7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 15

Love and Obsession

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2006 on The CW
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As Valentine's Day approaches, Kevin plans a special dinner, while Ruthie has a difficult time letting go of her feelings for Martin. Elsewhere, Annie has trouble accepting Rose---and the twins' request for a store-bought birthday cake instead of one made by her.

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  • I loved it!

    Kevin wants to go back to the hotel where he and Lucy got engaged for Valentine's Day. He invites the whole family, but apparently, Lucy doesn't know until she shows up. She's wearing a very sexy outfit. She's also embarrassed to see everyone there. Even Simon and Rose drive down. Ruthie keeps daydreaming that Martin will come and tell her that everything is all right and that he loves her. Eric gets her a job, but is really trying to teach her a lesson. Sam has a play date, but David doesn't. David spends the day with Eric. Sam and David are both mad at each other. Simon wants to get married in his church. Rose doesn't want to.

    This was a great episode! Ruthie really has to get over Martin. I remember when I first saw this one, and I actually thought that it was Martin. I have to say that Lucy looked hot! I want Simon and Rose to get married in the church, but then again, I don't really want them to get married. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • At least they didn't sing this year...

    "My baby Simon is going to marry that witch!"

    Be honest. When Annie said that to Eric, who didn't feel proud?. Who didn't stand up and cheer and think finally!?. Someone has finally come out and say something that a lot of us have been saying about Rose. That, for me, was the highlight of this Valentine's Day episode. The other highlight?. The Camdens didn't feel the urge to dance and break out into song. I think we are all relieved that they left their American Idol wanna-be tendencies in the closet this year. I'm glad they did a VD episode so that what is usually an annual episode didn't end on such a sour note with last year's "Red Socks". The show's VD episodes have always been pretty good. This one isn't up there with any of the others that have come before(except "Red Socks"), but it wasn't bad at all. And it looks like a great classic compared to the last one. That being said, I hope we don't have to spend the final 7 episodes watching Rose going over the wedding preparations and seeing Simon sitting there looking lost and confused. Get this storyline over with and move on, or try to make Rose resemble something halfway human. I don't think that is really too much to ask, do you?. I'm hoping the Martin/Ruthie thing is done and over too. I don't want to see Ruthie moping about for the remaining episodes, but I will get to her in just a minute. I also wanted to mention how I liked them mentioning Mary in the episode. Jessica, will you please come be in the finale?. Surely, you can make time for the show that made you!!. So, how did the Camdens celebrate the holiday this year?. Read on and find out faithful reader...

    Ruthie. Now, there is some arguments with viewers over the scenario in this episode. A lot of people hated it and thought it was stupid. Actually, it was quite the opposite. How so?. Well, first thing's first. The show opens with Ruthie sitting on the back porch. Martin walks into the yard. They start talking and Martin informs Ruthie that there is nothing between him and Sandy and asks if Ruthie is still interested. She is and she tells him she loves him. A big hug ensues. But Eric wakes her from her dream. That's right. A dream. Ruthie has a few more of these 'Martin' dreams throughout the entire episode. Each one having to do with Sandy out of the picture and the two of them hooking up. Now, a lot of people who were pushing for a Ruthie/Martin hook up were not pleased with this. And others didn't care for it either. I did. Here's why. Sure, the storyline is being stretched out too long and it's gotten incredibly boring. I don't want to see Ruthie this way either. But I understand her dreams and I think the writer did something very normal and very human. Ruthie was in love. Deeply in love. She has been crushed and she is hurting. Things didn't turn out the way she had hoped. So, it's only natural that she fantasizes how things could of been. Been there, done that. It wasn't stupid at all. It was very real and very normal. I haven't had any feeling for most of this arc, but I actually felt for Ruthie this time. Especially the end scene when Eric tells her(with his eyes brimming)to just let him go. I thought that was pretty sad. Of course, Eric has a job lined up for Ruthie. And wouldn't you know it, it comes with a life lesson. It's amazing how these people and their stories that intertwine with something going on with the Camdens are so close by!. So, I actually liked this storyline, and thought what they did was very real and did it nicely.

    Annie is upset. First, the twins don't want a homemade cake from her. They want one from the store. She is upset. But Eric, being Eric, knows there is something more. Annie relents. She is not happy that Simon is marrying Rose. She doesn't like Rose("and I like everybody!"). She wants Eric's help in trying to stop the wedding. And we are right along with her. But in the meantime, there is the twin problem. Annie thinks they rejected her, when all they wanted was a different cake. Plus, one is invited to a party and the other isn't. This brings up the issue of the twins being seperated. Annie doesn't want them too and keeps insisting that they are brothers. Well, yes, they are brothers, but they are not married!. Nor are they joined at the hip. I think they should start doing some things on their own. They need to find and have seperate indenties, instead of being two people condensed into one. While one goes to a party, the other gets to spend time with Eric. Well, the other wants to spend time with Eric too. Eric tells him that they can whenever the other twin is invited to something and he's not. I don't get this. Eric can only spend time with one twin when the other is doing something else?. He can't have one on one time with each one just for the sake of it?. Why not?. That just didn't make sense to me and it felt cold. I didn't like that part at all. And yes, I haven't referred to them by name because I can never remember who is Sam and who is David. Lol.

    Kevin's Valentine's Day plans has him inviting the whole family to dinner at the fancy hotel where he proposed to Lucy(in season seven's "I Love Lucy"). Sounds like a good idea, right?. There is a really awkward moment at the hotel. A cold, evil looking woman is mistaken, by Kevin, as a hostess or something. She says she is not and calls Kevin and "idiot". Was this there attempt at something comical?. Because it fell flat. It was so poorly done, poorly acted, and felt like a desperate attempt for a laugh. Well, there were no laughs writers!. Anywho, Lucy doesn't know that Kevin invited the entire family. She calls Mary up for some advice on what to wear. Something sexy. She arrives in a very alluring outfit and freaks out when she sees her whole family. She is embarassed to be wearing what she was in front of her family. Well, how about the other people eating there, Luce?. The clothing wasn't that bad, and I don't think she needed to feel too embarassed. But the evening brings some drama for Annie when Simon shows up with Rose. Annie and the witch have a talk in Lucy's hotel room that gets Rose thinking she can't trust Simon. Annie tries to tell her she misread her, but the truth comes out. Rose goes and asks Simon about Sandy. Could this be it?. Could this be the end for Simon and Rose?. Cross your fingers and let's hope so.

    Speaking of Rose and Simon, Rose is still planning the wedding and Simon is still sitting there, listening, and looking like he was wishing he were somewhere else. We all do, Simon. But Simon is hurt when Rose announces that she isn't planning on having a church wedding. Simon planned on being married in his church by his father. It's the one and only thing he wants out of this wedding. Of course, Rose has a problem with this. I mean, if they both felt like this then fine, but this is what Simon wants. She should at least let him have this one thing. That is if the wedding goes off.

    In the end, I liked this episode quite a bit. It kind of felt like an old type 7th episode to me. I liked that Annie finally had a part and a story of her own. Keep it up for the rest of the season people!. The Ruthie parts were sad and affective, and everything else just geled pretty well for me. Next week will be interesting.moreless
  • Now this is what I call a Camden Classic!

    I loved this episode. Although I hated the teaser, don't do a dream sequence like that. But it was a great attention-grabber. Ruthie obsessing over Martin, was, well, maybe a little over the top, but hey its a tv show, what do you expect?

    I'm glad there was no Sandy or baby drama in this episode. It really felt like an old episode of 7th Heaven. Even more happier that Annie finally had more scenes in this episode, she finally has her own plotline in this one. It was great to see Eric and Annie together again in not just one scene but more. It reminds me of the old days.

    It was funny to see Sam and David fight over a girl. Man, they really are Camdens! They really wanted a cake from the grocery store, more then have their Mum bake one for them. Good thing, Eric tried to change their minds.

    When Lucy showed up at the hotel, I couldn't believe what she was wearing. Sexy? Maybe! Definitely not Reverend Kinkirk that is for certain. The look on her face is priceless when she spots her family, and runs away from everybody. Hah! Now that was funny!

    Now, my only question, will Simon ever break it off with Rose? I really hate her, like Annie said, "she is a witch!". Maybe her finding out about Sandy is enough to break them up, oh well, time will tell. Personally, I think Simon should be with Sandy.

    Oh and Eric at the end of the episode, was great. I love how he snuck some food under a napkin, only Eric Camden would do that.

    All in all. I think this has been one of the better episodes of the season. It still has got the charm!

  • Sometimes you come across funny scenes or Eric is "helping" someone.

    Lucy and Kevin getting their wires crossed was funny! They talk about having another baby and then plan to have dinner where got engaged, so of course Lucy thought it would be an intimate dinner for two.

    Rose; as always get the wrong end of the stick. She maybe smart but sometimes she clueless. Why would she think Annie was telling her not to trust Simon and why did she jump to the conclusion it had something to do with Sandy?

    Simon & Rose; everytime they disagree with something Rose gets her way (except living together before they're married). Rose doesn't want to get married in the church and Simon does. It's one thing out of this whole wedding Simon wants yet she can't give him that.moreless
  • Well Ruthie is still missing Martin ALOT. She starts talking to this lady who is obssesed with some guy for about 50 years. Sam and David have a fight over a girl :D Kevin invites the whole Family to diner and Lucy thinks its just them.moreless

    I thought it was okay..Better then them singing last year. I didnt knwo Annie hated Rose this much....but now we do. Why isnt Sandy and Martin in the episodes??(and me meaning Martin in the episode not in her Dreams lol)Kevin really wants another baby..he is getting a little annoying. I wonder what Simon will say to Rose..quess we have to wait two weeks

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