7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 2

Life Is Too Beautiful

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1999 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Simon picks up the books he dropped on the floor one of the top ones says "Biology" on the front white part. They show the boy who helped pick them up, then they go back to Simon and you can't see any book with "Biology" on it.

    • Ruthie is coloring in her "Hello Kitty" coloring book and the picture is done being colored. Then it isn't, and then it is all through the scene talking to Simon.

    • When Annie and Matt are talking in the kitchen at the beginning of the episode, Matt walks in carrying the twins. The one on his right shoulder is laying against him asleep. Then when they do a closeup, that twin is awake. But then when they go back to the other view, that twin is asleep again.

  • Quotes

    • Annie: Did you get enough to eat?
      Matt: Oh, yeah, I had plenty...I ate before I came over.
      Annie: Right.

    • Matt: (tearing up) I'm sorry.
      Simon: Me too. (they hug)
      Matt: It's just been a tough couple of weeks, you know?
      Ruthie: God save my soul--when are things gonna go back to normal?

    • Simon: You moved out and left me in charge of Mom, Dad, and the kids!
      Matt: I didn't leave you in charge of anyone.
      Simon: Nevertheless, that's exactly what I've been doing, and you're undermining my authority.
      Matt: How?
      Simon: How? By telling Ruthie that she doesn't have to take a bath, and....and by doing all kinds of things.
      Matt: Like what?
      Simon: Just stuff, okay?
      Matt: Hey, don't get so upset!
      Simon: It's too late for that, because I'm already upset. And you know what I'm most upset about? The fact that you find this all so funny, like I'm some kind of idiot or something.
      Matt: When did I ever act like you were an idiot?
      Simon: When I was shaving. (pause) I mean, it hurt my feelings! Did people make fun of you when you started shaving?
      Matt: I'm sorry.
      Simon: It's okay. I just wanted you to know.

    • Mary: I need Dad.
      Annie: I know! We all need Dad! But Dad is supposed to be resting right now and be less stressed, so that's what Dad's going to do. And what we're going to do is try and figure out this math homework.
      Matt: Good night!
      Mary: Well, it may be a good night for him.
      Annie: You know, your attitude isn't helping at all.

    • Mary: You know what your problem is, Lucy? You don't have basketball. You don't have anything. So next year, you're gonna be a senior and you're going to be trying to decide where you're going to college and how you're gonna pay for it, and I hope that nobody helps you figure it out.

    • Eric: You know, electricity is an amazing technology.
      Annie: Yes, it's amazing.

    • Annie: What are you doing?
      Eric: (demonstrating to Annie) I'm sitting...now I'm standing. Now I'm...sitting again. Isn't it just amazing that when you want to stand up, the body just automatically goes up, and when you sit down, the body goes down. When you think about it, I mean, you have this huge head, yet when it goes up, body goes up. It goes down, body goes down.
      Annie: Yes, the human body is truly miraculous...

    • Eric: Life is beautiful. (Eric walks away)
      Annie: Ah, it is. It is. It is.
      Matt: Too beautiful?
      Annie: Just a smidge.

    • Eric: What a wonderful meal. It's a wonderful meal. It's maybe the best meal I've ever had in my entire life.
      Annie: That's what you said last night and the night before.
      Eric: No, no really, the fish was just the right texture. It was flaky , moist, succulent. I feel as if I dined in a deep blue sea surrounded by love. (Eric surprisingly kisses Annie)

    • Lucy: (after Mrs. Beeker helped Mary with her math) You know she's gonna tell the entire Church that you stink at math.
      Mary: Oh, yeah. I don't care, though. I'd rather the whole world know than do homework with Mom again.

    • Mary: (she and Annie are crying hysterically after spending hours doing Mary's math homework) It's not my fault you're no good in math.
      Annie: Well, it's not my fault either! And I'm good at math. I'm good at the number part....I just can't do trigonometry.
      Mary: Well, what am I supposed to do?
      Annie: I don't know. We could get you a tutor.
      Mary: We can't afford a tutor.
      Annie: I know.....well, there's an after-school program. There's free help after school.
      Mary: I have basketball after school!
      Annie: Basketball's not more important than math.
      Mary: Yeah it is. (cries harder)I HATE MATH!!!!!
      Annie: I do too! Let's....let's go to bed.

    • Eric: (when Annie comes to bed in tears) Are you crying?
      Annie: Yes, I'm crying....I'm just so happy you're alive.
      Eric: (hugs her) So am I.
      Ruthie: (watching from the door) This is a nuthouse.

    • Ruthie: (talking to herself about Simon) He has no problem crying like a baby. Go figure.

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