7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 2

Life Is Too Beautiful

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1999 on The CW

Episode Recap

The kids are not happy about having healthy food for dinner and they complain about getting enough to eat and then the kids leave to go get something else for dinner. Eric is appreciative for the healthy dinner and is a little too happy. Annie then sends Matt out to get more food for her.

The whole house gets woken up by Eric's singing and they are not happy about it. Ruthie goes to see Annie about Eric's singing and Annie freaks out and tells Ruthie to lay down with her to get some more sleep. They can't go to sleep. Eric is singing loudly in the kitchen as he prepares breakfast. Eric calls Matt and then Matt and John try to find the phone and only find it after the phone stopped ringing. Eric tells Annie that he is calling Matt to wake him up for his job. Annie reminds Eric to stay off of the phone because he cannot be stressed, but her is too happy about having a new outlook on life. Ruthie complains to Simon and Simon tells her that he is the man of the house and asks to see her homework. Simon walks into the kitchen and tells Eric that he should go meditate while the house is noisy to get used to it. Simon helps Annie feed the twins. Mary tells Lucy that she is going to get Eric to sign her test while he is happy. Lucy doesn't think that it is a good idea, but they still interrupt him while he is meditating. Mary gives him the test to sign and he looks at the grade and Mary tells him about why she got a bad grade. Eric gives her a speech about dealing with problems in life and Lucy walks off to go to school. Mary regrets her decision of asking Eric. Simon informs Annie and Lucy that he is going to shave, but Lucy laughs at him. Lucy tells Annie that Mary is talking to Eric about her math grade, but Eric comes down and tells everyone that he thought of the concept of connection. Eric tells them that he wants the kids to go to school and enlist the assistance of someone that they have previously alienated. The girls reluctantly agree and Eric asks them to tell Simon and Ruthie. Matt walks in the house and rushes off to take a shower. Eric tells the girls that Matt will be doing this assignment also. Matt finds Simon shaving in the bathroom and then starts to take his shower while laughing at Simon for shaving.

Mary and Lucy talk about why they would befriend for Eric's assignment. Mary thinks that she will connect with Lucy since she has alienated her in the past. Lucy tells her that she hasn't felt the alienation so she doesn't want the connection. Mary makes her feel badly about her life and Lucy agrees, but Mary walks off. Matt and John meet up at the college and Matt tells John about Eric's assignment. John agrees with Eric and thinks that he would do the assignment on Shana. Shana meets up with them as Matt runs off to go to school. John and Shana are left alone and John begins working on the assignment and asks if Shana would help him learn his way around the college. A guy stops to help Simon with the books he dropped and Simon begins telling him about how he is the man of the house now. The guy feels sorry for him and asks him when his father died, but Simon tells him that he didn't die, he just had a heart attack. The guy walks off, upset that he thought that Simon was overreacting. Mrs. Beeker stops by the house to see Eric and Annie tells him that he is ok. Annie tells Mrs. Beeker to just give Eric time to rest and then closes the door on her. Annie walks into the living room to Eric behaving oddly again and contemplates sitting and standing and how the head follows the body. Annie walks off and Eric continues to stand and sit. Annie is peeling apples when Eric starts turning on and off the lights and talking about how electricity is amazing. Mary walks in the kitchen and Annie tells her that she will help her with her homework, not Eric. Simon makes sure that Ruthie did her homework and her assignment from Eric. Lucy finds Simon and asks him what he thinks she should be when she grows up. Lucy can only think that boys are the only things that make her happy. Matt ridicules Simon for his invisible five-o'clock shadow. Matt walks in the bathroom and tells Ruthie that she doesn't want to take a bath and runs and tells Simon that Matt told her that she didn't have to take a bath. While Matt is talking to Lucy about her plans for the future, Simon interrupts and gripes at him for undermining him with Ruthie and then Lucy. Matt suggests that Lucy should go to technical school since there are a lot of guys. Annie and Mary start yelling at each other about Eric not being available to the family. Matt leaves the house and tells them to have a good night. Eric is outside when Matt meets up with him. Eric asks Matt if he tried out the theory, but Matt tells him that John is working on it. Eric then starts singing and Annie starts getting complaints from Ruthie and the neighbors about Eric's singing. Lucy then walks in and asks Annie for help with her future and Simon complains about everyone not treating him like the man of the house.

At the apartment, John and Shana clean up the apartment and Matt is shocked. Matt is a little upset when John and Shana talk about how they spent all day together. Annie and Mary cry because neither of them can figure out math and they try to decide what they can do to help Mary with her Math homework. They decide to go to bed. Annie goes to sleep crying and Eric asks her if she is okay. Annie tells him that she is so happy that he is alive. Ruthie overhears Annie telling him this and thinks that she is living in a nuthouse. Mrs. Beeker then comes to the door and asks if Eric okay because there was a distrubance in the neighborhood last night. Annie tells her that Eric is okay and she doesn't like gossips. Mrs. Beeker apologizes for being a gossip and that Annie doesn't need someone nosing around in her life. Annie tells Mrs. Beeker that she doesn't have enough time and Mrs. Beeker suggests that she can help her with her housework. Eric tells Mrs. Beeker that he is going to check on a spider web, but Mrs. Beeker doesn't want to talk about it. At school, Lucy finds out that she is on the b-list at school from a groups of girls and they are wondering why she is trying to be nice to them. A girl then tells Lucy that she was close to the A-list when she dated Jordan, but if she continues to hang out with that group of girls, she will fall further. Lucy tells her that she is okay with being on the B-list and they are doing something really good for the community.

Shana and John show back up at the apartment and Matt begins complaining about being left out. The guy shows up and talks to Simon about shaving and being the man of the house. The guy tells Simon that he used to not think that boys could cry, but when he started crying, he couldn't stop. He tells Simon that he went and saw Eric about his crying and Eric said that crying is okay and men have feelings too. Matt picks Simon up from the school and Simon asks where the girls are. Matt informs Simon that Lucy is on a secret adventure that she isn't telling anyone about. Simon gets mad at Matt constantly laughing at him for shaving. They get out of the car and Simon yells at Matt for undermining his authority that Matt left him with after he left. Simon then tells Matt that he made him feel like an idiot when he started shaving. Matt apologizes and they get back in the car. They hug in the car and Ruthie definitely thinks that the whole family has gone crazy.

Mrs. Beeker helps Mary with her math homework and Lcuy finds them downstairs. Mrs. Beeker tells Lucy about the dinner that is ready. When she walks off, Mary asks Lucy about what her top-secret thing was and Lucy finally tells her that she started working with Habitat for Humanity and she wants to do this while learning to be a veterinarian. Simon walks in Ruthie about Eric's assignment and Ruthie tells him that she got her teacher to do her homework for her and now she has tons of time to color. Matt arrives back at the apartment and sees John walking out to meet a friend. Matt complains to John about hanging out with Shana constantly. John tells Matt that he isn't his competition, Shana is constantly talking to other guys. John then tells Matt that she loves him and she traded hours at work to hang out with him tonight. Shana shows up to spend time with Matt. Eric and Annie sit in the bathtub and talk about how Eric is feeling. Eric tells her that he saw pictures of himself, his father doing things that he never could have seen, his grandfather, his great-grandfather, and so on in the past. These men were working hard, helping others, and being men. When he woke up, he felt better than ever because of the people before him. He also feels that there is no greater reward than being a great parent. He then starts contemplating why soap floats.

Annie tells Lucy about how proud she is about Lucy volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Annie tells Ruthie to stop having her teacher do her homework. All of the men in the family are in the bathroom shaving their faces. Matt and Simon tell Eric about crying and how they expressed their feelings and then made up.