7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 21

Mi Familia (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2005 on The CW

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  • In this not good but not bad episode, Matt finds out about Mary's stupidity, Simon refuses sex, Vincent recrutes Martin to break up with Ruthie for him, Lucy and Kevin keep searching for that perfect abode, and Cecilia's father wants to adopt...

    All in all, the first part of Mi Familia was not great, but it was not bad either. It is definately not season finale material, but 7th Heaven's season finales have never been very...exciting. This was an average episodes with average storylines.

    *Matt & Mary & Carlos~ Poor Carlos. Evil Mary. Sucks for you Matt. After hearing the news that Mary has decided to leave her husband and sign over the rights to her child, Matt has a huge problem. Carlos wants Matt to tell the CamRents and my reaction would be the same as Matt's. We all know that the CamRents are not gonna be happy with this news and frankly I don't blame them. Mary is an evil, selfish, meanie who doesn't care about anyone but herself. In fact, she's been like that since the pilot. I never liked you Mary and now I don't like you even more. Why must they continue to talk about Mary? Can't the CamRents disown her already? Good luck Matt, you're gonna need it!

    *Simon & Rose~ I don't like Rose. At all. I think she should take her big teeth and move to Peurto Rico with Carlos, only not with him.... You know what I mean. What I'm saying is that I don't like her and I want her to go away and never grace the CamPound footsteps ever again. She was rude and ignorant to Annie and Lucy and is definately a sex kitten. Why do you NEED to have sex Rose? Don't you want to actually be in love with someone's personality, not just their hot body? Good for you Simon on telling her NO! No Rose! But then at the end of this episode we see Rose practically propose to the poor kid. Say it again Simon! Just say NO!

    *Cecelia's Rents & the Social Service's Kids~ Actually, this storyline didn't really bother me. I thought it would but I guess I was wrong. George, you gotta learn, like most people on this show do, that Eric Camden is a trickster. He will manipulate you and con you to thinking and doing what he thinks is right, even if it will cost you thousands of dollars in childcare costs! Ofcourse, he does it all with good intentions, like evryone in this family does. It's good, but kinda not good when they screw things up. I love the Camdens.

    *The Martin/Ruthie/Vincent triangle~ I love it! I love the drama! I want more! So, Vincent comes to Martin and asks him to break up with Ruthie for him. Being Martin, who has a HUGE crush on Ruthie, he says yes, but not without a little threat involved. "You better leave now, cause the urge to hit you is getting stronger." That was the best line! For any of you who have read my review for the episode "Wayne's World (Danke Schön)", you know that I was cheering Martin on when he punched that guy on his baseball team ( aka. Topher on Everwood). Well, after he said that line I was doing my little cheers once again, "Yeah Martin! Show him who's boss Brewer! Protect your woman!". I got very excited, even though he didn't punch him. I guess it's all for the best because physical violence is wrong and nothing can be solved that way. Anyway, Ruthie seems to have a bit of an ego during this episode. She even assumes that Martin is talking about himself when he is describing her perfect guy ( even though it was pretty obvious that Martin was describing himself). Martin does like Ruthie. And Ruthie is just too scared to do anything about it. The 10th season ought to be interesting.Well, I'm sorry to say Vincent that your plan backfired! Ha!

    *Lucy & Kev~ Lucy, please just pick a house already so we don't have to hear you or Kevin whine anymore. Just call the darn Real-i-tor and find yourself a house. You all need your privacy and I'm sure Savannah doesn't want to sleep in the same room as her parents forever.

    This was an average episode. Enough said.


    *Why do all of Simon's little girlfriends have to be obsessed with sex? Atleast we finally got a brunette girlfriend...I guess that's all we can ask for for now.

    *I loved it when Martin said, " I always thought you'd end up with a jock, not a.....Vincent." That was priceless. So, what kind of jock were you suggesting Martin? A baseball player, pehaps?

    *I like Ruthie's hair straight. It's very pretty.

    *Poor Ruthie! She has to walk in those 5 inch wedges all the time. I can't imagine trying to run in them. ahh! Pain!
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