7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 9

Let's Talk About Sex

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 1998 on The CW
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Eric and Annie enroll in prenatal classes for the sixth time in their lives. Annie bonds with two pregnant teenagers in the class, while Eric takes on the challenge of helping their boyfriends accept responsibility for the future. Elsewhere, Simon finally gets the chance to practice his baby-sitting skills on Ruthie, who would wear down even the most experienced sitters out there. Mary sneaks off to a co-ed sleepover, while Lucy contemplates taking a risky new step with her boyfriend. Lastly, Matt is forced to write an essay about sex for school, and he is having a hard time figuring out where to start.moreless

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  • Sex talks

    Lucy feels that Jordan may not find her attractive. She finds out that he has had sex before. She wants to have sex with him now. Mary is going to a sleepover for boys and girls. She claims that she will not have sex in high school and that nobody at the sleepover would have sex. Matt is struggling to find a topic on human sexuality for his project. Eric and Annie are taking another pregnancy class. They meet teens, Barbara and Cassandra. They have problems with the fathers of the their babies. Barbara's boyfriend wants to get married to her, but she doesn't want to. Eric helps him get a job. The father of Cassandra's baby doesn't even know that he is a father-to-be. He is really upset about it. Simon is taking babysitting classes and he babysits Ruthie for the first time. Things go crazy though. Recalling on Lucy's good idea for a subject - people's first times - Matt realizes that she may want to lose her virginity. He picks her up before she does anything with Jordan and he also picks Mary up. Eric and Annie talk to Lucy and Mary while Matt films it for his project.

    This episode was so great! I loved the reference to the 7th episode, "Saturday". Sex is a huge issue, so I'm glad they devoted an episode to it. I like how Jordan talked to Eric and Annie at the end. He really does seem responsible. I'm also that Mary has a plan to not have sex in high school. That's way too young. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • This episode is really all about teenagers having sex and the consequences they have to pay for it.Lucy is thinking about doing it, Mary puts herself in a position that makes it look like she want to do it, and Matt does a project on it.moreless

    I thought this episode was very well written. It was a very realistic account of how teenage girls become pregnant and what they have to deal with. When i found out Lucy was thinking about having sex, i was very shocked.The only reason she was thinking about doing it was to see if her boyfriend was really attracted to her. Mary was going to a co ed sleepover and the only thing i could think about was the oppurtunity she had to have sex. Matt was trying to contimplate what his sex project was going to be about. When lucy gave him the idea of doing his project on the first time people have sex, i knew she was thinking about really going through with her plan.I think the best part was when matt realized that the reason Lucy had suggested that particular topic was because she was thinking about having sex herself.I like how it all ties in with the fact that Annie and Eric are both helping teens deal with their pregnacies. It makes the fact that teenage sex is very consequential, more obvious. When matt actually video tapes the talks that eric and annie give to Mary and Lucy, it sends out a very strong message that was pretty relevant to the entire episode.moreless
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    • Lucy: Romeo and Juliet were only 14, you know.
      Eric: Did you read the entire play? Romeo and Juliet committed suicide!

    • Lucy: (hitting Matt violently) Who do you think you are embarrassing me like that? I am not a child! I am practically a grown woman, and you have no right to interfere in my life like that!
      Matt: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I'd rather you be mad at me than find out you did something stupid.
      Lucy: Oh yeah? Well, if you're so worried about me being stupid, then why don't you bust in on Mary at her stupid boy-girl sleepover?

    • Roger: A friend of mine told me that Cassandra looked sick or something. I mean, she's not one of my favorite people right now, but I would be somewhat upset if she croaked.
      Eric: Somewhat?

    • Annie: Kids don't like to hang out at the house. Ours don't...
      Eric: Alright. Whatever.

    • Cassandra: This baby's still dancing! (puts her hand on her belly) Isn't that neat?
      Annie: Yeah.
      Cassandra: I just wish I could keep him in there long enough for me to grow up, finish school, and get a job.
      Annie: It won't be easy, but if you make up your mind that that's what you want to do, you can do it. I'll help you do it.
      Barbara: What I really want is to back up 7 months and say "I don't have anything to prove to you, so back off!"

    • Teacher: Hi. Are you looking for the My First Baby class?
      Annie: First? No actually this is my sixth, or rather sixth and seventh. I'm having twins...I was looking for the alternative class. I thought I'd try something different this year.
      Girl #1: How 'bout a condom?
      Teacher: The alternative birth class in on Monday/Wednesday and this is Thursday, but you're welcome to join us. You could be like our visiting Ph.D....it's okay if you don't have a partner.
      Annie: Oh, no I have a partner. Believe me. Seven kids? Oh yeah I got a partner. The partner of all partners. He's just out signing up one of our collaborations, Simon, for a baby-sitting class. He's getting certified. Not so he can baby-sit these two. It's for his girlfriend. I mean his girlfriend's not a baby, neither is Simon, but well I mean he'll always be my baby, you know how that goes, but he, and his girlfriend, are. Not grown enough to have a baby. hey're just baby-sitting for the money. But they love children...oh here he is. My partner. And husband.
      Eric: Why do I suddenly feel old?
      Teacher: Okay you two, in or out?
      Annie: In.

    • Matt: I'm busy and I don't want to lose my train of thought.
      Simon: And apparently those trains don't trains don't come around too often.

    • Eric: You know, I don't want to sound judgmental, but there really is nothing good to be said about teenage pregnancy. They're just not old enough.
      Annie: We are so lucky with Mary, Lucy, and Matt.

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