7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 18

Invitation to Disaster

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2006 on The CW

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  • Great episode!

    The invitations for Simon and Rose's wedding are mailed. It's the same day as Matt and Sarah's graduation. Rose doesn't want to change the wedding date. Kevin gives Simon the idea of eloping. Umberto and Annie scheme to prevent them from eloping. Ruthie wants to go to Scotland with Peter. Rose apologizes to Annie about how she's been a horrible person. She also explains why she thinks that she's like that. Annie doesn't think that Simon and Rose will get married.

    This was a great episode! I loved seeing Sarah again! I think that Ruthie should go to Scotland, but not just for guys. I'm glad that Rose apologized, but now I'm so used to her as a mean, conceited person. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • good to see annie nd rose actually talking and actually listenin to eachother

    well let me just say that when annie opened the envelopes i new it was guna be a disatster matt nd sarahs graduation nd simon nd roses wedding on the 13th may. The funniest part of this was when rose and sarah were on the phone talkin and sarah asked them to change the wedding date nd rose wasnt havin any of it the usual rose. I dont really like umberto that much i think hes a girlfriend stealer, rose and simon are happy together thats all that matters i know simon says that shes a bit pushy but they still love eachother and umberto should just realise that and stick with being an ex boyfriend not a future one. I loved the part when annie nd rose met up together and was talking i actually felt sorry for rose and was nearly crying myself. As for ruthie going to scotland using kevin and lucys money where did kevin get that much money from anyway? Ruthies going to have to do loads of babysitting to pay all that money back well anyway this episode was quite normal but i did not expect annie and rose to have a nice chat she even said phone me when u get home for me to know whether you got home alright.
  • Rose and Annie finally make peace.

    This episode is definitely one of my most favorite episodes of 7th Heaven, both from this season and from the series as a whole. I absolutely loved Catherine Hicks' acting in this episode, and I also really enjoyed Sarah Thompson's portrayal of Rose. Sarah does such a good job of playing the type of person who is extremely self absorbed. I really liked her acting in the scene where she apologizes to Annie for her behavior. While I kind of hated to see Rose stop being at odds with the Camden's, I understand that the writers had to have Rose redeem herself and stop being so self centered. All in all, I think that this was a classic 7th Heaven episode. I will cherish it forever.
  • You know, I didn't like Rose very well up & until this episode, and since this episode, I don't know...

    All along, Rose's attitude bugged the heck out of me... and it was fairly obvious all along that both Rose & Simon didn't want to get married to the other person.

    In this episode, it was fairly obvious that Rose & Umberto were meant to be together (in my opinion). It was Umberto who got Rose to understand that she was being difficult, not Simon. It was Umberto who got Rose to change her attitude, and to go to Annie to apologize, not Simon.

    And then there was Simon. It was pretty obvious that while he loved Rose in that family/friend sort of way, he wasn't *In* love with Rose... no matter how much he tried to deny it. Granted he understood Rose, and they made a good dating couple, but I just could never see the two of them married.

    Besides, When Sandy told him that she still had feelings for him... it was pretty obvious that he still had feelings for her. But again, that's just my opinion...
  • Uh-oh! Graduation and wedding on the same day - great set-up to another classic episode!

    Upon learning that Simon and Rose\'s wedding is to be on the same day as Matt\'s graduation, Annie sets about changing the date of the wedding all on her own! Classic Annie! Meanwhile, Eric and Kevin conjure up a plan to get Simon and Rose to elope. In the midst of all the plotting, Annie finds an unlikely ally in her plans to foil the wedding in Umberto! Rose (with a little help) realises that her attitude has been all wrong and we learn why she is the way she is. Rose, a nice person - who knew?
  • Only two more episodes (presumably) until Simon and Rose will have to get married. How will they deal with the Roberto storyline? Do Simon and Rose love each other? Peter and Ruthie? Oh well. Either way, I was impressed with this episode...

    I'm so glad Rose didn't break up with Simon- I never liked Rose all that much, but Simon and Rose couldn't break up with only 4 episodes left. They can't get rid of the bad thing for the ending- there has to be a good thing. We're all going to (or are supposed to) like Rose. Rose and Simon WILL get married- and it will be a good thing for everyone. We'll see Matt and Sarah's graduation- but what's their gratuation from? In season 2, Matt was still in high school. I think in season 3 he started college. Which would make sense.

    That means that Matt was in college in seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6- (that's 4 years-) and when he met Sarah in the season 6 episode "I Really Do", they were going off the medical school. 7, 8, 9, and 10 is 4 more years- is that when you graduate? Maybe. Just checking consistency. Anyway, I hope Ruthie gets back with Peter- I always like Peter. I hope Simon and Rose get happily married. I hope Lucy and Kevin are happy, are off on a good start with the pregnancy, and are a part of the wedding. I just wish something would happen with the twins... but I guess that's not gonna happen. They're 7, already! They could have friends, they could have storylines, Ruthie had storylines in season 1, and she wasn't even in Pre-School yet! Oh well.
  • The Camden family gets invites to the graducation and the wedding, they are both on the same day and nobdoy know what to do. Rose and Anne meet and make friends, while Ruthie begs to go to study poety over seas with Peter.

    A M A Z I N G ! ! !

    This is why 7th Heaven should not end in a few weeks, great episodes like this. The best was the end when Anne and Rose became best friends.

    The action continutes for me when Ruthie wants to overseas with Peter and gets money from her family but...Peter says he can't go.

    This episode is what makes this show a classic for now and ever.
  • This whole final season is wasting away.

    I started watching again this season just to see how the show would end.....they could do a lot better.

    The whole Rose and Simon relationship never seemed real to me. I never got their connection. I think Rose just wanted to get married and is just too desperate to do so. I don't think she really wants to connect with the Camdens
  • The Camdens found out that Simons wedding and Matts med school graduation are on the same day. Annie really connects with Rose.

    I really enjoyed watching Rose confess to Annie how she grew up. And why she wants to start over with the Camdens. It was really nice. I love 7th Heaven. rebebjdsgf grjek gfdhsjk gfdhsk gfdsjk fghkds fgdhk gfdshk fgjh fgdshj fgdsj fgdshk fgdsuik fgdshk fgdsjk fgdsjk eyfuibfvdjsk fhudsk gvfdjk fgdksfgdjkh fgfdkg
  • Rose reaching out to the Camdens made the episode worthwhile.

    When this episode of 7th Heaven started tonight, to me it seemed to be like some of the previous episodes: a little on the dull and predictable side that the writers seem to enjoy. However, as the hour wore on, I found myself enjoying it more than the recent outings of the show, thanks in large part to the viewer's learning a lot as to why Rose has been acting the way she has in the past year and how she bonded with Annie at the end.

    Now, at the beginning of the episode, what I found pretty humorous was when Sarah called Rose to ask that her and Simon change the wedding date to the week before or the week after. The reason why I chuckled during their exchange was because while both a wedding and graduation are important events in people's lives, Rose felt that May 13th belonged to only her and Simon, that the rest of the Camden's should forego the graduation of Matt and his wife just to please her.

    On to Rose's ex Umberto. Even though he helped Rose realize how her actions over the past year and for her entire life, I found his motives to be pretty selfish. He should be happy that Rose has found happines with Simon and let her move on with him, instead of demolishing their happiness. I believe Annie said it best at the end of the episode, even though she finally understands Rose's actions and now loves her like a daughter, she doesn't think that the wedding will be happening due to Rose's feelings toward her ex, even though now I wouldn't mind seeing Simon and Rose getting married.

    Lastly, my least favorite part of the episode: Ruthie going to Kevin for the money to study poetry in Scotland, just to follow Peter there and be with him. One thing that I would love seeing with her character is not being so boy crazy, even though she is a teenage girl. The past two seasons all she has been doing is obsessing over boys, mainly Martin, give her a life.

    In all, I found this to be a pretty good episode. I really like how the writers give us some background of Rose, it made her slightly more likeable, at least to me anyway.
  • I liked it...wondering how I saw it a day early? Watch it on the Access channel on Sunday night. FOr us mountain timers, thats 8:00 PM.

    I really started to like Rose after she and Annie had their talk. Rose, all this time, was just trying to get the attention and love that she never got as a child. Annie really seems to like her but says to Eric "I really like Rose, maybe even love but I don't think she and Simon will end up together." I have liked Rose since the last episode when I learned that maybe Simon and Rose won't get married. In this episode, they didn't elope but wanted to for quite a while. Anyway, it was ok but I wanted for depth in all the character for this was the beginning of the lasr five.