7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 23

Little White Lies (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 17, 2004 on The CW
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In the eight season finale, The Camden chaos continues with Matt (guest star Barry Watson), who is trying to salvage his marriage, questioning whether he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Heather (guest star Andrea Ferrell). Meanwhile, Simon's (guest star David Gallagher) return to Glenoak creates conflicted feelings for his ex-girlfriend Cecilia, who is torn between her feelings for Simon and her current boyfriend Martin. Also, Ruthie's foreign exchange student friend Maria (guest star Samantha Sandoval), appears to be making the moves on Ruthie's boyfriend Peter; and grandparents-to-be Eric and Annie hop a plane for New York, despite Mary's (Jessica Biel, who does not appear in the episode) repeated pleas for her family to stay away during labor.moreless

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  • Amazing!

    Mary has her baby, Charles Miguel Rivera. Carlos and Mary named it after their grandfathers. Matt says he wants a divorce, but then goes back with Sarah. Simon comes home. Cecilia breaks up with Martin because Martin loves her, but she doesn't love him back. Peter apologizes to Maria because he thought she liked him. She almost left the country but Ruthie and Peter convinced her to stay. Chandler and Kendall make out and Kendall's boyfriend isn't very happy. He punches Chandler. Kendall says that she is going to Pennsylvania and asks Chandler and Jeffrey to consider following her. Roxanne joined the army to Lucy and Kevin's surprise. Mac and Pam are back together. Eric and Annie goes to see the baby. Lucy tells Kevin that she is pregnant.

    This was a great episode! I felt so badly for Martin. Especially when he saw Simon and Cecilia. I can't believe that Roxanne is going to Iraq! I'm so glad that Lucy and Kevin are going to have a baby! That's another grandchild for Eric and Annie! I thought that Peter was overreacting about Maria. I really wanted Matt and Heather to be with each other, but I wouldn't want Matt and Sarah to have a divorce. It was great seeing Simon! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • I was so happy that Lucy is expecting in this espidoe cause she will be a great and wonderful mother and she is already a wonderful and great wife.

    I was so happy that Lucy is expecting in this espidoe cause she will be a great and wonderful mother and she is already a wonderful and great wife. I did not like the fact that Kevin fell to the ground I think he was happy but did not know what the H*** to say so he fell but I am still happy for Kevin And Luce.

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  • What boggled me a lot about this finale is the amount (or lack there of) of time these two episodes had on the Camden's, despite the return or Simon and Matt---who were seen very little in these episodes.moreless

    It's season finale time. The saddest time of the year for a TV viewer like myself as to now we have to endure reruns for 4 months and wait for the next season to start up again. I've decided to review the two-part season finale as a whole as it's better for myself (hey, I've got finals!) and its best to see the whole development and execution of the storyline all together. What's definite is that the part one was much better than part two. What boggled me a lot about this finale is the amount (or lack there of) of time these two episodes had on the Camden's, despite the return or Simon and Matt---who were seen very little in these episodes.

    The problem with Sue Tenney and her writing in this episode is that it was just too choppy. The scenes for each storyline in this episode were too short and kept shifting back and forth to the next storyline that is was distracting. The longest scenes in the episode seemed to be only 50 seconds long. But it's not the writer's fault as much as there are too many characters on this show and not enough dialogue and fallout for each storyline so that it can be appropriately concentrated on as this episode made a lot of revelations. Let's break it down…

    Matt, Sarah and Heather: As easy as it was for Matt and Sarah to make up and give it another try at their marriage, it's even harder for me to believe that they were separated for so many months before because they both seemed very eager to compromise in the end. Plus, I really like Heather, but I'm glad Matt ended up back with Sarah. As great as it was to see Heather---and as great as this storyline was introduced in part one of "Little White Lies" the storyline kind of fizzled in part two. I don't know why, but the suspense wasn't as much because we all knew what Matt was doing and there was just not enough screen time for this storyline to have a great execution. For a while here in this episode it seemed like Matt went a little back into his old stupidity back in the earlier seasons when Heather told him she didn't interfere with his marriage---and then Matt saying he was going to ask Sarah for a divorce and now does she seem him in her life." What in the world? That was out of character, especially for someone raised in not believing in divorce and being fickle in thinking about having one. Although it wouldn't have been believe at the same time Matt and Sarah having martial troubles a couple of years into their marriage. I mean they did get engage after two dates, mind you.

    Eric, Annie, Carlos & Mary: Finally, Eric and Annie pay attention to Mary and her pregnancy in this episode. All season we've barely heard about Mary and her progressing motherhood. Too bad she (Jessica Biel) couldn't be in the episode as the writers worked around it. But I could see why she wouldn't want her BIG family attending her birth. Mary seems like the character that would want to do things in private with her husband and child only. Out of all the Camden's, Mary was always the one to be the most independent. Plus, she had baby boy! I really would've like it if Mary was in this episode---but who was I kidding, they could barely make in Matt (Barry Watson) and Simon's (David Gallagher) storyline in with enough screen time for them to talk. But it was a nice scene at the end with Eric, Annie and baby Charles. I had a feeling they were going to the name the baby that. It made sense since Mary's grandfather name is Charles--- who recently died and also---wink,wink----Carlos is Spanish for Charles. Nice little twist there writers.

    Simon, Cecilia & Martin: Ok, first of all, what is with Simon (David Gallagher) being in only three scenes in this episode? Secondly, he didn't even have contact with no one in this episode except Cecilia towards the end. We all know Cecilia wants to be with Simon. She was just trying her best not to make everyone know, especially Martin, as she does care for him. But she really did a bad job at dumping Martin. She needs to work on that and Martin and Mac were smart enough to see right through it. I really did feel bad for the poor guy because he got shafted. It'll be very interesting as to how Martin takes this over the course of the summer and in the fall as Simon is home now---and maybe permanently for next year. Martin has always been the level-head one, but I think that'll blow out the window next season as it seems Simon (David Gallagher) will be sticking around more---and I see a feud developing. They're teenage guys, what do ya expect? I think we'll see another side of Martin next season with Simon and Cecila together in front of him of all the time. Heck, if I was him I would hate both their guts now. (That's the teenager in me talking)

    Chandler, Jeffrey & Kendall: You know I felt no emotion for this storyline. Quite frankly, Jeffrey annoys me and Chandler is too full of himself now to think this. First off, it boggles me that an adult man like Chandler would even consider moving across country with his soon-adopted-son's tutor. I don't care if this is 7th Heaven. It seems like an easy out for the writers and lack of execution for Chandler to leave the show (if that is what they're doing----and it might be). It's just preposterous that a minister would consider moving to Pennsylvania with a girl he barely knows, let alone with a kid that's not even his yet. And what is with a guy who has the nerve to punch a minister in the face inside of a church, when it came to Kendall's boyfriend? This was just a ridiculous storyline and not at all sane.

    Lucy and Kevin: Oh my goodness, She's pregnant! There's not much else I can say about these two since (like most other Camden's) they were barely featured enough in this episode due to overcrowding. But luckily, I think next season we'll get a lot of them. Finally, we get to see a Camden child pregnancy on screen. Another bright side is that next season when Lucy acts "crazy" as she usually does---she'll have a reason this time---with the hormone and body changes. That alone will make me forgive her of any antics she'll be displaying next season towards Kevin.

    Roxanne: Out of all the things in this episode that made me scratch my head the most---this was it. This whole storyline really came out of left field with Roxanne wanting to quit her job, and go to Iraq? Most people I know who are against Pres. Bush (as she so strongly was in Healing Old Wounds) are against the war in Iraq and are fighting to bring troops out of there becuase so many are dying. And now she wants to go there? Once again, the writers failed to create a foundation for us viewers making us believe that Roxanne would quit her job as a police officer and head to Iraq. It doesn't make sense. Why do I get the feeling that this an a abrupt attempt by the writers to let go of Rachel Blanchard from the show. I don't blame anyone really because she really didn't get enough screen time as it was. I guess we'll have to wait next season to see if this is true.

    Ruthie, Peter and Maria: Once again, what is the point of this storyline writers. This went absolutely nowhere. I know you gotta have Ruthie (i.e. Mackenzie Rosman) and Peter (Scotty Leavenworth) do something in this episode, but please make it relevant or at least to some contribution to the episode. It was all filler with Peter thinking this foreign girl had a crush on him. Another thing---where in the world did this Maria girl come from? Come on writers, you can do better than this to put out a ridiculous storyline that has no relevance when there were better storylines in this episode to focus on. I've already wasted enough on this storyline.

    Overall Two Part Finale Grade: **6.5 out of 10**

    Overall, there is too much going on in this episode and not enough time for development and execution that it was just too much. That in itself made this episode a disappointment. For the majority of this season 7th Heaven was great… but the episodes preceding There's No Place Like It were disappointments and this ended with a whimper unfortunately. But wow, next season David Gallagher returns to the show full time again! Yeah!!! I guess the WB offered him a lot more money to return or he didn't like doing college full time. Either way, I'm glad he's back on the show and am glad Barry Watson will be recurring next season. Here's to a great upcoming 9th season! :)

    Rants and Bits:

    *If this is the last episode for Jeremy London (Chandler), Rachel Blanchard (Roxanne)---based on the WB's fall schedule--- I wouldn't be surprised, nor disappointed. There are too many people on this show and a few gotta go. And honestly they've been the deadweight lately to the series.

    *Ha ha ha, Martin had the funniest lines in the episode in part one of Little White Lies about Cecilia and babies not coming from couches or having "lots of sex with Cecilia."

    *Ha ha ha, Vic was also another saving grace in this episode! This guy is too funny sometimes in his scenes with his son Peter. That alone makes me want him and Peter to come back next season.

    *Seriously Peter, stop bleaching your hair so much! It's blinding the screenmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • After Lucy told Kevin they were going to have a baby, and he fainted, the camera angle has it as though he is smiling, which is a little odd.

    • Nitpick: It does not seem logical that with Eric and Annie on the plane to New York, that everyone still meets up at their house to have dinner. Plus, nearly half of the people in the house were not even family members.

    • In the scene where Annie and Eric first see their grandchild through the hospital window, we see other babies in other baby beds. When Carlos brings out baby Charles Migeul, if you look through the window, all of the other babies are gone.

    • Reply to goof about Eric/Annie: Maybe Vic and Paris had no approval from Eric and Annie to take the twins, Ruthie to their house. Plus maybe Kevin/Lucy were going to join them, Martin or even Matt and Simon..

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Eric to Carlos: "So, have you figured out a name for this little guy?"

      Carlos to Eric: "Charles Miguel. After both our respective grandfathers who have passed away."

    • Vic to Camden kids: "So...is there any news? Did she have the baby? Did they name it after me?"

      Ruthie to Vic: "Mom and Dad aren't there yet, so I hope she didn't have it yet. And besides, I don't think they'd name it Vic Jr."

    • Mac to Pam: "So what do you want first- begging or gravelling?

      Pam to Mac: "Whats the difference?"

      Mac to Pam: "Begging is pleading and gravelling requires a lot of kneeling."(Pam laughs)

    • Lucy to Kevin: "I want us to have a baby"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Luce, we've talked about this before but we backed off but if this is real then no turning back."

      Lucy to Kevin: "No turning back."

    • Lucy to Kevin: "I'm going to church with my family."

      Kevin to Lucy: "Fine. I'll go by myself."

      Lucy to Kevin: "And I think I am going to spend the afternoon with my family."

      Kevin to Lucy: "Fine."

      Lucy to Kevin: "You know...You're not aloud to use fine. Fine is my word not yours. I do the fine thing not you. Got it?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "FINE!"

    • Matt to Heather: "So am I in your do over life?"

      Heather to Matt: "Matt, your married."

      Matt to Heather: "I'm going ask sarah for a divorce. So now do u see me in your life."

    • Kevin to Lucy: "Are you telling me this because you're already pregnant."

      Lucy to Kevin: (pause) "Yes. I'm gonna have a baby. We're gonna have a baby." -(Kevin faints)

    • Vic to Peter (about Maria): "What is she, a tiger shark? She a girl."

      Mac to Pam: "So what do you want first, begging or gravelling"

      Pam to Mac: "What's the difference?"

      Annie to Eric: "I'm a grandma!"

      Eric to Annie (holding baby Charles): "I'm a grandpa."

      Mac to Pam: "Groveling involves a lot of kneeling."

    • Vic to Peter (about Maria): "What is she, a tiger shark? She a girl."

    • Sarah to Matt: "Just put your father on the phone. Oh, and don't forget to tell Heather, your wife say 'hi'."

      Maria to Peter: "I didn't want to date you Peter I just wanted to be your friend."

    • Lucy to Kevin: "I'm feeling an overwhelming desire to have a baby with you Kevin Kinkirk!"

    • Simon to Cecilia: "Do you still love me?"

  • NOTES (15)