7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 21

Mi Familia (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2005 on The CW

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  • My Family!

    Mary files for divorce and gives away custody of Charlie to Carlos. Carlos asks Matt to tell his parents for him. Kevin and Lucy search for a house. Vincent wants to break up with Ruthie, but asks Martin to get Ruthie to break up with him. Martin is moving across the street with his dad. Sam and David think that Annie is the one who makes everybody move out. Eric cons Cecilia's dad into meeting Danny. Then George meets Kelly, Meredith and Christina. He decides to take them all in. Simon has a new girlfriend, Rose, but he won't sleep with her. They think about getting married.

    This was a great part one for a season finale. I love that Simon is refraining from having sex. I can't believe that Mary and Carlos are getting a divorce. I wish they weren't. I'm glad that the Davis children might get a real family! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • In this not good but not bad episode, Matt finds out about Mary's stupidity, Simon refuses sex, Vincent recrutes Martin to break up with Ruthie for him, Lucy and Kevin keep searching for that perfect abode, and Cecilia's father wants to adopt...

    All in all, the first part of Mi Familia was not great, but it was not bad either. It is definately not season finale material, but 7th Heaven's season finales have never been very...exciting. This was an average episodes with average storylines.

    *Matt & Mary & Carlos~ Poor Carlos. Evil Mary. Sucks for you Matt. After hearing the news that Mary has decided to leave her husband and sign over the rights to her child, Matt has a huge problem. Carlos wants Matt to tell the CamRents and my reaction would be the same as Matt's. We all know that the CamRents are not gonna be happy with this news and frankly I don't blame them. Mary is an evil, selfish, meanie who doesn't care about anyone but herself. In fact, she's been like that since the pilot. I never liked you Mary and now I don't like you even more. Why must they continue to talk about Mary? Can't the CamRents disown her already? Good luck Matt, you're gonna need it!

    *Simon & Rose~ I don't like Rose. At all. I think she should take her big teeth and move to Peurto Rico with Carlos, only not with him.... You know what I mean. What I'm saying is that I don't like her and I want her to go away and never grace the CamPound footsteps ever again. She was rude and ignorant to Annie and Lucy and is definately a sex kitten. Why do you NEED to have sex Rose? Don't you want to actually be in love with someone's personality, not just their hot body? Good for you Simon on telling her NO! No Rose! But then at the end of this episode we see Rose practically propose to the poor kid. Say it again Simon! Just say NO!

    *Cecelia's Rents & the Social Service's Kids~ Actually, this storyline didn't really bother me. I thought it would but I guess I was wrong. George, you gotta learn, like most people on this show do, that Eric Camden is a trickster. He will manipulate you and con you to thinking and doing what he thinks is right, even if it will cost you thousands of dollars in childcare costs! Ofcourse, he does it all with good intentions, like evryone in this family does. It's good, but kinda not good when they screw things up. I love the Camdens.

    *The Martin/Ruthie/Vincent triangle~ I love it! I love the drama! I want more! So, Vincent comes to Martin and asks him to break up with Ruthie for him. Being Martin, who has a HUGE crush on Ruthie, he says yes, but not without a little threat involved. "You better leave now, cause the urge to hit you is getting stronger." That was the best line! For any of you who have read my review for the episode "Wayne's World (Danke Schön)", you know that I was cheering Martin on when he punched that guy on his baseball team ( aka. Topher on Everwood). Well, after he said that line I was doing my little cheers once again, "Yeah Martin! Show him who's boss Brewer! Protect your woman!". I got very excited, even though he didn't punch him. I guess it's all for the best because physical violence is wrong and nothing can be solved that way. Anyway, Ruthie seems to have a bit of an ego during this episode. She even assumes that Martin is talking about himself when he is describing her perfect guy ( even though it was pretty obvious that Martin was describing himself). Martin does like Ruthie. And Ruthie is just too scared to do anything about it. The 10th season ought to be interesting.Well, I'm sorry to say Vincent that your plan backfired! Ha!

    *Lucy & Kev~ Lucy, please just pick a house already so we don't have to hear you or Kevin whine anymore. Just call the darn Real-i-tor and find yourself a house. You all need your privacy and I'm sure Savannah doesn't want to sleep in the same room as her parents forever.

    This was an average episode. Enough said.


    *Why do all of Simon's little girlfriends have to be obsessed with sex? Atleast we finally got a brunette girlfriend...I guess that's all we can ask for for now.

    *I loved it when Martin said, " I always thought you'd end up with a jock, not a.....Vincent." That was priceless. So, what kind of jock were you suggesting Martin? A baseball player, pehaps?

    *I like Ruthie's hair straight. It's very pretty.

    *Poor Ruthie! She has to walk in those 5 inch wedges all the time. I can't imagine trying to run in them. ahh! Pain!
  • The teaser reads 'Same old...' because quite frankly nothing new happened or was introduced in this episode. But nothing absolutely new was introduced, as there should be in a season finale to get viewers to want to tune back in the fall for the new seaso

    Here we are, at the first part of the ninth season's finale. The teaser reads 'Same old...' because quite frankly nothing new happened or was introduced in this episode. Sure we got some storylines expanded and revealed more into them (ie, Mary leaving Carlos), but nothing absolutely new was introduced---as there should be in a season finale to get viewers to want to tune back in the fall for the new season.

    So as I was saying, this episode was just a continuation of other storylines that's been dragging out since even as far back as the beginning of the season. For example, once again Simon has a new girlfriend and faces the issue of sex. This has been done for like the 100 bagillion time this season. It was just rewritten a bit, but basically but it the same old stuff we've been watching since Dropping Trou, the season premiere. Likewise, the The Lucy/Kevin moving out storyline was been played out several times before, and not jus this season I believe. It was first mentioned they needed to move out at the end of season 8, but don't hodl me to that. Fact still is, we've seen this storyline before. Lucy decides it's time to move out, Kevin of course agrees, then Lucy puts if off and they don't move.

    The Ruthie/Vincent breaking up storyline has been going on for several episodes now. Again, same old, same old. The Mary leaving Carlos storyline, again, has been going on since Brotherly Love and the only thing new happened here was we got to know Mary officially left Carlos and her son. And then even Eric/George and the adoption isn't new. We saw this in Why Not Me? So you see, this season finale (part 1) consisted of old stuff just expanding on it or written differently. Nothing new was introduced or happened to give us any reason to tune into or be excited about season 10 and what it would be about. The only thing would be Simon and Rose getting married, but even that (1) I don't really care about and (2) will probably be mostly wrapped up in part two of Mi Familia.

    So needless to say this episode was a disappoint to me and was pretty much a bore. I found myself just looking at the clock counting how many minutes Everwood would be on (which by the way was a very emotional, well-written episode). Nevertheless, lets dig deeper into these basically reused storylines even more than I already have.

    Simon & Rose: Well this one starts out Simon entering his apartment and listening to four messages left by a young woman, obviously who knows him well by the way she was talking. Later we see this young woman in his apartment with Simon and find out her name is Rose---yet another girlfriend Simon has this season. Except unlike the other ones this time he doesn't use his girlfriend as a sex object and rather as an actual human being, due to the promise he made to God. Rose is upset and confused as to why Simon won't have sex with her eventhough he says he wants to but just "can't" and this pushes her away. They kinda "break up" for a few hours or whatever and later Simon finally confesses why he can't have sex with her. She takes it well, though is a little weirded out, and suggests to him they get married after Simon hinting that's what he wants eventually. Rose officially asks him if he wants to get married---the episode closes and reads "to be continued..."

    So now for my opinion on this storyline, which can be summed up in one question: Why writers, why do you want to marry off every Camden "child" over the age of 18 before the show ends? Or if this is a way to give Simon (David Gallagher) an interesting storyline, then that's pretty pathetic the only thing the writers can come up with is something they've been writing for him all season really. Give him something new! The fact we're meant to accept two 19 year olds would actually consider getting married is ridiculous. I almost wish Rose was pregnant with Simon's baby so at least them getting married would have a realistic and believable reason behind it. But to just get married because they "really like" each other and can see getting married "some day" is unbelievable. People that age do not think about getting married at all. Sorry, it's not like that. I'm not sure if the writers are actually gonna go through with this but lately the way this show has been written I wouldn't doubt it. Guess David Gallagher is coming back next season and this is the only interesting material they can think of to give him. What a pity. Seems like the only stuff they can come up with now is sex and marriage. I'll hold off on too many judements on this storyline until it plays out next week.

    Ruthie, Vincent, & Martin: Boy, what a rollercoaster this storyline has been! First Vincent wants to see other other, Ruthie agrees, then they break up, get back together, and now Ruthie is suddenly somehow so happy with Vincent and Vincent not only wants to see "other" people but doesn't want to "see" Ruthie at all This guy is scum. A wimp. A jerk. Keep them comin'. He has to get Martin to break up with his girlfriend for him? Wow dude, grow soem balls why don't ya? It was very apparent that Martin has feelings for Ruthie in this episode and is just not admitting them to himself, let alone her. He's probably confused about his feelings, and this storyline of Martin moving back across the street with his dad in a way for the writers to setup a Ruthie-Martin hookup for season 10 without it being another Lucy-Robbie of season 6. Well done writers, for that. At least you got something right in this episode. Anyway, forget about Vincent. He wanted (Martin) to break up with Ruthie and after a bit of time and confusion Martin was able to convince Ruthie she's better off without him. But in the process, Ruthie thought Martin wanted her to break up with Vincent because he has feelings for her, which I'm sure subconciously is true on Martin's part, however isn't the real reason he was doing it. This was funny when Ruthie told Vincent Martin wants her to end it because he has feelings for her. The look on her face may have seemed like disgust of the thought of Martin and her, as people on the forums are saying, but I think it was mostly just the confusion of it all in the moment and talking to her boyfriend about this. Once Martin is out of the house next season Ruthie will be seeing him in a whole new light and I can't wait. This storyline was actually the best part of the episode, besides the Matt/Carlos one.

    Matt, Carlos, & the Divorce: Well speaking of, we finally got the next step into the Mary leaving her family storyline in this episode, which has been going on since Brotherly Love. Dang I can't believe Mary signed the divorce papers, left for London leaving Carlos, and signed the custody papers over to Carlos for Charlie---meaning she has abandoned her son. That's so terrible and so sad especially after seeing little Charlie and how cute he is in this episode. He, or no child, deserves this from his mother. Just a sidenote: Everyone knows this storyline is so out of character for Mary but there's something I just thought of at makes this storyline even more unbelievable that Mary could ever do something like this. Remember back in season 6 when Mary and Wilson were together? And how good Mary was to little Billy that he even wanted her to be his mom? She helped Wilson raise him and enjoyed it so much and took it so seriously like it was her own child. And now she actually has her own child and this is the way she treats him? Mary would have never done this. I hear people saying this officially makes Mary's character written off the show, but how wasn't her being a flight attendant, happily married, and a loving mother also a (better) way to officially write the character off? Why did the writers have to butcher the character and make her all bad and evil when everything was perfectly fine with Mary, Carlos, and Charlie being a happy family with the Camdens mentioning them once in awhile? This is why I think Brenda Hampton is out for Jessica Biel is why she's ruining her character of Mary. So it does make the show interesting, but are you telling me after nine seasons it's come down to this? With the writers only being able to make their show intersting by basing storylines for half a season around a character that hasn't appeared in two years? That is pathetic and this is why I can hardly stand this show anymore. If the writers put in the same time and energy they do in writing a storyline for someone that's not even on the show and instead put that energy and writing toward Lucy & Kevin maybe those two could actually get a good storyline for once---the characters who actually appear on the show. Gee, what a concept: Write interesting storylines for appearing characeters instead of ones who aren't there. It's common sense, writers---something none of you obviously have!

    Wow, well anyway back to the storyline. It was understandable Carlos didn't want to tell Eric and Annie about this and instead went to Matt. In this case it's okay to get someone else to do something for you (ie, Vincent avoiding breaking up with Ruthie). And I can understand Matt not wanting to tell his parents the news because he knows it'll crush them, but come on, you still gotta tell them. And it's not like this would be out of the blue. They both know of Mary's marital troubles so it can not be of that big of a shock. It was pretty fun (and actually sad if you think about it) Eric's reaction when Matt told him the news. He said he was sad of it but wasn't surprised of this at all since it is Mary. And then Matt told him his job is to tell Annie... okay I can understand Eric not wanting to because she'll be heartbroken, but hasn't he realized by now he shouldn't keep secrets from her? Off the top of my head I can think of two: (1) Season 7, Bowling for Eric, he didn't tell anyone of his heart condition, and (2) this season (9) when he didn't tell Annie that he knew something was wrong with Simon (when he heard Simon's message to Matt's voicemail about the possible std, I think). Anyway we'll see how it plays out next episode on "part 2" when Eric tells Annie of the Mary news.

    The Others: Basically 'the others' consist of Lucy & Kevin, Eric, George, and the kids because I don't have a whole lot to say about these to give them their own few paragraphs. It was nice seeing Cecilia's (Ashlee Simpson) father again since last season, George Smith (Brad Maule). The writers have been bringing back a lot of past characters lately, which is good, but why haven't we've seen the "colonel", grandma Ruthie, Aunt Julie and the others in so long? Anyway the Eric/George/adoption storyline was quite basic. It was nice to see the Davis children finally getting their own home. And boy, what a couple of saints of George and his wife, Gwen, to bring in all those kids into their home. That was very touching. It's quite common for parents to adopt kids after their only/youngest child has left the next so it was nice to see the writers be able to connect two storylines/characters we've met before in the series and combine them in this episode (George adopting the kids), instead of having it being some random guest star we've never seen before. I think the fact we know George, a little bit about him, we know his daughter and a lot of her history and actually remember her going away to college, that it made this storyline that much more pleasing. The only thing is, I can't believe Eric didn't tell George there was more than one kid. What was he thinking? Eventhough it was for a good cause, Eric basicaly weasled George into adopting that one boy knowing it would be hard to pass up adopting all his siblings once he found out about them. It's way out of character for Eric to not deliver all the facts in situations like this. I wonder what the "roadblock" Eric faces in George adopting the kids are in the "part 2" episode next week. We'll find out soon.

    As for Lucy & Kevin, I really hope these two get more interesting next season. Please writers, give them something other than a moving out storyline that goes no where or a abby storyline. Something new, please? Anyway, this was the same old, same old. Lucy decided it was time she and Kevin move out and they actually start looking at brochures. But then after making Eric and Annie very thrilled over this news, she once again starts stalling by not calling the realator. I can totally udnerstand how Kevin can be upset and/or frustrated over this. Living with his wife in a small bedroom is ridiculous. Buy a house already! Stop living off mommy and daddy! Anyway the sypnosis on the WB site says next week Lucy and Kevin MAY have found the perfect house. Please don't have this be abother thing Lucy bails on the idea and we have to go through another season of the same storyline for Lucy & Kevin. Seriously, the perfect storyline for those two for season 10 is them living in their own house and the territory and responsibility that comes with it and continuing to raise Savannah as she turns one year old in the middle of next season. If the writers are SMART that is what will happen. So thus, this won't happen, will it? Another thing I'd like to see is next episode them deciding on the house they want and making an offer, then for the season 10 premiere seeing them move into their new house. That would be not only an excellent premiere but an excellent 200th episode event. Lets hope the writers don't drag this out any longer.

    Well despite some good things in this episode as I mentioned above, there were also way too many bad ones (possibility of a married Simon?, etc) for me to enjoy this episode and give it a good score. It seem like writer Sue Tenney isn't on her game with season finales lately. As recent back as season 7, they used to be dramatic, intense. humorous, all rolled into one, but the last two have been lacking. I know this is only the first of a two-part finale, but really what kind of cliffhanger could they have? A lame one, that's what. It'll probably be something with Simon & Rose. Or something with the Mary/Carlos divorce. Or even if we're lucky a Ruthie-Martin thing, but even those aren't exciting enough to end the season with. Oh well, guess I'll wait and watch and see. :::crosses fingers:::

    Grade: C-

    This 'n That:

    Machenzie Rosman looks soo much better with her hair straight, she's way more attractive that way. Seriously those curls weren't doing it for her, much like when Catherine Hicks curled her hair in season 8.

    No more Vincent! Kill him! Seriously, write his character off next episode and he better not return next season at all. I never though I'd say this, but I'd take Peter (Scotty Leavenworth) over Vincent any day.

    Poor Happy, no body seriously ever pays any attention to her anymore. I don't think anyone feeds, walks, or plays with her, which I think it would be nice to see the twins do at least. I think she'll die soon, she is about 10 years old after all.