7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 17

Lip Service

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2002 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Annie is cooking in the kitchen and pulls out food from the oven, it's strange to see that there's no steam coming out of the uncovered food.

  • Quotes

    • Morris: (about Jewish holidays) What about the one when you put on the costumes and the masks?
      Matt: That's Halloween.

    • Eric: I didn't realize. I didn't know Sarah is considering converting.
      Matt: Uh...not exactly Sarah, dad. We were just exploring the idea. I'm exploring.
      Annie: Exploring?
      Matt: You know, considering it. Discussing it.
      Annie: Discussing it? With who? Not with us.
      Matt: I was gonna talk to you and dad about it. I was just looking for the right time.
      Annie: Do you think that this, here, now, is the right time for your father and me too...Eric, are you okay, Eric?

    • Richard: Any other questions?
      Ruthie: Yes, what's with this whole circumcision thing? (Everyone starts coughing on their food)

    • Lucy: (about Mary) It isn't fair. She's home with Robbie while I'm getting fat.

    • Ruthie: (to herself) Oy Vei.

    • Lucy: What are kids doing these days to get out of school? Fake fevers, trick thermometers, run any throat techniques anything new out there?
      Ruthie: No, same old stuff. Although, Talia Skepka ate a caterpillar last week to get out of P.E. but she didn't throw up until twe periods later, so the timing has to be worked out.

    • Lucy: I have to get out of this dinner tonight.
      Ruthie: Stay home with Robbie.
      Lucy: Think I could?
      Ruthie: Oh man, I knew it!
      Lucy: Hey, it's just that sometimes when a couple breaks up it's not totally clean, there's some unfinished business and this would be a good time to clean it up.
      Ruthie: That's not all there is to it, you have to have a reason to stay home, a reason you can say out loud to Mom and Dad.

    • Lucy: Watch this! (she fakes a faint) Well?
      Ruthie: Well what?
      Lucy: That was a faint, I think I'll try that nobody argues with a fainter!
      Ruthie: It needs work you look sleepy not fainty.
      Lucy: Ok! (Tries it again) Better?
      Ruthie: I'm not sure...
      Lucy: Maybe if I crack my head against the wall!
      Ruthie: Are you sure you haven't already done that? (Lucy makes a mean face).

    • Simon: (to Matt) You're welcome!

    • Matt: Alright, thanks Simon we could use all the help we can get.

    • Sarah: (to Simon and Matt) And my folks won't mind, my Father loves a big a audience. If he could have a crowd in the bathroom to watch him shave he'd do it.

    • Matt: (to Simon and Sarah) Wait! That's not such a bad idea, it's better than telling them that a lack of frustration will help us focus on our studies.

    • Simon: (to Sarah and Matt) I understand, it's just that with Morris being half Jewish I thought he could be of some help, he's a good student, he's honest, an example that mixed marriages actually work, but don't worry about it.

    • Sarah: It's kind of a delicate situation.

    • Matt: (to Simon) Uh, let me think about that, no! Last thing we need is another one of your goofy friends.

    • Lucy: Maybe if I crack my head against the wall!

    • Ruthie: I'm not sure...

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