7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on The CW
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When Lucy gets an unexpected job offer in a small town known as Crossroads, she and Kevin take a trip out there to see if they might consider making the move. Back in Glenoak, Ruthie learns that removing her tattoo will not be an inexpensive procedure, and after getting no sympathy from her parents, she tries guilting T-Bone into paying the bill.moreless

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  • About Time

    It was about time that Annie and Eric laid the smackdown on Ruthie. For years she got away with being a spoiled brat and her disrespectful remarks about Annie was beyond belief. I expected Annie to slap her across the face. Ruthie expected for Annie and Eric to pay for her tattoo removal and the wisely told her to get a job and pay for it herself then when T-Bone offered to almost sacrifice college to pay for it Ruthie gave of such an evil smirk then both Annie and Eric went ballistic.moreless
  • help me

    idk how to watch it:(

    help me
  • Blah.

    I labeled this episode "Alternate Reality" because that's what I felt about the whole "Crossroads' deal. Stupid little nothing-town in the middle of nowhere with ridiculous requirements. I don't understand WHY Kevin fell in love with it and for some reason that's not really somewhere I can picture Lucy.. A town of Foster Children? I don't know, that seems more like something Anne would do more than Lucy..

    Nice seeing Eric and Anne finally yelling at Ruthie for her spoiled, brat act. But Ruthie seemed more upset that she's stuck with that tattoo rather than guilty about how she's been acting.moreless
  • Lucy and Kevin seek out Crossroads, a small town in need of a minister AND a sheriff. Ruthie counts on Eric and Annie to pay for her tattoo removal. Martin and Jane get cozy, as do Margaret and Mac.moreless

    ***Spoiler Alert*** Mini-plot #1 Summary: Lucy and Kevin drive to Crossroads, a small town in the middle of the California desert to investigate a church she’s interested in: a combination church, school and bar. The town itself is effectively a group home of foster kids whose parents are all in prison. The "church" attracts parishioners from a variety of faith groups from four surrounding counties. Kevin looks forward to the thought of being the town's new sheriff, but Lucy has misgivings.

    Reaction: Good idea to send Lucy and Kevin off in a completely different direction, but writer Chad Byrnes got MUCH too carried away with Crossroads–- a church/school/bar servicing a sheriff-less town requiring everyone to have a perpetual education and jobs (great, if you can do it) for members only: foster kids whose parents are required to be incarcerated, and their foster parents? Sounds absurd and a bit discriminating. And then, that scene at the end of the program, when Lucy and Kevin are exiting the church/bar/school and the four Crossroads citizens popped up like they are targets in a shooting gallery– whoa! The whole Crossroads thing seems like a mix of Mayberry's Andy Taylor and the original Stepford Wives, with a pinch of Disney thrown in for effect. If someone smells "spin-off", RUN, don't walk, for the air freshener!

    Mini-plot #2 Summary: Ruthie wants her “T-Bone” tattoo removed and expects her parents to pay for it. She scoffs at the idea of getting a job to cover the expense herself. Eric wonders what the real motive is behind getting the tattoo removed. Reaction: The most satisfying part of the episode: Eric and Annie hold firm their ground insisting Ruthie pay for her tattoo removal. It was incredibly refreshing to hear Reverend Camden FINALLY come to blows with Ruthie regarding her insufferable behavior this season. I was especially pleased when he insinuated that if he heard another word about the ‘ways of the world’ in Scotland, he would implode. Good job, Eric, good job! Old news: Ruthie reminding Annie that she doesn’t measure up because she’s a stay-at-home mom. This was already addressed in a previous episode. There’s got to be a fresh idea out there somewhere if Ruthie needs to attack her mom about something.

    Mini-plot #3 Summary: Martin lies to Sandy about having a baseball game scheduled in order to get out of babysitting Aaron, and spend the evening with Jane, instead.

    Reaction: Martin was good tonight. He is finally being represented as the jerk that he really is. Haylie Duff (Sandy) shines even brighter in this episode–- she’s one of the few people on the show that can actually act. It’s fortunate that Tyler Hoechlin (Martin) can play baseball so well, he’ll need something to fall back on when the season comes to an end. As for Martin and Jane: a fine match–- they deserve each other.

    Mini-plot #4 Summary: Margaret helps the twins and Savannah apply fake tattoos (courtesy of The Colonel), then ghostwrites an assignment for Mac. She denies "liking" Mhim, and Mac insists he and Margaret are just friends. Later, however, they become romantic. Eric encourages Margaret to consider applying for college. Reaction: Ruthie/tattoo, Sam and David/tattoos, Savannah/tattoo... Lou and Mrs. Bink will more than likely be in the next episode sporting tattoos. Probably everyone in Crossroads will be getting tattoos. Enough, already. This is the third episode involving “ink.” At this point, a cameo appearance of Herve Villechaize (Tattoo from Fantasy Island) would only add to the season. Too bad he’s long gone. Andrea Morris (Margaret) has got to feel like a real idiot having to have pounced on Kyle Searles (Mac) the way the director prescribed her to do for their make-out frenzy–- a scene straight out of Three’s Company. College for Margaret? Maybe that should be the spin-off.

    This is EXACTLY why (this final season, only) I watch this series– it’s so bad it’s good. All in all, I’m STILL invested in this program and can’t wait to see what the next episode will bring, absurd or otherwise.moreless
  • Probably the best episode this season!

    Lucy and Kevin go to Crossroads. The church is in the bar and it has a population of 27. Kevin wants to move there. Ruthie wants her tattoo removed but she doesn't want to pay for it. Eric and Annie lecture Ruthie about her attitude. Margaret offers to write Mac's paper for him and they end up making out on the couch. Eric thinks Margaret should go to college. Martin lies to Sandy so he can see Jane. Jane and Martin kiss at the Dairy Shack. T-Bone offers to pay for Ruthie's operation.

    I loved this episode! I really actually like Mac and Margaret together! I really want Martin and Sandy to get married, but Martin is a total jerk! I like how Ruthie doesn't want the tattoo anymore, but her attitude is way off! I'm glad that Eric and Annie confronted her about it and hopefully she was telling the truth when she said she would get a job and pay for it herself. I reallly think that Kevin and Lucy should move to Crossroads. It was also good to hear Beverley Mitchell sing. About the Crossroads, I think it's a good town and that Lucy would help it a lot by moving there. Overall, this was an amazing episode and it gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
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