7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 20

Liar, Liar

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2000 on The CW

Episode Recap

Ruthie's substitute teacher is reading the class a story and when she finished, she asks the kids what a good story is. The students answer her question and the teacher proposes a contest to see who can tell the best story and the winner will receive $5.00. At the end of class, Ruthie and a classmate, Chrissy, discuss the contest and Ruthie tells the girl to use her imagination since the girl doesn't have a huge family like Ruthie does. At his office, Eric celebrates after getting off of the phone.

Eric rushes home to Annie to tell her the good news, but gets his jacket stuck in the door. Eric tells Annie that they are going to be featured in the family article in the Sunday paper. The writer of the article wants to show their family as a normal family. Annie says ok and answers the phone to Matt, but Eric informs Matt about the article. Matt is not happy about the publicity and doesn't want to be part of the story. Eric tells Matt that he is part of the family and he has to just answer the reporter's questions. Matt asks Annie what he can use to get a blood stain out for a patient. At the hospital in the patient's room, another orderly, Elizabeth, tells the patient to use cold water and soap to get the stain out. The nurse offers to walk the patient to the parking lot and finds out that the patient's husband is actually a member of the hospital board. The patient tells Elizabeth that she thinks that Matt is a great employee, but Elizabeth tells her that she has been hearing things around the hospital about Matt being unstable since he works a lot of hours. The patient doesn't believe her, but the nurse explains that people are afraid of when Matt may snap and go crazy. When Mary, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie get home, Eric tells them about the article, but they don't want to be a part of the article either. The kids think that it will just cause trouble and they all leave to go to their rooms. Annie volunteers to talk to the kids and when she gets upstairs, she informs them that they will be a part of the article. Mary tells Annie that anytime you get involved with the press, it turns out badly and the kids use President Clinton's scandal with Monica Lewinsky as an example. They say that Monica has lost a lot of weight since the scandal broke out and the press got involved. Ruthie tries to figure out who Monica is and why everyone knows her, but Mary tells Ruthie that it is too adult of a situation to explain. Simon tells her that she worked in politics for the government, which caused him to explain the difference between the two concepts. At the apartment, John is watching a politician on TV who is misquoting a famous speech given by Harriet Tubman to gain black voters. Mat walks in and Josh gripes about the politician, but Matt tells him that he is tired and that another orderly is always following him around and he thinks that she likes him. John doesn't understand what the problem is and why he can't just be nice to her.

Annie and Eric are in their bedroom and Annie is concerned about cleanliness because of the upcoming interview with the reporter, Sam. Eric tells Annie to calm down, but Annie wonders why the kids are running from room to room. Mary goes into Simon's room to make sure that he won't discuss her arrest or Robbie to the reporter. Simon promises not to tell. All of the kids go to each other and make them promise that they won't let out each other's dark secrets. Annie asks the kids to meet her in the hallway to make sure that they know what not to say to the reporter. At the hospital, Elizabeth has a problem with a wheelchair and asks Matt for help and he tells her to wipe down the wheelchair before using it. Mrs. Peacock, Matt's boss, asks Elizabeth why she hadn't taken a patient somewhere and Elizabeth lies and tells her that it was Matt's responsibility and that he refused to wash out the wheelchair. The doctor decides that she should have a talk with Matt, but Elizabeth warns her about Matt's temper. Ruthie and her classmate talk about their stories and Ruthie tell her how she decided to tell the story about her Aunt Julie and her drinking. Ruthie tells her that she can help her figure out what her story could be about, but the girl refuses. Mrs. Peacock calls from the hospital and asks Annie about Matt and voices her concern. At school, Chrissy tells the story to the class and it is almost exactly like Ruthie's, which makes Ruthie upset, but the teacher won't let her talk in class. Annie arrives at the hospital to have lunch with Matt, but matt is confused as to why she is there. Matt explains that he is going to talk to the reporter, but he isn't happy about doing it. Matt says that he is happy with his job, but Annie tells him to take it slowly and not to work too hard. Elizabeth walks by Matt and talks to a co-worker about not upsetting Matt's other personalities. John shows up to the hospital to see if Matt is ok, but complains about trying to talk to the politician. John gives Matt money from Annie, which makes Elizabeth tell the co-worker that Matt is on drugs. Sam, the reporter shows up at Eric's office to talk to him about the article and he reassures Eric that he will be able to approve of the article before it goes in the paper. Eric explains that if you have 5 children who can speak, someone is bound to say something that doesn't look good in print. When Sam interviews the kids, they end up telling him everything that they didn't want him to know about. Mary talks about going to jail and how she met Robbie, Lucy explains about her love life, Simon talks about getting suspended and smoking cigarettes, and Ruthie tells him that she cut a friend's hair and about their Aunt Julie who is an alcoholic. While the interview is proceeding, the photographer is taking pictures of the kids in bad poses that accentuate their flaws.

John is upset that he wasn't able to talk to the politician that he is upset with. The reporter shows up and the apartment is a mess. Eric and Annie complain that they only got to spend 5 minutes with Sam. Annie gets a call from Mrs. Beasley about Ruthie getting in trouble at the library. When asking Eric if he knew about it, Annie tells Eric about Mrs. Peacock calling about Matt and she thinks that he is working too hard. Ruthie walks downstairs and Annie confronts her about Mrs. Beasley calling about her problems in the library. Ruthie tells her parents that Chrissy stole her story, but Ruthie tried to get the money that Chrissy won from the contest in her class. Annie asks if she told Sam, the reporter the story and Ruthie says yes. Annie and Eric are scared, but Eric asks what else she told Sam and she said that she only told him about Aunt Julie. Then, Mary, Lucy, and Simon explain what they told Sam. Eric is distraught and Annie tells him that she will put the furniture back the way it was in the living room. At the hospital, John freaks out when watching the politician start out his speech by saying "I have a dream." John freaks out and starts yelling at the TV and a security guard meets up with John. Eric talks to Matt about what he may have said to the reporter. Matt explains that he told him that he had to move out of the house to do manly things. Eric asks him to elaborate on what he does in the apartment that he couldn't do in the house. Matt explains that he entertains women and Matt tells Eric that he told him that the article was a bad idea. John comes home and tells Eric and Matt that he got fired because he and Matt are on drugs. Eric looks at the guys and they both deny being on drugs. John says that he was yelling at the TV, but Eric tells Matt that Mrs. Peacock called about Matt. Eric explains that she didn't want to make an official record of her talking to him. Matt explains that he loves his job and other orderlies worship him. Eric tells Matt that no one worships Matt, but Matt wonders if Elizabeth had anything to do with it.

Mrs. Peacock confronts Eric about the things that she has been hearing about his working too much, having a short temper, and buying drugs. Matt tells her that John gave him $10 from his mother. Mrs. Peacock asks if it is the same John who got fired and when Matt explained why he got fired, Mrs. Peacock totally understood and quickly begins to call to get him rehired. Matt suggests that she not rehire him until tomorrow since John is going to talk to the politician on his day off. Mrs. Peacock asks Matt why he is so angry, but Matt says that he is happy with his job. Even though he knows who might have a problem with him, he doesn't want to say anything to her and just keep working hard to become a doctor one day. When Matt tells her to not write it in the permanent file, Mrs. Peacock says that they already have something about him climbing a tree to talk to a patient in there. They leave on good terms. Mrs. Peacock calls the patient from the beginning of the episode and tells her that she was right, Matt is a good kid. At the hospital, Matt sees Elizabeth in the hallway and offers to help her with something she needs to do. John shows up at the politician's office and learns that a black woman writes the speeches for the politician. When Matt asks her if he knows who Harriet Tubman is, the politician Is confused. Ruthie confronts Chrissy about stealing her story and asks her why she took it. Chrissy tells her that she didn't have another story and was pressured into doing something wrong. Ruthie tells Chrissy to meet her in the library so that she can apologize for stealing her story in front of Mrs. Beasley. Sam meets Eric at Eric's office and lets him read the article and see the pictures, but when Eric sees the pictures, he tells Sam that he would prefer that he not print the article. Sam asks Eric if he has ever dealt with the media, but when Eric says that they haven't, Sam advises Eric that they are not ready for the media yet. When the family walks into the church on Sunday morning, people are whispering and staring at them walking down the aisle. When Eric sits down, he sees Sam walk into church and Sam shows him the front of the Sunday paper's insert about family living with their article and the pictures all posted. Sam explains that he told them not to print it, but the editors didn't listen. Eric takes the paper to Annie and hands it to her. The whole family sees the pictures and then Eric brings it up for his sermon. Eric discusses the fact that what is in the paper is truth and they are not perfect. Eric continues to speak about how you should love someone even if they aren't prefect. Eric introduces a special choir member, Sandy Patty, that will sing a special song and offers that they should take the time during the song to hug their imperfect families while Eric spends time hugging his. The congregation gets up and hugs other people and clap to the song.
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