7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 17

Lip Service

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2002 on The CW
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Annie frantically cooks Jewish dishes as the Camdens prepare to head out to a Shabbat dinner at the Glasses. Simon asks Matt and Sarah if he can bring his friend Morris to the dinner. Matt agrees to allow Morris to come to the dinner as he is half Jewish. Although, that does not go as he planned as he is not very knowledgeable about his faith. Lucy and Mary play sick to try to skip the outing so they can stay home with Robbie. While home, Mary flirts with Robbie. Lastly, Eric and Annie are unable to handle everything when they are shocked to find out during dinner that Matt is considering to convert to Judaism.moreless

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  • Great episode!

    The Camdens are invited to a Shabbat dinner with the Glass family. Simon takes Morris along because Morris is half-Jewish. Mary fakes being sick because she is still in love with Robbie, who is staying home to watch the twins. Lucy is jealous of Mary. Matt announces that he is considering converting to Judaism. The Camdens visit at Rabbi Glass’s temple.

    This was a good episode. It really introduced us the Glass family and concluded that Mary and Lucy still have feelings for Robbie. Robbie claims he is in love with Joy though. Morris didn’t really understand any of the Jewish rituals because he said he did them a long time ago. He just wanted to get a free meal. I liked this episode and it gets a 9.5 from me.moreless
Sarah Danielle Madison

Sarah Danielle Madison

Sarah Glass-Camden

Recurring Role

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis

Rabbi Richard Glass

Recurring Role

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman

Rosina Glass

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Annie is cooking in the kitchen and pulls out food from the oven, it's strange to see that there's no steam coming out of the uncovered food.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Morris: (about Jewish holidays) What about the one when you put on the costumes and the masks?
      Matt: That's Halloween.

    • Eric: I didn't realize. I didn't know Sarah is considering converting.
      Matt: Uh...not exactly Sarah, dad. We were just exploring the idea. I'm exploring.
      Annie: Exploring?
      Matt: You know, considering it. Discussing it.
      Annie: Discussing it? With who? Not with us.
      Matt: I was gonna talk to you and dad about it. I was just looking for the right time.
      Annie: Do you think that this, here, now, is the right time for your father and me too...Eric, are you okay, Eric?

    • Richard: Any other questions?
      Ruthie: Yes, what's with this whole circumcision thing? (Everyone starts coughing on their food)

    • Lucy: (about Mary) It isn't fair. She's home with Robbie while I'm getting fat.

    • Ruthie: (to herself) Oy Vei.

    • Lucy: What are kids doing these days to get out of school? Fake fevers, trick thermometers, run any throat techniques anything new out there?
      Ruthie: No, same old stuff. Although, Talia Skepka ate a caterpillar last week to get out of P.E. but she didn't throw up until twe periods later, so the timing has to be worked out.

    • Lucy: I have to get out of this dinner tonight.
      Ruthie: Stay home with Robbie.
      Lucy: Think I could?
      Ruthie: Oh man, I knew it!
      Lucy: Hey, it's just that sometimes when a couple breaks up it's not totally clean, there's some unfinished business and this would be a good time to clean it up.
      Ruthie: That's not all there is to it, you have to have a reason to stay home, a reason you can say out loud to Mom and Dad.

    • Lucy: Watch this! (she fakes a faint) Well?
      Ruthie: Well what?
      Lucy: That was a faint, I think I'll try that nobody argues with a fainter!
      Ruthie: It needs work you look sleepy not fainty.
      Lucy: Ok! (Tries it again) Better?
      Ruthie: I'm not sure...
      Lucy: Maybe if I crack my head against the wall!
      Ruthie: Are you sure you haven't already done that? (Lucy makes a mean face).

    • Simon: (to Matt) You're welcome!

    • Matt: Alright, thanks Simon we could use all the help we can get.

    • Sarah: (to Simon and Matt) And my folks won't mind, my Father loves a big a audience. If he could have a crowd in the bathroom to watch him shave he'd do it.

    • Matt: (to Simon and Sarah) Wait! That's not such a bad idea, it's better than telling them that a lack of frustration will help us focus on our studies.

    • Simon: (to Sarah and Matt) I understand, it's just that with Morris being half Jewish I thought he could be of some help, he's a good student, he's honest, an example that mixed marriages actually work, but don't worry about it.

    • Sarah: It's kind of a delicate situation.

    • Matt: (to Simon) Uh, let me think about that, no! Last thing we need is another one of your goofy friends.

    • Lucy: Maybe if I crack my head against the wall!

    • Ruthie: I'm not sure...

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