7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 21

Lost and Found

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 2004 on The CW
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Lucy finds her husband Kevin and his partner Roxanne in a compromising position while on an undercover police assignment, Cecilia and Martin's relationship hits another bump in the road when their after-school commitments get in the way of one-on-one time, and Chandler may have bitten off more than he can chew as a new parent. Meanwhile, Ruthie and Peter, who get lost during a school field trip, cross paths with "Lost Boys" Nicodemus and Jacob, who not only take care of them until Reverend Camden arrives, but also share the heartbreaking story of their struggle to stay alive during the civil war in Sudan.moreless

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  • The Lost Boys of Sudan!

    Ruthie and Peter go to the zoo for a field trip. They leave to get hot dogs and the buses are gone. They try to roam around to find a way home, but they are lost. They find two men, Nicodemus and Jacob. They take care of Ruthie and Peter until Eric finds them. Ruthie and Peter learn that Nicodemus and Jacob are two of the many Lost Boys of Sudan. Kevin and Roxanne have a different assignment, a stakeout. Lucy is a little disappointed at first. They are on a stakeout for jewelry thieves. At first, they are excited, but after hours of just sitting, they are tense and bored. Roxanne makes a deal with Kevin, if he rubs her feet, then she'll rub his neck. Lucy decides to apologize for being a little mean, so she brings Kevin a pecan pie. She sees Kevin rubbing Roxanne's foot and smashes the pie into the windshield. Chandler teaches Jeffrey that he has to do his job as a school student. Martin and Cecilia get into a small fight. Martin tries to see her, but her dad won't let her talk to him during work. Eric and Annie are both very busy.

    This was a wonderful episode! I learned about the Lost Boys of Sudan. Their story is very interesting and sad. I'm happy that they made it to America! I thought Lucy overreacted a little. This was a great episode and the pictures at the end were cool too! A perfect 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Even though this episode was definitely a lot better than the "High and Dry" fiasco last week, this episode really could've been better. I'm mainly talking about the Ruthie, Peter and Sudan storyline. It had so many flaws in it that it was hard to take inmoreless

    Well, we're now in the final episodes of the season. Even though this episode was definitely a lot better than the "High and Dry" fiasco last week, this episode really could've been better. I'm mainly talking about the Ruthie, Peter and Sudan storyline as it had so many flaws in it with the introduction of the storyline and dialogue that it was hard to take in. And yet again, the writers continue to bring back Lucy and her jealousy factor of Roxanne! Why writers? Are you doing this to torture us viewers? What did we ever do to you? Let's break it down....

    Ruthie, Peter and the Sudan Men: As much as I love the storyline itself being told (and it needs to be), there were just way too many flaws and missteps in the introduction and dialogue of the story. There were just so many things in this storyline that was just bizarre. First off, how is it believeable that Ruthie and Peter can get left behind on a school field trip? In every school trip there is a head count every time kids load in and out of a bus. And it's also really sad to think that two fourteen-year-olds can't find their way home as they try to find a bus route home. Maybe it's my "inner city raising" talking, but---wow these kids are really sheltered! What was even more worse was the introduction of the Sudanese and Ruthie and Peter. The dialogue was so choppy, simplistic and horrible it was just hard to break down. Once Ruthie introduced herself (to total strangers, mind you) the Sudan guy introduced himself as "Nicodemus and Limas and we are the Lost Boys"). Dear God, all in one sentence! Man, it was so fake and contrived. Luckily, the storyline got much better as the episode went on. As always Eric Camden saved the day with him having the Sudan come to his church and to acknowledge their story. Man, Eric does no wrong when he's in that cloth.

    Lucy, Kevin and Roxanne: Okay, I was most disappointed with the writers and this storyline. Are they at a standstill on what to do with Kevin and Lucy and their marriage? Because once again we were subjected to Lucy and her jealously over Roxanne as she spies on them on their stakeout as Kevin innocently rubs her feet. I thought that was soooo season 7 ago. And yet here we are again! And another thing, what's the deal with Lucy feeling able to go and interrupt Kevin and Roxanne while they're on a job of stakeout!? It was just ridiculous of her showing up and then throwing a pie on his windshield after her automatically thinking Kevin and Roxanne are doing...well I'm not sure what Lucy was upset over honestly. That's the problem. She has nothing to be upset over. That's what makes this whole storyline nuts and pointless. Seriously, writers, Lucy, Kevin and Roxanne deserve better than this. In fact the actors deserve better material than this.

    Martin and Cecilia: Honestly, this storyline really didn't do nothing for me. The problem with Martin and Cecilia lately is that we haven't seen them that much lately as a "couple" on their own in their own scenes doing couple things. What I mean by that is hanging out with friends, partying more, movies, arcade... teenage stuff, you know? Those things you see in a couple hanging out together and having fun on their own makes you care a lot more for them. We just see them at school or at the Camden house usually so it's hard to really feel something in their relationship lately. But wow, Cecilia's father was mean! But he was also right regarding Cecilia and her having her priorites straight when on the job. She was being ungrateful for it and was taking advantage and feeling able to talk to Martin whenever she wants to. But I think we all know this relationship is going to hit some rough waves soon as it's pretty evident in last weeks and this weeks episode that they are both in different stages of their lives with Martin and baseball and Cecilia with college. Plus, you add a returning Simon home from school, that's almost a guarentee of a nail in the coffin for this couple.

    Chandler and Jeffrey: Well, now here's Chandler and Jeffrey. Wow, this kid is still annoying. Granted, he wasn't as annoying as last week, but man---if I was Chandler even I would have second thoughts on adopting this kid. The writers really are doing a good job with this storyline. It is believeable on both Chandler and Jeffrey's behavior as a potential father-son duo with the struggle on "who's the parent?" and Jeffrey being a difficult 11 year old. Most 11-year-olds are difficult. Since the episode Angel, these two have evolved quite nicely from that "way too fast" start. I gotta give it to the writers that I'm very intrigued. Even though I'm annoyed by Jeffrey, I'm very interested on where this storyline is going---because it doesn't look too good and that's what satisfies me at then end of the day.

    Overall, this episode was okay; definitely a lot better than last weeks episode, but I still think that this episode could've been executed a lot better with better dialogue and more interesting parts in the storyline. All in all, since the episode There's No Place Like It these last two episodes have been rather disappointing I have to say. But, wow, I doubt the next two episodes will be a downer. Three words: David and Barry. Theeeeeyyyy'reee Baaaaccckkkk! Yeah! And also Andrea Ferrell (my lovely Heather), Sarah Danielle Madison and Carlos Ponce. I have a feeling a lot of things will be answered about the Camdens regarding this whole entire season with Matt, Sarah and Mary and Carlos. Too bad Jessica can't be in it, but I'm sure she'll be back early next season. But at least we hear about Mary. Yes!!!!!!

    Grade: 7.5 out of 10

    Rants and Bits:

    *Those monologue pictures at the end were so moving. It just shows you how so many of us are so lucky in our lives when compared to others. We don't see it usually, and that's the problem with many of us as we do need to see and be more grateful for what God gave us.

    *Wow, it's the second straight week in the row that the twins continue to amaze me as both are continuing to grow personalities! They were so cute with the "stew taste like poo" reference to mommy Annie. There was something cute on them sassing their mama and her stew. Hehe. Maybe the writers on the show really do read online reviews and are trying to improve the twins outlook as many (including myslef) have been dissatisfied with their unison behavior.

    *Okay, seriously Scotty Leavenworth (and alter ego Peter) you really need to stop dying your hair with peroxide. It's starting to blind your face and everything else on the screen when you're on.

    *Okay, this isn't really 7th Heaven related but I recently saw Ashlee Simpson in that new commercial as she has dyed her hair brunette. Wow, girlfriend, you really need to go back to blonde immediately. Yeeesssshh.moreless
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Nicodemus A. Lim


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Lucy smashed the pie on Kevin's car it looked like he drove off with the pie on it. The pie would be in the way to see and concidering the fact that Kevin's a police officer, I'm suprised he didn't wash it off.

    • NITPICK: Don't teacher's usually take attendance every time students load in and out of a bus on a field trip to keep count? It's hard to believe they would leave them when two bodies are noticeably missing from the group when attendance is taken numerous times during a school field trip.

    • Nitpick: Ruthie and Peter tell the bus driver where they need to go, the drivers, and yet all five of them give them bad directions?

    • Nitpick: Why didn't Ruthie/Peter just go to the office at the zoo and tell them their bus left them?

    • Ruthie and Peter talked about going to the zoo, as if they have gone every single year, but Peter just moved into the neighborhood last year, so how would he know how Ruthie felt, unless he went every year, somewhere else?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Lucy to Annie: "And I know its work and I knw we have to do it, but it's always like this."

      Annie to Lucy: "Did I miss something, like what you're talking about?"

      Lucy to Annie: "Mom, is this what married life is about? Years of laundry and cooking and aggravation and then you die?"

      Annie to Lucy: "No, sometimes there's ironing."

      Martin to Mac: "Why do girls mess with our heads?"

      Mac to Martin: "You know, now that I think about it the Beer leagues don't sound that bad."

      Eric to Annie: "Chandler seems to have taken fatherhood like a duck takes to...hockey."

    • Sam to Annie: "I don't like stew."

      David to Annie: "It sounds like poo."

      Annie to Sam and David: "I don't care what it sounds like. I've been working all day on this dinner. You're the only ones so you're stuck."

      Annie to Kevin: "So how was the pie?"

      Kevin to Annie: I don't know. I didn't want to eat it off my windshield."

      Annie to Sam and David (on stew): "Don't try to give this to Happy because she doesn't like people food."

      David to Annie: "Neither do I."

    • Peter to Ruthie: "What are we gonna do?"

      Ruthie to Peter: "Maybe we can go back in the zoo and ask for sanctuary."

      Peter to Ruthie: "Am I too old to cry?"

    • Ruthie to Peter: "Peter I'm hungry."

      Peter to Ruthie: "Well, I don't have anymore money."

      Ruthie to Peter: "I know we wasted it on the 5 wrong buses."

      Peter to Ruthie: (takes out a raising from his pocket) "Here is a raisin...I think...I was saving it for me but you can have it."

      Ruthie to Peter: (annoyed) "Uh!"

      Peter to Ruthie: "Has the bus ever left in time?"

    • Roxanne to Kevin: "Can I ask you a personal question?"

      Kevin to Roxanne: "Sure. What?"

      Roxanne to Kevin: "Does your butt hurt?"

  • NOTES (8)

    • On its original airing this episode scored 6.02 million viewers.

    • This episode ends with black and white pictures of refugee camps in Sudan, followed by color pictures of the fortunate few's much improved lives.

    • At the end of the episode where the show displayed the Sudan refugee web site for more information: www.lostboysofsudan.com.

    • David Gallagher (Simon Camden) does not appear in this episode.

    • Jessica Biel (Mary Camden) does not appear in this episode.

    • Barry Watson (Matt Camden) does not appear in this episode.

    • After the filming of this episode series creator and executive producer Brenda Hampton made arrangements for Lost Boys members Nicodemus and Jacob to reunite with three of their cousins---living elsewhere in the United States.

    • The Lost Boys are a group of approximately 3,600 young men who were resettled in cities across the United States in 2001 after surviving a horrific civil war in Sudan. These young men were separated from their families when their villages were attacked in the late 1980s. Those who survived wandered across the continent for years or barely survived in squalid refugee camps.


    • Ruthie to Peter: "Just admit, ok. We're not exactly Lewis and Clark"
      Ruhtie makes a reference to Peter on how they are not exactly Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark were explorers who sailed up the Louisiana Purchase on the river and discovered many things along the way.

    • Lucy to Kevin: "I've been watching NYPD Blue for years and I've never seen that once."
      Lucy makes a refernce to the ABC TV show NYPD Blue when refering to him giving a foot rub to Roxanne while on assignment on a jewelry store stakeout. She claims that she's never seen it on that show.