sermon paper seems to disappear after Chandler hands it to Eric.

    • If Kevin had a dislocated shoulder and bruised ribs then him playing pool only after a couple of hours would have cause much strain and pain on his injuries.

    • NITPICK: Doesn't Ruthie realize Sam and David are little kinds who don't know better when she got mad at them for taking the coal/black licorice?

    • In the last episode, that huge guy beat up Peter. How would his face heal so fast? Seeing as how each episode is only a week apart, not all of his face would have had time to heal.

    • Why are so many characters now in the opening credits. Then why not add important people like Julie, Hank, Both sets of Grandparents, old boy/girlfriends. Most should like Robbie, John Hamilton, Shanna, Ben. But Chandler, Rox, Peter, Cecilia, now Martin now come on. Just b cause original characters have gone?

    • Why would Kevin think that Lucy wasn't as attracted to him just because he got injured? Don't you think that in real life that most husband and wifes take care of each other and comfort one another.. not lose interest because they are hurt?

    • Nitpick: In the beginning, wouldn't Lucy be more into tears if she got a call saying Kevin was hurt on the job? In the family it is thought that she was more the type to cry in the family, and was known as the "crybaby", unless she has really grown up.

    • NITPICK: Do the Camdens not lock their doors (even during the day) as anyone can walk in (even if it is someone nice like Martin)? Anbody walking into someones house is dangerous.

    • NITPICK: This episode takes place on a Friday. It seems to be that Kevin got beaten up earlier in the day, when he goes to the pool hall with the guys and he says "Lucy and I havn't had sex since i got pummuled by that women." They wouldn't have had time to do it. Plus, he makes it sound like they have sex at least once a day!

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Peter: Sam and David ate the coal.
      Sam: I like coal.
      David: Me too. I'm gonna be a miner.

    • Simon: The situation could get out of control, me leaving and all.
      Eric: What are you afraid will happen, that I'll throw myself at your legs and make a scene on the bus station?
      Simon: Dad, I'm not worried about you making a scene. But you do sometimes get this... moist look in the corner of your eye.
      Eric: And that bothers you? My moist-ness?

    • Eric: Are you ok?
      Kevin: Lucy and I haven't had sex since I got pummeled by that woman.
      Eric: Good Night.

    • Eric: (About Annie) She's always cranky when she comes back from her little trips.

    • Rabbi Glass: Do you only answer questions with a yes or a no?
      Martin: Yes.
      Rabbi Glass: Then you must have a lot of problems with multiple-choice questions.

    • Lucy: (About Kevin getting beaten up) She?! A woman did this to you?!

    • Lucy: What were they gonna say, 'Your husband's got a bullet hole in his forehead and you can see the sky'?

    • Lucy: (To Kevin) I love that your a police officer and you feel you have to protect me.
      (Simon walks in)
      Lucy: What!?
      Kevin: Don't you think you were a little rough with Simon?
      Lucy: He ruined the moment!
      Kevin: What moment?!

    • Chandler: I don't think you're that close yet. I don't think you'll ever be that close where you can talk to him about having sex with his daughter.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The character of Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) that was introduced in this episode was originally created to be "snotty and a real troublemaker," but the writers took the character in a different direction after Tyler Hoechlin was cast in the role. Also, the orginial name of the character was Joe instead of Martin when casting went out for the role in May 2003.

    • This is the first episode that Laraine Newman and Richard Lewis appear in together since the 2 part episode Holy War which aired in May 2002, however each of them did appear in one episode in Season 7.


    • Lucy: Why aren't you doing something! Googling!

      A frantic Lucy yells at the nurse in the hospital to do something on her computer so she can find out about her husband Kevin. She hysterically suggest that she Google. Google.com is a popular search engine on the internet that many users use.