7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 22

Life and Death (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 2003 on The CW
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In the seventh season finale, Eric resorts to tricks in order to reunite Chandler with his dying father. Elswhere, Matt and Sarah appear to have some exciting news, while Mary shares a big secret with Lucy. Simon is turned down by a potential prom date. Ruthie has gotten her period for the first time and is embarrassed to talk about it, but the family sees it as a cause for public celebration. Finally, Kevin notices something odd about the Camdens' new houseguest, and when an unexpected visitor shows up at the door, it promises life-changing events for the entire family.moreless

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  • i love this show its so great

    i really like this shows they are about family and family issues it good to have shows that have meaning to them and it dont matter what you haft to deal in life there is always family to help yopu through good times and bad that family is always there to hold you up and even preachers are human too that you still can be a preacher and have all the issues everyone has its taught me that you dont know about being a parent and no matter what you kids do myou still love them that god loves them and that even having sisters and brothers that they will be there for you like me and my sister we are there for each other no matter whatmoreless
  • Great season finale!

    Chandler goes to see his father. Eric finds out who the real Mr. Hampton is. Mary says that she got married. Lucy takes a pregnancy test. Kevin knows Christine from the police station. She was arrested for prostitution. Peter tells Annie about Ruthie’s period. Eric, Annie, and Rosina think that Sarah’s pregnant. Lou and Detective Michaels show up at the front door with news. Cecilia is mad at Simon. I thought this was a great season finale! It was good seeing Matt and Mary again. I can’t believe that Mary got married! I also can’t believe that Lucy might be pregnant! I thought it was funny when they thought that Matt and Sarah were going to have a baby! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • My absolute alltime favorite episode of 7th heaven ever! out of all 11 seasons.

    OMG. This episode is my all time favorite. IDK why but from the first time i watched it i recorded it and watched it over and over again. I love 7th heaven. This episode is so great with the whole family theme. I love how it shows simon caring about ruthie and how he tells her that hes been her bestfriend ever since they were little and shared a room. Annie is way to emotional but I love her =] Lucy is my favorie and will always be. I love it how she tries to hide from Kevin becuase she thinks she pregnant. Its great! the best is when lucy calls mary and they talk because we havent seen mary in a long long time and it was good to bring her back especially at that moment. Great episode!moreless
  • wow. this episode was really good.

    this episode had a lot of "girl problems" what with lucy and ruthie and matt and sarah and even mary.

    ruthie:well in this episode. you could tell she was a little bit scared and i could understand y she didnt want everyone to make a big deal out of it. she was just getting used to the idea of having her period with only her knowing then peter found out and he told annie.

    Lucy: she was really scared. she found out that u can get pregnet on the pill and she realised her period was late. she didnt wanta baby yet. i think she was unfair to kevin. he didnt understand what was going on. i hope she doesnt have a baby yet. (although i do know what happens just trying not to spoil it for everyone else).

    matt and sarah: im not as interested about matt and sarah. seeing as im alot younger than them and they arent in that many episodes lately. i think that eric shouldnt have told annie. and im glad that sarah isnt pregnent afta all.

    mary: so yet AGAIN mary has done something stupid. what is it this time?!? im geussing that she got married. some one rang at this scene so i could only half listen!! if she got maried who is it? and y would she think that eric could keep something like that from annie? mary is kinda CRAZY. i think shes even crazier than lucy.

    i think this eas a really good episode for pregnent wimen and teenage girls (what with lucy and ruthie) i hope that lucy isnt pregnent.

    great season final.moreless
  • Wow, what a season finale! So many cliffhangers, so much confusion now in the Camden household than usual. And I'm loving it!

    Wow, what a season finale! So many cliffhangers, so much confusion now in the Camden household than usual. And I'm loving it! Some "7th Heaven" fans probably feel this episode was stupid and feel cheated because not many things were resolved and more problems arose. But it's a sure fire way to keep you in suspense and make sure you tune back in again in September for season 8.

    This episode really put a lot of energy back into the series. Most "7th Heaven" finales are usually wrapped tightly in a little bow, but this lets the door open. This is the best season finale this show has had since the one where we found out Annie was pregnant back in the second season. Let's break down all the major happennings...

    Mary and Company: I can't believe her big secret is that she's married! More importantly, who is she married to!? Not make Mary sound loose or slutty but it could be a number of guys from the past. Robbie? Ben? Captain Jack Smith? Maybe even Wilson, you never know since we haven't heard from anyone of them in awhile and all happen to be on the east coast where Mary lives now. But by the way Lucy and Mary were talking I'm guessing it's someone new. And I understand why Mary went to Lucy and no one else first. They've always had that sisterly bond and Mary is the most closet to Lucy in the family. But at the same time I'm surprised she wants to tell her father Eric and get it annuled and not tell her mother. Between Eric and Annie I'd think Eric be more pissed at his daughter since as he is a minister he raised his daughter morally better than that and just to jump in a get married and then have an annulment.

    Plus, even though Mary does have "wacky" plans a lot of the times it doesn't seem like her to secretly get married. But I'm going to hold my judgment on the writer's with this storyline until more is revealed in September since we know VERY little.

    Simon, Cecelia and Christine: Out of all the storylines in this episode this was the one I cared least about. I mean was there really any point to this prom storyline? It just seems that the writer's were just giving a storyline to keep these characters busy. Simon I think was the most underused character this season and that's a shame since David Gallagher is a great actor and I thought more attention would go to him after Matt left last season. And since David might not be back full-time next season it would've been a good idea to explore his character a lot more this season other than relationship conflicts with so-so Cecelia (Ashlee Simpson). But I hope he comes back full-time next season and maybe then the writer's will do something with Simon more.

    Lucy and Kevin: This storyline was the most suspenseful in this episode, at least for me. Now I'm going to put this straight out, PLEASE don't let Lucy be pregnant! It's too soon. For goodness sake they've only been married for a month and if you ask me they've only recently started getting a long with each other. Even though it's not what they planned it's never a good idea for newlyweds to have kids so early on. Couples need time to themselves and be with themselves. It's a fact that it betters the marriage. And we all know Lucy and Kevin's relationship has been rocky enough from the beginning.

    I feel even bad for Kevin as he doesn't know what the heck is going on. I understand why Lucy was pushing him away as she was scared and upset at the same time as this really affects them and not something she wants right now and least number of people know the better for this "potential" situatiion if she actually is pregnant.

    Ruthie growing up: Ruthie sure is growing up. She's not the 5 year old she was 7 years ago when the show started. Since I'm not a girl I can't say what she was feeling or doing was normal when getting her period for the first time. I guess it was. But what I did find it kind of off was Annie not realzing it earlier on. I mean she had to find out from Peter!? I mean she's been through this with 2 daughters, you'd think she be an expert, but hey, sometimes we slip and don't see and we're busy with other things (hence Matt being a father and her a grandmother). Plus, why a party? It's only her first period? I know it's a milestone in a girls life but a family party over it? That's a little awwwww for me (in a guys point of view).

    Matt and Company: Man, now this is one Camden that I would've been okay with with having a kid now. Even though Matt and Sarah are one year in medical school and not yet ready for a kid I'm more willing of them than Kevin and Lucy. Between the two couples Matt and Sarah are more stable at that stage. Plus, I was so happy and surprised when Eric, Annie and Rosina fell into relief when they found it was a false alarm. It's true, they're not ready and one year in medical school and I'm glad the writer's acknowledged it.

    Overall, this episode executed so much surprise! I mean what happened with the bad news with Eric at the end of the episode with Det. Michaels and Lou? I mean it's likely someone died (hence the title, "Life and Death"). But who could it be? Simon? (David is possibly leaving next season), Kevin? Grandpa Charles? (He recently died in real life), or maybe they were in a serious accident possibly on the way to the pool hall for Ruthie's party? (which causes a lot of drastic changes). And is Lucy pregnant? By the look on her face in the last scene it seems likely. Who is Mary married to? How will the rest of the family (i.e. Eric and Annie) react? But no matter what, it will definitely lead to a much anticipated and exciting season premiere in September. See y'all in 4 months!

    Grade: **8.5 out of 10**

    Rants and bits

    * Matt still has some of that goofiness in him as he studders and becomes nervous over saying Christine's profession as a prostitute.

    * I guess next season our wedding of the season will be Roaxanne and Chandler's by the way things were looking in this episode. I'm actually looking forward to it

    *I'm surprised Sarah (Sarah Danielle Madison) didn't appear in this episode since she appeared in the first part of this two-parter.

    *Wow, the twins do seem to be talking more and more lately in these last few episodes. I guess we'll be hearing more (and we should) from them next season.

    *Great to see SNL Laraine Newman again! If only we could get her and Richard Lewis together as a couple again next season! Those two married was a hoot last season.moreless
Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Response to Goof: The caller ID on Chandler's phone could have had the name of a hospital and so he might have assumed it was Eric.

    • "In Life and Death (1) when Simon walks into the house Christine says that she's so embarrased because she forgot her robe. Then in this episode when Christine is standing outside in her towel she tells Cecelia that she doesn't have a robe." The whole point of Christines character was that she was hiding something from the family thus everything she said was a lie

    • When Kevin comes home he says "Look who got off early" he is carrying his briefcase and then when he leaves he still has it. When he comes back he no longer is carrying it. You would think he would leave it there or bring it back with him.

    • In Life and Death (1) when Simon walks into the house Christine says that she's so embarrased because she forgot her robe. Then in this episode when Christine is standing outside in her towel she tells Cecelia that she doesn't have a robe.

    • When Eric finally calls Chandler from New York Chandler's phone rings and he says "FINALLY!" But he there is no way that he could know that was Eric because even if he did have caller ID on his phone, Eric was on a pay phone.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Eric won't let Ruthie go over to Peter's house to "kill" him, and then Annie gently tries to touch her shoulder)
      Ruthie: Mom, if I can't go kill Peter, I just want to be alone! ((goes upstairs)
      Eric: Ruthie just started her period?
      Annie: Yes. (starts crying) And she doesn't want her mother!

    • Annie: I know what's going on. I know you've started your period. Now is there anything you'd like to talk about?
      Ruthie: I'm going to kill Peter Patrowski!

    • Ruthie to Lucy: "You knew? (Lucy nods) But you didn't say anything? You didn't try to talk to me, give me some old sister advise. Why?"

      Lucy to Ruthie: "I love you and when you were ready to talk I would listen. I was just trying to respect your privacy."

      Ruthie to Lucy: "Thanks." (hug) (Matt, Simon and the twins come up to them)

      Ruthie to Matt and Simon: "Okay, okay, I'm a woman are you happy now?"

      Matt to Ruthie (while hugging): "Congratulations."

      Simon to Ruthie (while hugging): Yeah congratulations."

      Matt to Simon and Lucy: "They grow up fast."

      Lucy to Matt and Simon: "They really do."

      David to the Matt, Simon and Lucy: "They really do."

      Sam to Matt, Simon and Lucy: "Yep."

    • Kevin to Lucy: "So what do wanna do? Picnic? Movie? Walk in the park? Or you just wanna stay in?"

    • Lucy to Ruthie: " I love you, and when you're ready to talk, I am to."

    • Annie to Eric: "As of yesterday Ruthie became a woman."

    • Lucy to Mary: "Hold my hand, will ya?"

    • Lucy to herself: "Here goes nothing..." (The I'm pregnant look?)

    • Ruthie to Eric: "Welcome home. I have to Kill Peter Patrowski. Bye."

      Kevin to Lucy: "Look who got off early!"

      Lucy to Kevin: "You?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Yeah me, your husband."

      Christine to Simon: "Are we celebrating anything?"

      Simon to Christine: "Well, life I guess."

      Det. Michaels to Eric: "Eric, we need to talk."

      Eric to Det. Michaels: "Can this wait? I've got my whole family waiting..."

      Lou to Eric: "Eric..."

      Eric to Lou: "Lou..."

      Det. Michaels to Eric: "Really, we should do this inside."

  • NOTES (5)