7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 2

Life Is Too Beautiful

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1999 on The CW

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  • Both pleasant and annoying and, with a speach that's meant to be beautiful but is, in fact, horrifying in what it reveals about the way people still think!

    I enjoyed the Reverend's good mood and his new joie de vivre outlook in this episode. I was rather annoyed at how annoyed his family seemed to be by it. I guess nearly losing a husband/father isn't a big deal to them. But the part that absolutely horrified me was the little speech the Reverend made to his wife in the bathtub about what he saw when he had his brush with death. "…I saw pictures of my father… The Colonel in combat. The Colonel saving a man's life. The Colonel putting a bicycle together for me under the Christmas tree. The Colonel going to the hospital room to see my mom when I was born… It went on… I saw pictures of my grandfather and my great grandfather and my great, great grandfather and on back into time. Men doing good. Men being kind. Men working hard, helping others. Men struggling through their tears. Men laughing. Men celebrating being men. And even though they weren't men that I knew, I knew that they were my family, connected through the generations…"

    At the end of his description, Annie says: "That's beautiful". Apparently she's completely oblivious to the fact that the father of her children considers women insignificant, unrelated to him, not worthy of a thought (with the single exception of his mother's existence during his birth). After giving birth to seven children Annie can feel good about the fact that all the generations that come after will, if they follow in her husband's sexist footsteps, have all these warm and fuzzy thoughts about him and absolutely none about her. One cannot avoid daily evidence of the sexism around us but this speech left me in shock.
  • After Eric's heart attack, the good old Reverend gets high and starts to space out. Not really very Reverend like, but whatever.

    After Eric's heart attack, the good old Reverend gets high and starts to space out. Not really very Reverend like, but whatever. A good episode about what drugs do to your mind though. Also, you shouldn't be watching a kid if you are high.

    This episode was boring and the plot was stupid. Though I guess that can be said about many episodes of 7th Heaven. Everybody crying about stupid things.

    Bah, need a few more words to get to the mininum 100 words. Hmmm.... almost there. Shouldn't take much longer now. Anyway, I'd give this episode a 4/10, which is still better than many of the episodes this season.