7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 13

It's Not Always About You

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2003 on The CW
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Annie is plagued with curiosity about what goes on during Eric's therapy, but panics when his doctor invites her to attend one of their sessions. Meanwhile, Lucy tries everything to get excused from jury duty, upsetting Kevin in the process when her views of the judicial system are different from his own. Also, Chandler confesses the extent of his feelings for Roxanne after she is stabbed on the job by a homeless man. Lastly, Ruthie fears that her parents may be heading for divorce court after overhearing them fight.moreless

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  • Amazing!

    Lucy has jury duty. She sees Jimmy Moon as he is the defendant. Roxanne is stabbed in the arm. Chandler says he has the intention of marrying her someday. Cecilia won't talk to Simon. Simon works out everything with her. Eric has therapist sessions with Annie. Ruthie overhears her parents fighting and Ben says that they could get a divorce.

    This was a great episode! It focused on selfishness. Lucy was selfish by wanting to get out of jury duty. Simon was selfish with Cecilia by not asking her how she felt about them dating. I was glad to see Jimmy Moon, but we ended on a bad note with him as he is on trial. I liked Chandler and Roxanne and I was hoping that they would get married. 10 out of 10!moreless
  • This epesode was great.

    I will start with each charactor/ storline

    Eric and Annie-They had great acting. I liked the scene in therepy but when the therapist said now we're getting some were it ruined the scene.

    Matt and Sarah- Did not apear

    Mary- Did not appear.

    Lucy-Amaizing acting. She was annoying in the begging. Near the end she finaly relized that to be a citizen she had to do jury duty. it was weird to see Jimmy Moon agin. (goof- they dated in middle school not high school). Jakee (from sister siter0 was great. she was so funny.

    Keven and Lucy-Not much was going on

    Kevin and Roxanne- It was nice to see them actually on the job, not sitting in the car or at the station. The stabbing was a great storyline.

    Roxanne and Chandler- They are so cute together. I love the scenes of them together, though alone i do not like them much.

    Siomon and Cecelia- Not a great storyline but celia does have a point. There deal was not really fair.

    Ruthie- She was so cute. Her scene were she was on the phone with ben and then taliking to annie was great. when she stormed of reminded me of Bye when she did the same thing. She realy was treatde like the baby in the family at the end.

    Sam and David- Did not apper.moreless
  • "It's Not Always About"- This was a terrific episode. In fact I think it is (at this point) the best episode this season of "7th Heaven".

    What seems to make this episode beautifully standout is that the all the Camdens were more involved throughout other people than themselves and their own problems, but not so relationship driven either. Plus, the issue of self-absorbtion was addressed which has been running amuck in the Camden household. In fact it gives us viewers relief that the writers know what they're doing and are going somewhere with this (possibily toward the end of the season with the 150th episode and closing season finale). Everyone was great in this episode. I can't explain exactly why, but this episode was a Total Winner!

    This episode was very funny, dramatic, well-acted and well-written to the point when this episode ended I didn't want it to end. Which hasn't happened for awhile.

    Anyhow, let's get started . First I would like to start off with the couple that I love the most in this episode...

    Eric and Annie: Finally viewers get some solace as we finally see the breakdown of Eric's troubles since Unofficially quiting the ministry. It was quite heartbreaking as we see Eric struggling to be the way he used to be. He does want to go back to the ministry, but he's just very tired of doing it over and over again of the same thing. It happens in your 40's sometimes, and if you have as much responsibility as Eric has with a church, house, wife, community, etc. Plus, with heart surgery, forget about it. He was a ticking time bomb. He did make a rather good point that (many fans also think is true) Annie should've been more supportive on his decision to quit the minisrty, even if it is ridiculous. This year it's Eric's turn to go through his "Changes" and Annie needs to bulk up and be there for him just like he was for her during her menapause saga last season. He tolerated her cranky self, so she can do the same for him. But the therapy scene was quite terrific between these two. Stephen and Catherine make this shw shine so bright. The therapist was right on the money when he said, "now we're getting somewhere." It's about time. Good.

    Simon and Cecelia: Even though many fans (including I) didn't really like the "talk to your parents before you have sex" storyline in episode "Sunday", the unveiling of it was much better. Simon admitting that he still wants to have sex with her was very good on the writers part. Ducking out like he doesn't want to have sex with her anymore would have made no sense. I mean he is a teenager, despite being a minister's son. But Cecilia, I must say, is one manipulative little girl. Those terms that she gave Simon that she's free to date, but he's not while they continue their relationship was ridiculous. But I have been in Simon's place with teenage girls and how some are like that and boys who thinks the girl is drop-dead gorgeous agrees to these terms without even realizing what they have just done. It was funny how he looked back and said, "what did I just agree to?" So Simon has my sympathy. It happens.

    Chandler and Roxanne:I really felt bad for Roxanne in this episode as she got sliced in the arm by that homeless guy. Up until now I haven't really liked her (as most fans haven't too) but I guess things do grow on you after awhile. Although, Chandler proclaiming the attempt of marriage only after a few episodes was expected I have to say. It only takes on a few "7th Heaven" episodes for people to fall in love and think marriage. Besides it's television and a season of only 22 episodes. Even though I wish they waited longer, whatever. And I do think that Chandler and Roxanne have good chemistry; at least better than Kevin and Lucy. The hospital scene with them in the room was cute.

    Lucy and Kevin: Neither one really bothered me in this episode and we're both actually quite pleasant. Lucy not wanting to do jury duty was understandable. It is a long process and I've seen people even crankier than Lucy in this episode more bummed about doing jury duty. Personally, I just say suck it up. We all have to do things we don't want to do. Kevin, even though didn't bother me much, still made me question his personal qualities as he assumes that Lucy should automatically not complain about the judicial system or doing jury duty. For him to get ticked off at every little thing she may say is irratating. To dismiss her and not want to have dinner nor talk to her was quite unpleasant. That kind of expresses to much dominance and hope he corrects that in his character. But what would a show be with characters without any flaws.

    If I had any complaints about this episode it would have to be Ruthie's storyline. This girl has to realize that whenever your parents may be having a hard period it doesn't always mean they're getting a divorce. We've been through this storyline before. Ruthie in past episodes has wondered and asked if they're getting divorced. Please, Ruthie, shut up on that!

    Overall, this episode was Terrific! I couldn't ask for anything more. Everyone was well-balanced in screen-time, the dialogue wasn't choppy, emotions expressed, and everyone just going through the motions as a (struggling) family at this point.

    Grade: **9.5 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *This episode was not written by neither head writers Brenda Hampton or Sue Tenney, which kind of says something about their writing as this really was the best episode all season so far.

    *So good to see Jackee Harry back on TV again. I've always adored this actress on "227" and "Sister, Sister". She blended beautifully in this episode with Lucy, and her snooty remarks to her were just precious.

    *Man, did Matthew Linville gain weight! I don't mean to be mean but, gosh! Plus, what was he on trial for? I mean to have a guest star like Matthew Linville return back on the show and have no lines is just crazy! I hope you writers bring Jimmy Moon back for an update. I am very curious.

    *So good to see Lucy being sane while being scanned at the door with metal detectors and cooperating with authories (a la The Ring episode).

    *Why does Lucy keep pressuring for an engagement? I don't get it? What's the rush? Is she going to die if she never gets married. I've been tolerating Lucy's antics and have been patient but she's pissing me off now with this engagement now crap. What's the hurry!?

    *It would be nice to see the family dog "Happy" more on the show. One scene on the porch with Kevin and Simon is not enough. I miss Happy and her barking.

    *The Glenoak PD Station is sure fancy, and so is the Jury Duty Offices in Glenoak.

    *Please show the twins more writers and producers. And with real dialogue for each.moreless
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David Piel

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Since 7th Heaven is based in California it should be noted that at the time of this episode and since it has been California state law that you serve "one day or one trial".

    • Lucy got excused from the jury because she knew the defendent.

    • Response to response-Actually, before an officer gets out of his or her car anywhere, they will have called dispatch to say where they are. Kevin wouldn't have needed to tell them his location again.

    • Response to goof: In the police force, you tell dispatch where the officer is down once the ambulance is on the way. Telling them that one is needed is the most important issue so that they can get prepared to leave.

    • How is it that when Kevin reported Roxanne's injury he didn't identify himself or where they were, but the lady on the other end of the walkie talkie knew where they were.

    • Why was Chandler called instead of Roxanne's father after she was stabbed. Did Decetive Micheals not know how to contact Roxanne's father or was it her request that Chandler be called rather then her own father, who himself is a cop.

    • If Roxanne's father is a Detective, why would Kevin suggest to call Detective Michaels instead of Detective Richardson. (Editors note: If you noticed earlier in the season Detective Michaels seems to be their boss)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Annie: (when Eric brings home a cake) Are you sure about this? This isn't on your diet, you know.
      Eric: I don't care. All the food on my diet tastes like straw!

    • Ruthie: So, tell me the truth. Are you gonna join all my friends' parents and get a divorce?
      Eric: A divorce? Why would you think that?
      Ruthie: Ben told me.
      Eric: He what?
      Annie: I called him, and he agreed not to give any of our kids any more advice without consulting us first. (turns to Ruthie) Therapy can help people when they want the help.

    • Annie: Your father and I would never get a divorce.
      Ruthie: How do you know that? You won't even go to therapy with him! Maybe he'll decide without you! This isn't just about you, it's about our whole family!

    • Mrs. Beane: (to Lucy) You have fulfilled your requirement, and you won't need to serve again until the next time someone calls you. God willing, I'll be on vacation at that time.

    • Roxanne to Kevin: "Are you and Lucy haveing sex?"

      Roxanne to Kevin: "Do you want me to repeat the question."

      Kevin to Roxanne: "No, never!"

      Roxanne to Kevin: "Don't be such a prud"

      Kevin to Roxanne: "I not a prud. I just believe that what the woman I love and I do together or don't do together in nobody else's business."

      Mrs. Beane to Lucy: "Hopefully the trial doesn't go on for months and they sequester the jury."

      Lucy to Mrs.Beane: "That would be awful!"

      Mrs.Beane to Lucy: "Yes, especially for all the other jurists who'll be locked up with you!"

      Lucy to the Judge: "That's Jimmy Moon, my high school boyfriend."

      Lucy to Kevin: "Sorry I was such bad citizen."

      Kevin to Lucy: "I don't think your a bad citizen."

      Lucy to Kevin: "Isn't that what you don't like about me?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "I'm sorry I said that. I love you."

      Lucy to Kevin: "I love you too, but soometime think I can get a little self absorbed."

      Kevin to Lucy: "No you think?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "You're right they're not officaly engaged, but if they get married before us, you're a dead man and they won't have to get me a jury because I'll proudly plead guilty."

  • NOTES (9)