7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 9

Lost Souls

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2002 on The CW
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Eric's strange post-surgery behavior leads him to make a life-altering decision that shocks and worries Annie. The reverend considers another calling when the ministry begins to lose its appeal. His plan to abandon his religious duties is hatched after a new neighbor mistakenly calls him "Mr. Camden." Fed up with everyone bringing their problems to him, Eric becomes more and more apathetic toward his family and community. Meanwhile, Lucy turns to the new associate pastor for advice when she sees Kevin and Roxanne having too much fun dancing at the pool hall. Concerned when he can't find Lucy, Kevin interrupts Simon and Cecilia's date to enlist their help.moreless

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  • Wonderful!

    Eric decides to quit as a minister. Lucy sees Roxanne and Kevin dancing at the Pool Hall and runs away crying. Chandler sees her and they go to the church to talk. When Lucy never shows up, Kevin is worried and gets Roxanne, Simon, and Cecilia to help look for her. Peter, a neighbor and Ruthie's classmate, comes over hoping to see Ruthie. Roxanne begs Kevin to kiss her. He refuses. After he sees that Lucy was with Chandler, he kisses Roxanne out of anger. Roxanne apologizes to Lucy. Simon gets a job working with Cecilia and her father is the boss.

    I loved this episode! Peter, one of my favorite characters, is introduced in this episode. This was an amazing episode! I can't believe Kevin did that! It was really stupid, but I wouldn't have been happy to find my girlfriend with another guy. I can't believe Eric is choosing to leave the church! After all the years he has had that job! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Another good episode.

    I thought this was a good episode. It wasn't necessarily anything special but good. I actually liked the way Lucy and Chandler were together, maybe even a little more than her with Kevin. In watching this episode I really wonder why they didn't pair them up. The whole story with Kevin and Lucy was a little bit of a stretch. She sees him dancing with Roxanne and leaves instead of talking to him, but then again that's Lucy. He spends most of the rest of the show looking for her, but taking time out to make sure the neighbor gets home. I would think he would get someone else to do it and keep looking for Lucy, at this point it had been a few hours. A point made in the trivia and quotes section, if Eric quit the church they would have to either buy or move out of their home, I agree that would be a major concern for Annie upon hearing that. I don't remember if that comes up in subsequent episodes or not. Overall this episode was good and in the end everything works out as it usually does on this show, which is probably one of the reasons I like it so much.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Response to Goof: Ruthie could've went to the second floor and then go to the stairs that leads to the front door then go around to the back.

    • When Kevin asks Ruthie to go to Eric and tell him that Peter needs help, Eric is outside playing guitar. So why does Ruthie go upstairs?? Later she says to Eric that she didn't want to go through the kitchen but how could she leave the house via the second floor?

    • In this episode Simon gets offerd a job by Cecilia's father,but what happened to him working at Pete's Pizza?

    • If Eric were to leave the church wouldn't that mean the Camden's would lose their house, wouldn't that be a larger concern of their's?

    • When Ruthie is talking on the phone with Kevin she isn't talking into the reciever which would not allow what she said to be heard by Kevin.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Roxanne to Lucy: "Aren't you a Chrisitan? Don't you believe in forgiveness?"

    • Ruthie to Annie (about Eric). "He's gonna be fine in time."

      Annie to Ruthie: "He had enough time."

    • Annie to Eric: "Ask not what God can do for you Eric Camden, but what you can do for God."

    • Kevin to Roxanne & Lucy: "She says whatever is on her mind and doesn't care who listens."

    • (When Annie tries to get him to go out)
      Eric to Annie: "I went out last week and got myself into trouble."

    • Kevin to Roxanne: "I'm in love with Lucy. I don't want to kiss you."

    • Chandler to Lucy: Hey, you're going the wrong way the fun's in there.

      Lucy to Chandler: Did you ever love someone so much that you felt completlyout of control and you kept making an idiot out of yourself but you just couldn't help it?

      Chandler to Lucy: Yes, I did.

      Lucy to Chandler: What happened to her?

      Chandler to Lucy: It's not what happened to her, it's what happened to me. She broke up with me.

      Lucy to Chandler: Well if Kevin wants to break up with me then he can just break up with me.

    • Adam LaVorgna's Cut Scene
      PARIS: I don't know who you are, but you better not have done anything to my son or I'll...or you'll...who are you?

      ROBBIE: I live down the street with the Camdens. Reverend Camden asked me to walk Peter home because Peter was locked out of his house.

      PETER: (to Robbie) Reverend? I thought he was just a minister. (to his mom) I had no place to go. I know Ruthie Camden so I went down to her house. Plus, she's really cute and I know she's not allowed to see her boyfriend right now.

      PARIS: How did you get locked out?

      PETER: I was outside in the garden working on my science project and you locked me out.

      ROBBIE (quietly to PARIS): He's just a little kid, you can't let your problems with drugs or alchol ruin his life. Get some help.

      PARIS: I don't have a problem with drugs or alchol. Where'd you get an idea like that?

      ROBBIE: We've been calling you all night. You wouldn't answer the phone. I assumed you passed out from something.

      Another scene, with Robbie talking to Eric.

      ROBBIE: Everything turned out fine with that kid, Peter.

      ERIC: I knew it would.

      ROBBIE: Good night.

      ERIC: Good night.

      ROBBIE: Want to know what happened?

      ERIC: Don't need to thanks for handling it.

      Robbie nods, then closes the door. He opens it again.

      ROBBIE: How old a woman is too old for me, would you say?

      ERIC: Can't get me to make that mistake a second time.

      Robbie looks at him.

      ERIC: Mary. The pilot.

      (don't have the rest of the scene)

    • Lucy to Kevin (at Eddie's Pool Hall) "May I have this Dance?

      Kevin to Lucy, "Yes for the rest of my life."

      Kevin to Lucy, "What's Really bothering you the fact that I have been married before ,if you can call it that or that I was dancing with Roxanne."

      Lucy to Kevin, "It's just that I want to be the only women you dance with for the rest of your life.

    • Bartended to Annie: "Didn't he just have open heart surgery?"

      Annie to Bartender: "Yes, about a month ago, and I'm afreid they took a piece of his heart."

      Lucy to Chandler: "I want to be a minister because I want to be like my dad. I want to do what he does, I want to be who he is in the community. I want to serve god and I want to serve mankind. And I believe that this is my purpose in life and I was guided to that purpose in a unique way, by being the daughter of a minister."

  • NOTES (16)