7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 19

It's About George

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1997 on The CW

Episode Recap

The Colonel, Eric's father, is in a waiting room waiting with Grandma Ruth, Eric's father, Annie, Matt, and George. They are waiting for Julie, Eric's sister, to show up as she gets out of rehab. Julie is scared to see her parents, but her parents say hello to her and Julie finally gets to meet George, her new brother. Eric is playing pool with a man and they are waiting for Detective Grayson to show up with the chief of police. Eddie Grayson helped put criminals away in jail and since the person is now in jail, he felt that it was safe to come back into the area and wants to Eric to help him get back on track. Eddie wants to enlist Eric's help in finding his son, but when Eric finds out that it is George, the same boy that his parents just adopted, he is worried.
At the Camden house, Mary and Lucy try to talk to Jimmy and help him with his first meeting with the Colonel and Grandma Ruth. Matt and Mary reenact a scene of Jimmy's first meeting with the Colonel and Grandma Ruth, but Jimmy thinks that they couldn't be that mean. The Colonel and Grandma Ruth ask Julie about her plans for the future and they suggest that Julie goes back with them. Julie says that she will have to think about it. George tells Simon that he is supposed to call him "Uncle George," but Simon says that he will only call him that when he respects him. At dinner, everybody is sitting around the table and Eric tells a story about a trip to Disney World and how the Colonel beat up Mickey Mouse. Annie tells the Colonel and George that she is building them a boat for them to drive around the lake by the Colonel's house. When everybody leaves to go see the boat, Julie and Eric discuss her sobriety and Eric looks worried and he says that it is about George.
As everyone is standing around the boat, Annie shows off the boat, but no one is impressed and everyone makes fun of her and the small little boat. The Colonel tells a war story that makes Annie feel better about the small boat, but everyone keeps laughing. All of the girls in the family talk to Aunt Julie about what she is going to do in the future and Aunt Julie asks about the girls' love lives. Aunt Julie tells them that she doesn't get along with the Colonel, but Lucy tells her that their grandparents are different after George came into their lives. As they are getting ready for bed, the Colonel voices his concern for Julie and that she acts like she doesn't like him. Eric and Annie are trying to sleep in a twin mattress because they gave up their bed to Eric's parents and after they try to get comfortable, Eric tells her that George is Detective Grayson's son.
Jimmy Moon is finally introduced to the Colonel and Grandma Ruth and gets very confused and nervous about them since they are saying exactly the same thing that Mary and Matt acted out earlier, but after Jimmy ran off, the Colonel and Grandma Ruth laughed about it. Eric tells them that he needs to talk them. Jimmy is upset that he thinks that Lucy didn't prepare him enough for the meeting, but Lucy says that he knew exactly what they would say, but he was too arrogant. Eric tells his parents that George's father is not dead, but is alive and is a police detective who had to leave the country because he testified against bad people. Eric tells them that George's biological father wants George back, but Eric's parents say no and they ask for Eric to help. The Colonel got upset and ran out after saying that he is going to get a lawyer and fight and Eric's mother slaps him after Eric tells her that he thinks that George belongs with his father. George comes out of hiding and confronts Eric about it, so Eric tells him that he should meet his father and Eric agrees to meeting with his father. After George leaves the room, Eric breaks down and cries for spiritual guidance.
The Colonel and Grandma Ruth tell George that they love him then Eric brings him to meet his father. Eric and George are waiting for George's biological father to show up and George tells him to give him a chance. George's biological father shows up and wants to make up with his son and George stoically tells him that he is willing to get to know him, but when he walks out, Eric gets a bad feeling that George ran away. Eric ran out the door to find that George isn't there. At home, Eric's mother is crying because she cares so much about George, but Julie says that he was just a stranger 7 months ago. Suddenly, the argument turns to Julie's relationship with her parents and Grandma Ruth tells Julie that it is her fault that George ran away because Julie treated her father so terribly. Annie stops the argument from going that direction, but Julie already is upset about the words that her mother said. Her mother apologizes to Julie, but Julie doesn't accept her apology so Grandma Ruth walks out of the room.
George is in Eric's office and Eric catches him trying to run away. George doesn't want to upset any Eric's parents or George's biological family, so he decides that he wants to go back to the orphanage and for Eric to leave him alone, but Eric tells him that he is not going to leave him alone. Mary talks to her grandfather about George and the Colonel wonders how long George is going to stay with him. In the kitchen, Julie is opening up a wine bottle and pours herself a glass, but before she drinks, Matt catches her and tells her that she is not going back to rehab. Matt tells her to choose between the glass or her parents and leaves Julie alone to think. Julie looks out of the window at her father sitting in the boat that Annie is making and decided to talk to her father and puts the glass down. The Colonel is depressed about losing his grown children and now losing George, but Julie gets in the boat with him and tells her father that he didn't lose her and that she still loves him and Grandma Ruth looks on from the window.
In the morning, Julie tells Matt that she chose her parents over drinking. George talks to Simon about the Colonel and Grandma Ruth and asks Simon to take care of them, Simon agrees. Simon finds Ruthie listening to their conversation behind the bedroom door. Detective Grayson is in the living room with Eric's parents and they are all complaining about a plan that Eric came up with for George's father to live with them in the garage apartment and work at a police department near their home. The Colonel agrees if it is the only way to keep George, then Detective Grayson agrees. The Colonel then barks out the orders for the family to help them pack everything up. George is given a choice to fly with the Camdens or drive with his biological father, George decides to fly. Detective Grayson agrees to bring the boat home and asks Julie to ride with him and she agrees. Grandma Ruth apologizes to Jimmy about speaking to him the way that they did, Jimmy accepts. Jimmy then tells Lucy that they are the two scariest people that he has ever met. Matt and Mary do another impersonation of their grandparents to their parents and Julie's insistence and then during the impersonation, their grandparents catch them and everyone applauds.