7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 20

Leaps of Faith

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 09, 2005 on The CW

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  • In this somewhat boring episode we see Simon stressing over whether he will die because he had sex, a woman with two sick children, a Kevin/Lucy spat, a moody Martin, and...wait...is that...Peter?

    Towards the end of a season I usually expect the best episodes of the season. They are meant to tie everything up and create more exciting storylines for the viewers to look forward to for the next season. That is what they are meant to do, but this episode (the epi right before the two-part season finale), left me very unsatisfied. "Leaps Of Faith" seemed out of place and was just a very awkward, pointless episode. The only thing this episode accomplished was letting us know that Martin's father was coming home from Iraq.

    *Simon & his STD Crisis~ I can't tell you how sick I am of this stupid storyline. Sure, it was good for the first 6 episodes, now it's just a tad bit annoying. Nothing left for me to say.

    *Children with Sickle Cell Anemia~ Awwww! I felt so bad for those children. It was bad enough that they had sickle cell anemia, but did they really have to have two feuding parents? Honestly, I don't think, if I was their mother, I would have trusted her husband again. He was selfish and downright irresponsible for leaving them in the first place, how does she know he won't leave again? I'm guessing she decided to work things out with him so they could all be a family and the two girls could have their father back. I appreciated the show informing people about this horrible disease. Thank you Writers!

    *Lucy & Kevin~ Ah! Onto the Kinkirks! I can't believe Lucy would assume her mother would take care of Savannah, but what I can't believe more is that Kevin would give up his day job, literally. I wouldn't think Kevin would actually volunteer to take days off and work nights. I don't know, Kevin's weird at times, but he has good intentions. I think Lucy has good intentions as well, but I just don't know how they're gonna make it work. Oh well, I guess we'll see.

    *Martin & Zoe~ Is it just me or was Martin a little moody in this episode. From the very beginning he was irritable and cranky. I actually felt bad for Zoe in this episode and I don't even like Zoe. Martin had no right to blame Zoe for him missing his father' phone call. He should have brought his cell. And Martin should have asked RevCam in the first place whether he could go out in the middle of the night with Zoe. Martin asks him for everything else, why not this? One more thing I must add...Martin turn off your phone during a wedding! Or atleast put it on vibrate so it doesn't ring right in the middle of the vows! I was happy that his father is coming home though! Now we can have some Martin/Ruthie action! Yes! I'm a big Ruthin fan (or Marthie as some people call it).

    *Peter & Company~ Oh no! He's back! "Honey" boy is back! And..oh no...he brought Paris...and...is that...Vic! NOOOO! I can't stand that whole family. They just bother me. Now they're back and Paris and Vic are getting married...in the Camden's family room? Um, okay, whatever floats your boat. I can't believe Ruthie in this episode. She actually wanted Peter to like her again and why did Peter lie to her? This storyline was so stupid and don't worry Vincent, even you are hotter than Peter.

    This episode was not the best. It was just...there. It didn't really satisfy me so I'll give it a 6/10 and that's being generous.

    ODD 'N ENDS:

    *Whay would teacher assign a homework project that would require teenage girls to go out to the park by themselves in the middle of the night?

    *Were Zoe and Martin boyfriend/girlfriend in this episode? I thought they broke it off. I'm so cnfused.

    *Why don't the Camdens say "bye" or "cya" when they get off the phone with someone? Isn't that a litle rude to just hang up?

    *This episode including most of my least favorite characters:
    Peter, Vic, Paris, Vincent, Zoe...now if only Chandler and Roxanne showed up...we could have a party.
  • Is Simon in the clear?. Can Eric help his latest clients?. All this and Peter returns!.

    "Leaps Of Faith" was a decent episode in the last stretch of season 9. Not great, but not bad. A harmless episode just filling time as season 9 heads to it's conclusion.

    Eric - Eric's latest mission is helping a single mother who is raising two daughters who both have sickle cell. It's a disease in the red blood cells which can be found, most often, in African Americans. It's a nice topic for the show to tackle, and they do it rather well here. Many of Eric's clients in the last few years(with the exception of the kids in "Go Ask Alice")haven't been too memorable. But this one is written nicely to present the disease, and to give information on what, where, and who can treat it. It's also nice because the actors who play the parents are the first guest stars in a long time who actually do a nice job. It might not be the best or most memorable mission of Eric's, but it was decently done and written.

    Lucy and Kevin - Lucy is contemplating going back to work and she seems to think that the care of baby Savannah should fall into the hands of none other than Annie. While it may seem obvious to Lucy, Kevin has a harder time of accepting that. And Annie too. While it isn't out of the ordinary to have your mother watch your baby(as my mother has done with three of her six grandkids, but babysitting is her job also), it was asking too much of Annie who still has two young boys and a big house to look after herself. Kevin says that they can trade off while each other is at work, and proves to Lucy that he can be a responsible father and look after the baby on his own. It was a decent little storyline, showing some more of the responsibilities that come with having a baby, and when the parents both work. Plus, it will give Kevin the chance to spend quality time with the baby and hone his parenting skills.

    Ruthie is having more boyfriend trouble when ex Peter shows up on the Camden doorstep. I must thank Peter for taking the plutonium out of his hair. I can actually look at him straight on now without using my industrial strength sunglasses. Anyways, current boyfriend Vincent gets upset that Ruthie seems to need to know how Peter still feels about her and wether or not he has a girlfriend and moved on. It's not a relationship storyline for a couple until an ex shows back up in the picture to cause some trouble. While the trouble here is pretty slight, it would of been more interesting if they played into it a bit more. Maybe given a multi arc storyline. Could of been somewhat interesting. And along with Peter is mom Paris and dad Vic, who want Eric to marry them as Paris is now pregnant. It isn't a 7th Heaven season until someone gets a married. And I am not sure how I feel about a Vic offspring being released into the world.

    Simon is home for a short time and is anxiously awaiting the call from the doctor to see if he is STD free or not. Of course, it takes this little scare to get Simon to re-think his actions and not have sex until he's married. As Simon has been having the "sex" issue all season long, one has to think that Brenda and the writers aren't being a little one sided and preachy. It's not as bad as "Brotherly Love" was in that department, but what is it saying?. Have pre-marital sex and you can die?. Have sex before you get married and you'll get punished?. What exactly is going on here?. Obstain from sex until you get married and you'll be safe?. Whatever the writers' intention was with this, it does raise some questions that aren't answered or explained thoroughly. As much as I thought it was a great idea to begin with, I can't wait for this issue to be settled and over. But it is nice to see Simon more upbeat and happy towards the end, instead of always acting depressed and whatnot.

    A smaller storyline throughout the show involves Martin going out all night with Zoe(and Katie Cassidy gets prettier with each passing episode)for a school assignment. Afriad to tell Eric, he sneaks out with Simon covering for him. It's pretty much a storyline that was nothing more than filler. The episode had more than enough going for it and this side storyline didn't seem to need to exist, except for the calls from his father and the surprise at the end. They could of just had the calls and skipped the whole staying out with Zoe thing.

    "Leaps Of Faith" was nothing special, but it was easy to watch and everything pretty much geled. 7th, for most of it's seasons anyway, has always had a hard time ending it's seasons. It seems that they save the best episodes for earlier to mid parts of the season, and fill most of the second halfs with filler episodes. Some seasons might be an exception to the rule, but it's been that way for the last three seasons. While I have said that I didn't mind this one, I do wish that we could get more important episodes to wrap the seasons up. And I am in no hurry to see Vic again anytime soon.
  • Peter comes back when his mom is pregnant and wants to be married by Reverend Camden

    Simon comes back when he had a 1 night stand and is afraid that he might have gotten an STD from it. He comes home to await the answer to the test. He becomes a devout christian saying he won't ever have sex again without be married and God can make it so he doesn't have an STD. Peter comes back when his mom is pregnant by his dad and they want to get married. Peter tells Ruthie that he has a girlfriend but we later realize that he only said that because Ruthie has a boyfriend. Ruthie complains to Vincent that Peter doesn't still have feeling for her and gets mad cause she shouldn't care about that. She later claims that the only reason that she was mad is because she wasn't the one to reject him and he rejected her instead. Lucy is ready to go back to work but doesn't know who will take care of Savannah when she is gone. Kevin volunteers to take care of her but Lucy doesn't trust him. The next day he takes a test trial while Lucy is at work and does a pretty good job at taking care of her. Martin takes a risk and stays out late to help Zoe with her project that he misses a phone call that is very important. the next day his dad calls again and gives Martin the good news. He is coming home. End of episode.
  • I loved it!

    Peter, Paris and Vic come. Paris is pregnant and Vic and Paris want to get married again. Simon comes home and goes to test for an STD. Lucy wants to go back to work and Kevin says that Annie can't watch Savannah while she and him are at work. They decide that Kevin will take the night shift and watch her in the day. Martin sneaks out to do a homework assignment with Zoe and forgets his cell phone. His dad calls him, but Martin isn't there. Ruthie talks to Vincent about Peter, which annoys Vincent. Eric helps a family with two children who have a disease. The ex-husband left years ago, but now wants to come back into their lives. Martin's dad is coming home from Iraq! Simon promises to God to never have sex again until he's married and that he'll go to church. He doesn't have an STD.

    This was a grea episode! I loved seeing Peter, Paris and Vic again! Peter is one of my favorite characters! I think that Martin getting to see his dad is a great thing! This episode gets a 10!
  • lucys friend dies in car accedent. lucy blames herself.

    the reason this epesode was made because some of beverly michels friends were hit by a car, 2 were fine, 1 seriously injured, and 1 died. brenda hamton (7th heaven director) asked beverly if she wanted 2 make an epesode. the epesode was very very sad. beverly acted well. go 7th heaven.