7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 1

It's Late

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on The CW
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Martin receives a visit from Sandy, a college student he has spent time with over the summer, and she has some unfortunate news for him. Lucy speaks about parenthood in her first sermon at the church, and most of the congregation is angry about the message she sends across. Also, Ruthie sets out to gain the attention of a boy who is already dating one of her friends.moreless

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  • 7th Heaven kicks off its 200th episode...with 3 additional characters and an unoriginal plot. It sure is late, but not, I think, the way the writers intended it to mean.

    I was looking forward to the return of 7th Heaven and it's 10th anniversary season, especially after a long summer. Imagine the disappointment when I didn't see Peter Graves or Barbara Rush's name in the credits, and when I saw not one, not two, but THREE additional female characters to the opening credits? What the hell? Did Brenda not learn ANYTHING from her mistake in season 8? Apparently not. Let's break this episode down:

    ERIC: It's nice to see Eric back on track with work at the church again, and taking more of an active role in his kid's lives again. The opening scene was pretty good...I loved the music. But other than that, it's a shame to see that Eric is still hiding news from his own parents, The Colonel and Ruth, just like he did 6 years ago when he tried to hide his sister, Julie's pregnancy. When will the reverend learn? But other than that, I can't find fault with Eric, other than he really should practice what he preaches.

    LUCY/KEVIN: The sermon was much shorter than I thought it would be, especially since I thought this was an important storyline, yet they only spent 5 minutes on it. Heck, Lucy probably got the least screen time out of all the Camdens. That was pretty disappointing since I'm sure the storyline would have been good, had they expanded on it. I was upset that it was just dropped after 5 minutes, and it wasn't really mentioned again, until the family started blaming her, which was totally unnecessary. So her sermon ran over 15 minutes. Sunday is one day out of the whole week; and if these people were really devoted Christians, they would know Sunday is the day of rest, so I don't know why they were in such a hurry to leave, unless it was just for lunch. Jeez.

    As for Kevin, I'm still not a fan of George Stults' acting. His line, "I have my daughter waiting at home" was so freaking CORNY. Kevin is corny. But I'm slowly getting used to that. I'm really not looking forward to seeing him as a stay-at-home dad but w/e. His lines with Lucy about the apologies and sex though were completely random and weird. Like um, Brenda, no one needs that much information about their sex life. These two were really not show much in this episode, but I'm not a Lucy/Kevin fan anyway so I don't really care.

    SIMON: Oh Simon. You didn't learn anything over the summer. You're still with Rose, and you still claim to be 'in love'. Yeah right. I want Simon to dump Rose, as we all do, ASAP. Their dialogue and scenes together are boring and quite frankly, pointless. We all know Rose is a condescending, rude, ignorant, selfish witch, and I for one am tired of seeing her on this show. I let her bug me too much, it's just that Simon can do better and I hate seeing Simon act so vulnerable. But other than that, there was nothing new with them that we didn't already know, except Rose is so evil she is responsible for Simon switching majors to Business Law. I was actually anxious to see Simon become a film director but I can also see him as a business person. He was always good with money.

    MARTIN: Ok this storyline is just way too unrealistic, yet it is typical 7th Heaven. We just HAVE to be forced to watch yet another teenage pregnancy on this show, don't we? And not just by anyone, but by Haylie Duff. And if that weren't enough, Martin is the one who had premarital sex with her. MARTIN, Mr. Saint who didn't even think kissing was a good idea last year. This is so far beyond unrealistic. First of all, what happened to Zoe? Secondly, how did meeting Sandy turn into sex? Especially with Martin's dad home, and the fact that Martin was stupid enough not to even use protection?? WTF??

    But the WORST part was when Martin refused to help her. Okay, yeah the girl may be a liar, a whore, and much more, but still...don't be such a jerk, Martin. Help the poor girl out, for goodness sake. Not everything revolves around you, and you did make the mistake, so be a man and step up to your mistake and take responsibility for what YOU did to YOURSELF.

    I really hate this storyline. I still like Martin's character but I'm not so sure he's my favorite anymore. Is Simon now the saint good boy and Martin's the evil guy who has premarital sex?? Hello, writers? It's called continuity. Start using it.

    CARLOS: I'm so glad we saw Carlos, but come on...show more Carlos and Charlie than Simon/Rose in like every scene. I'm really anxious to see more Carlos this season, and also get to the bottom of his reasons for the divorce. See...why can't Carlos become a regular over that Meredith girl? No one cares about her, and come on...at least Carlos is (or was) part of the actual Camden family! Of course there's no point in asking Jessica Biel to return, b/c I pretty much know the answer to that statement.

    RUTHIE/JACK: To me, Jack looks like 21 years old; and Ruthie has always bad taste in guys. First Peter, then Vincent, now this guy, whom I don't think looks good with Ruthie at all. He's way too old, and even with the new bangs (which I hate by the way) Mackenzie Rosman still looks only 15. Anyway, this little subplot of Ruthie and Meredith 'trading' Jack and Martin is weird. Like what world is Brenda living in? Real people don't act like this. "I'll be there when Meredith breaks up with him..." and "He's free and I'll take him." Seriously who talks like that? Is this the dating service all over again? Plus why are Jack and Meredith even part of this show? What relevance do either one of them possibily have to this show? I'm glad Ruthie has a friend, but it's not a necessity, especially now that we have THREE additional new female characters, and Meredith is the one that is NOT important to the show. The actress is fine, but the storyline is not. Get rid of Meredith, soon. She can make guest appearances, but that's it.

    I still can't believe they have yet to resolve this Martin/Ruthie relationship, if there even is one. I've pretty much given up hope of ever seeing one, although I hope there is one, just to get rid of Meredith and Jack.

    OTHERS: As for the Brinos, David is doing better...Sam's still a little harder to understand. But I don't really care about them anyway.

    But the biggest disappointment of all was the lack of The Colonel and Ruth. Every synopsis I read; every summary I read, all of them said they would appear. Imagine how I felt (and others, I'll bet) when see that neither name is listed in their guest starring list. VERY disappointing.

    Finally, the Mary-talk. Enough all ready. She and Carlos got a divorce; stop treating Mary like she's the spawn of Satan and you can never pick up the damn phone to find out why she even got the divorce in the first place. I'm so tired of them talking about Mary...if it's talk about her job, her independent life, or updates on her life...then great. If it's to continue to criticize her, or to make yourselves feel like a failure b/c she got a divorce, like so many couples do nowadays, then don't even bother mentioning her. It's that simple. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

    Also, I did like Eric's musical scene in the beginning. Great way to start the 10th season premiere. I don't like Ruthie's new look at all, although I guess she does look a little older. Finally, it's nice to see that Mary still is looking out a little for Charlie's needs. So she's not so terrible after all. They really need to tell us why they got the divorce, b/c I'm getting the distinct impression it's more than Carlos is telling. Great way for Jessica Biel to return, but I know she probably won't.

    The ending was okay...if only Martin and Sandy had more chemistry. I guess we have to wait to see what happens next week. Speaking of which, it looks actually decent. However, it's a Kevin-centered episode, so I'll hold my breath until next Monday.



    - No Matt in this season premiere. I miss Matt. I hope Barry Watson returns, but this time, with an actual storyline.

    - Three new characters to the credits is absolutely ridiculous. Neither three are bad actresses, but come on...

    - The twins still do not impress me yet. Maybe I'm just hard, but by 7, you'd think they could at least talk a little bit coherently.

    - Brenda Hampton, if all you can come up with nowadays is teenage sex and pregnancy, then it's time to call this show quits. This show isn't a PSA not to have sex, it's supposed to be a family drama. Please start taking that into consideration.moreless
  • I loved it!

    Lucy's sermon is extra long. Meredith is interested in Martin and Martin is interested in her. Jack, Meredith's boyfriend, seems interested in Ruthie and Ruthie is also interested in Jack. Simon, Rose and Sandy (Rose's friend) come down to visit. Martin and Sandy slept together while Martin visited Simon's school. The Colonel and Ruth are coming and that's when Eric decides to tell them about Mary and Carlos. Carlos and Charlie come for a visit. Rose wants to tell Simon's grandparents about them. Sandy is pregnant.

    This was a great episode! I like the addition of Haylie Duff! I don't really like Rose too much though. I can't believe that Martin slept with Sandy! He said that he was going to wait until marriage. Now, he's going to be a father. I think season 10 is where Martin starts going downhill. I really don't like him much in seasons 10 and 11. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Happy 200th 7th!. You don't look a day over 199.

    A new season begins. The big number 10. Not only that, but the premiere was also the show's 200th episode. A big accomplishment. But the premiere itself was nothing really special, and I was hoping for something along the lines of the show's 100th episode. But there was really nothing. Adding to the disappointment was that the Colonel and Ruth were nowhere to be seen. I was under the impression that they were going to be in the episode. What was that all about?. The 10th season premiere was a pretty tame, laid back affair. Nothing gigantic or monumental. It wasn't a really bad episode, but it was just nothing special either. It felt like it could of come at any point during the season. But reaching a decade and 200 episodes is an achievement that cannot be overlooked. For that alone it should commended. It's always exciting when a new season begins, and to come back to a show to see if anyone looks different or if the new opening credits are new. The credits are always new, and this year is no exception. The problem is that there are three new added people to the opening credits. Sarah Thompson(Rose), Haylie Duff(Sandy), and Megan Henning(Meredith). Is this shades of season seven and eight?. I sure hope not. Thompson and Duff I can see(but still don't want)because they will probably be in a number of episodes, but Henning?. Why?. She was barely even in the episode. I really hope it doesn't become like seasons 7 and 8 when everyone and their friend's uncle got into the opening credits. Anyways, season 10 opens quietly(just like season 9 ended), but it's much better than the previous season finale. So, how did the Camden family open their big 10th anniversary season?. Read on...

    Martin. When did Martin become an idiot?. Now, I am not necessarily talking about him having sex and possibly getting Sandy pregnant, although I will touch on that in a moment. But Martin just changed here. I can't fault him for having sex. Why would I?. But it's other things here that were bizarre and out of character. I always thought that Martin was pretty mature, but all of a sudden, he is treated here and presented in a way that was not mature. Simon says that Martin isn't, and he sure isn't shown that way. When Sandy tells him that she is late, he backs off and just lets her deal with it and wants nothing to do with it. I thought this was out of character. I'm sure anyone would freak when you get unexpected news like that, but I would of assumed that the Martin that has been on this show would of been more responsible than that. Would of cared more. He just brushes it off and leaves it to Sandy. I was surprised with that. But what really made Martin seem more like a moron, and a changed character, was when Lucy comes to talk to him and he calls her a "priest, or whatever you call it". At that point, I was like 'what's going on here?'. Martin, you are not an idiot. You should know better. It's these kinds of things that bothered me more than just having sex with Sandy. But let's touch on that subject. Martin has always had his values and morals and he was waiting for marriage to have sex. Here, we find out that he slept with this girl over the summer that he barely even knew. This was out of character, but like Martin said, it wasn't planned. It just kind of happened. I can't fault him or blast him for that because he's right. There are things that just can't be planned, and things that just happen. It's life. But if Sandy is pregnant(?), then they must of been unsafe. There's a chance you can get pregnant even if you are safe, but this was never made clear. Martin had sex. Fine. Whatever. But was he smart enough to use protection?. These are details that the show always overlooks and never tells. The storyline was done much better than I had originally thought it would be. Brenda Hampton has been on the "pre-marital sex" bandwagon, and I thought this would of been in our face. But it really wasn't. It just irks me that we get another teen pregnancy scare. Have sex out of wedlock, and you get pregnant. Have sex out of wedlock, and you will get an STD. We know that Brenda is against sex before marriage, but she needs to know that anything can happen with sex that you might not want even if you are married. She isn't being very subtle with it, but the storyline here was better than I thought. I don't know where I want to see this go just yet.

    The Colonel and Ruth are coming for a visit(finally!), and they don't yet know about all the recent news concerning Mary. Eric tries to think of everything he can to avoid telling them the news. He has it all planned out. Sadly, Peter Graves and Barbara Rush do not appear in the episode, although it kept saying that they would appear. This was what I was looking forward too the most!. Eric's plans go up in smoke when Carlos appears with Charlie. Now Eric will almost have to tell his parents the news since Carlos is there and there is no Mary. What bugs me is that Carlos made Matt tell his parents, and now won't help Eric in telling his parents. Carlos, this is your predicamanet. Time to grow a backbone and take care of some it yourself. And Eric, you know how it will end. Just suck it up and let it out and get it over with. I know the Colonel can be quite an intimidating man, but it's best if things just got out. Eric has done this before, and he should know better than to keep things hidden. It's always best to get it out in the open and be done with it. With no Mary around, I hope we see more or Carlos and Charlie.

    The most uninteresting aspect of the show was with Ruthie. I didn't even really bother to follow that much. Ruthie likes this guy that Meredith is dating, and she wants Meredith to hook up with Martin. Or something like that. At this point, it was the same wishy washy stuff that has grown tiresome. The hysterical part about this storyline is that the guy in question looked like a huge dork to me. Ruthie really wants him?. Why?. And Mackenzie Rossman, the new hair is great. Most improved.

    Lucy makes her first real sermon at the church, and it's a snoozer. It was too long, and her comments about working mothers anger many in the congregation. Even Annie was upset by it. This storyline was discarded pretty early, and the rest was Lucy and Kevin in their new house with Kevin telling Lucy that he loves doing this, wants more, and would gladly leave his job to be a stay at home dad. Okay. The kitchen of their new house is really nice. They didn't show much of anything else, or even filmed most of the kitchen, but it looked real nice from what I saw. I hope we see more and it's not just this little shot of them always in their kitchen.

    Simon and Rose didn't do much for me either. Rose was a tad more tolerable this time, but not by much. She keeps pressuring Simon into getting her a ring, and upping the wedding date. Simon plans on an official engagement this May, followed with the wedding the May after. Which would mean a Simon Camden wedding for the 11th season(possibly final season)finale. David Gallagher was pretty good in the episode, and Sarah Thompson could be more tolerable if Rose was written to be a bit more likeable.

    In the end, the 10th season premiere was pretty average. Not a bad episode, but a slow moving one. What was good?. The new opening credits were great. Despite the new additions, the new credits were great, and they are better than last year's. The new hair do's are great as well. Mack's is great, Catherine has a nice bob, and Beverly has gone blonder. All look great. Eric singing Ricky Nelson's "It's Late" in his robe with his guitar was cool as well. Any time you get Eric musical, it's always a plus. And Stephen sounds great on those songs. And the ending with Carlos was all good. I just wish the Colonel and Ruth were actually in the episode, and that there was something more monumental for it being the 200th episode. All in all, not a bad episode, just nothing more than average.moreless
  • This episode was great! Sandy's actually become a fave character of mine, honestly.

    Sandy Jameson, a college student, is introduced in this episode. She is shocked to find out she is pregnant, with Martin Brewer, of all people, being the father. We find out later in the series that what she did with Martin was actually a way of trying to impress Simon Camden, who's trying to plan a wedding with his fiancee, Rose.

    Rose isn't exactly my definition of a good person. She's a little selfish, if you want to know my honest opinion. Sandy... well, she's another story. I find her to simply be confused, especially towards the middle of the episode.

    Martin doesn't quite know what to do for Sandy. It seems as if he cares, but doesn't know how to react to such big news. But, if you think about it in his perspetive, wouldn't you be shocked and a little confused, too?moreless
  • Great opening to the show - seeing rev camden \"getting his mood up\" was a classic beginning to a monumental tenth season.

    Like I said, the opening was a classic - I love that song, never get tired of hearing it. Well, where to begin - lots going on in this episode; new characters, new stories most notable the one involving Rose\'s friend Sandie and Martin. From Lucy\'s first sermon not going down well with the congregation to Eric\'s desperate efforts to keep the truth from coming out about Mary and Carlos from his parents, made this season opener a delight to watch from start to finish.moreless
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    • Sam: We love playing soldier with the Colonel.
      Eric: Yeah, your mother and I just love seeing the three of you pretending to shoot each other.

    • Sandy: It's late.
      Martin: What do you mean "It's late.
      Sandy: I mean it's late.
      Martin: You don't think think that's the reason, do you?
      Sandy: Yeah, I do.
      Martin: I have nothing to do with this (starts walking away)
      Sandy: (starts walking quickly after him) Yeah, except for the fact you have everything to do with this.
      Martin: I don't even know you! Look, you do what you want. (starts to walk away completely)
      Sandy: If you don't talk to me, I'll talk to someone else.
      (Martin turns around and slowly walks toward Sandy. She looks satisfied and both turn and walk away)

    • Sam: (to Annie, loudly in church, about Lucy) Is she done yet?

    • Eric: She's not going to be another Mary!

  • NOTES (8)

    • Music:
      "Young Emotions" by Ricky Nelson

    • Although the title does not show it the episode ended "to be continued..."

    • Season 10 premiere marks 7th Heaven's 200th episode.

    • Sarah Thompson (Rose), Haylie Duff (Sandy) and Megan Henning (Meredith) are added to the opening credits.

    • This episode features some cuts from Stephen Collins' new CD, The Hits of Rick Nelson, which is being released by The Gold Label and which is also being released to coincide with this episode.

    • This episode marks a major milestone for the series. Beginning with this episode 7th Heaven has currently become the longest running family drama on television beating out Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons, both of which had nine seasons.

    • Barry Watson's (Matt) appearance this season is limited as the former 7th Heaven series regular will star in another TV series for ABC called What About Brian as a main character.

    • David Gallagher (Simon) comes back full-time for the entire 10th season beginning with this episode. Previously in seasons 8 & 9 David Gallagher was recurring throughout the series.