7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 22

Life and Death (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

Simon and Cecilia are discussing how he is going to the prom with Christine, but Cecilia doesn't like the idea. Peter suggests that Ruthie tell Annie that she is on her period, but Ruthie isn't ready. Lucy quickly hides a calendar from Kevin when he shows up from work early. When he asks what she wants to do, Lucy asks if she can have some time for herself. When Kevin walks downstairs, she calls Mary and tells her that she needs to talk to her as soon as possible. Chandler calls Roxanne and tells her that he is nervous about seeing his dad and with him having troubles getting there, he thinks that it is a sign. Eric and the nurse that told him about Sarah being pregnant walk around the hospital. Eric points out Mr. Hampton to her, but she says that the man that he pointed out is not Mr. Hampton and that the real Mr. Hampton is a big, mean guy.

Lucy is looking in the mirror at herself and imaging that she is pregnant. She even puts a pillow under her shirt, but Kevin walks up and she takes it out. Kevin suggests that they talk about whatever is bothering her, but she tells him that she just wants some time by herself. Annie calls Rosina Glass and asks her to call her back since she has important news. Cecilia wants to talk to Lucy about Christine going to prom with Simon. Lucy suggests that Cecilia talks to Christine. Kevin walks outside and then Lucy goes inside. Cecilia interrupts Simon and Christine's conversation and finds Christine in just a towel. Christine tells Cecilia if she is not comfortable with them going to the prom, then they won't go. Ruthie walks out of the bathroom and Christine walks in the bathroom. Cecilia tells Simon that if he wants to go, he should go. Annie asks Ruthie to talk to her if she has a problem with Peter. Rosina calls Annie and Annie begins to tell her what she has found out unofficially. Eric walks into Mr. Hampton's room and forces the really Mr. Hampton to confess to his identity. Mr. Hampton and Eric yell at each other in the hallway, but when Eric asks for him to just talk to Chandler, he refuses. They both threaten to hit each other, but Eric just asks him to see Chandler. Mr. Hampton reluctantly agrees to talk to Chandler on the phone, but not see him. Matt walks up and him and Eric are flying back to Glenoak. In the kitchen, Kevin finally sees Christine for the first time and realizes that he knows her. Christine asks him to not explain to anyone about how he knows her. Mary walks into Mr. Hampton's room and asks for Eric, but upon him telling her that he just left for the airport, she begins to cry on Mr. Hampton's shoulder and tells him that her family is going to kill her.

Kevin shows up at the apartment and offers food and that he knows who Christine is. Kevin explains that Christine is a prostitute. Eric and Matt show up at the house and Annie points them into the living room to where Rosina Glass is waiting. Rosina immediately shows up and tells Matt that she knows about the pregnancy and then congratulates him on being a father. Matt is confused and when asked about where she found out that Sarah was pregnant, the whole story comes out. Rosina then begins to cry about being so happy that they are having a baby, but Matt explains that Sarah is not pregnant. He forgot to tell the nurse that told Eric that they found out that Sarah was not pregnant. Suddenly, the adults in the room all sit down in relief that they are not having a baby. Sarah explains that they can all wait to have a grandchild and they shouldn't be so quick to have a family. Annie walks out of the room to go talk to Ruthie. Annie arrives in Ruthie's room to tell her that she knows that she has started her period. Ruthie declares that she is going to kill Peter. Lucy begs Kevin to tell Simon about Christine and eventually Kevin agrees when he realizes that prom night is a special night. Lucy walks off to go talk to Mary at the Promenade. When Eric tries to talk to Ruthie as she is leaving the house to kill Peter, Annie walks up and informs Eric that she is now a woman. Matt calls Sarah and tells her that he has to talk to her. Kevin walks into the room where Matt is and tells him that Simon's date is a prostitute, so they run out of the house to look for Simon. Matt laughs as they leave the house. Lucy and Mary talk about Lucy's possible pregnancy and that Lucy doesn't want to tell Kevin until Mary tells everyone that she is married. Mary wants to get the marriage annulled. They both walk, hand in hand, into the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test.

Ruthie calls Peter and yells at him for telling Annie. Peter just explains that Annie wanted to know and that it was something important for her to know. Ruthie hangs up on him. Christine is outside with Kevin walks up and tells her that everyone knows about her. Kevin suggests that she stay at the house with people who will help her through the hard times. Annie asks Matt if everything is ok and Matt tells her that he hopes Sarah is not too mad at Annie. He laughs at his small joke. Simon shows back up at home and Matt talks to him. Ruthie comes downstairs and tells Eric that she does not want any hoopla about starting her period like with Mary and Lucy. Eric explains that they have both been there for the firsts in her life and that this is also another first and that her and Annie should share the moment. He tells her to think about it. Christine walks in and introduces herself to Eric. Simon asks Eric to leave so that he can talk to Christine and Simon is mad at her about not telling him herself. Simon explains that he used to run a dating service from school and he realizes that it really was a bad idea. Simon tells her that she needs to save her money for her new life, not for a prom dress. Chandler shows up at the hospital and their conversation is a little strained. Mr. Hampton tells Chandler that he met Eric and that he is an annoying man. Chandler tells his father that he didn't want to see him either, but he is dying and he needs to face his father. Chandler asks if they could just start over, but Mr. Hampton tells him that he could give it a try. They then start talking about the Yankees. Lucy is in the bathroom and looks at her home pregnancy test. Lucy explains that Mary is going to stay with a friend for the night. They both lay down to go to sleep, but they are both wide awake. In the morning, Simon finds Kevin and tells him that Christine is gone. Kevin explains that you can't save people and that the choice to change is theirs. Ruthie finds Annie in her room and apologizes about not telling her about it. Ruthie tells Annie that she doesn't celebrate the event and asks what would make Annie happy. Annie agrees to have a non-celebration dinner where they do not discuss her becoming a woman. Ruthie runs into Lucy and doesn't understand why Lucy didn't say anything to her even though she knew. The rest of the family walks out into the hall and Ruthie announces that she is a woman now. Ruthie leaves the group to go call Peter and apologize. Eric gets a call from Chandler and tells him that he is at the hospital with his father. Chandler tells Eric that they are talking and making an effort to get along. Chandler then tells Eric that he has something to say to Roxanne and that he has to do it in person. Chandler ends the conversation by thanking Eric for meeting him and for the job. Christine knocks on the door and Simon answers it. Christine tells Simon that he will stay at the house until she gets enough money to pay for her own stuff. Simon invites her to the non-celebratory dinner that they are having. Chandler arrives back home and kisses Roxanne and then asks her to do what they have wanted to do for forever. Everyone is leaving for the pool hall and Lucy tells Eric that she has a few things to do before going over there. Eric answers the door to Sergeant Michaels and Lou and then Lucy looks at the pregnancy test results.
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