7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 2

Monkey Business Deux (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2002 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Simon's paid dating service is becoming profitable until Cecilia rats him out to Eric. Meanwhile, the family learns that Mary is dating a much older man, and when her parents object, she plans to run away with him. Elsewhere, Kevin sets Ruthie straight on who's the adult and who's the child in the Camden household.moreless

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  • I loved it!

    Everyone advises Simon to shut down his dating service, but he doesn’t listen. Eric learns that Mary is relocated to Ft. Lauderdale with Captain Jack Smith, her boyfriend who is twice her age. Ben moves back to Glenoak to see Mary; unfortunately, she’s not coming back. Ruthie and Kevin talk about growing up and being mature. Cecilia tells Reverend Camden about Simon’s dating service. She also mentions to Simon that one of his customers is pregnant, so she might be trying to get her parents to think that he’s the father. Kevin accuses Robbie of still being in love with Lucy, but Robbie says it’s Mary he’s in love with. Kevin tells Robbie to call her. Lucy is still jealous of Roxanne.

    This was yet another great episode! I like how Ruthie is so sneaky and smart against Kevin, but he does scare her a little, so she listens to him. I kind of feel sorry for both Ben and Robbie, who still love Mary. I can’t believe she still likes Capt. Jack. I’m glad Cecilia ratted Simon out. He should have listened to everyone the first time. I think this was a great episode which gets a 10!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Lou is questioning Eric he asked about Ruthie and the chimp, but how would people know she was chimpsitting if it was only one day?

    • If Mary drove off with the car she cannot leave it at the airport the entire time she is in Flordia, and the car does not go back to the Camdens--so where does she leave the car?

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Cecilia: Well, here's 5 bucks Simon. The word out on the street says that one of your dates is pregnant and I think she's only been paying you to take her out so that when her parents find out they'll think the baby is yours. Now, who doesn't understand the consequences of their actions?

    • Eric: Simon! (A la Alvin and the Chipmuncks)

    • Ruthie: You're amazing. You have no fear of me whatsoever. I admire that... sort of.
      Kevin: Upstairs. All the way upstairs. And if I ever catch you listening on one of my conversations I'm not going to let you off with just a warning.
      Ruthie: Is that a threat? Man you give a guy a uniform and a gun and they think they rule the world.

    • Ruthie: Can a guy under age 18 can get arrested for soliciting?
      Simon: You don't even know what that means?
      Ruthie: Yes I do, I asked Kevin what it is when one person pays money to another person to go out with them, and he said it's soliciting. Women are actually paying you money to go out with them? That's where you are evey night?
      Simon: How do you know that?
      Ruthie: Deductive reasoning.
      Simon: It's nothing bad. It's just when a woman at my school needs a date because she's broken up with her boyfriend or she wants to make her boyfrined jealous, or has a special function, like a wedding to go to and se doesn't want to go herself, then I just help them out.
      Ruhtie: For money?
      Simon: It doesn't matter how nice you try to make it sound. It's still wrong, and I think you should stop doing it. And I think if you don't something bad is going to happen to you.

    • Simon: You let Mary date a man as old as dad and I can't even have my own apartment.
      Annie: That's really lame, Simon.

    • Robbie: Simon, you're not just a date, you're running an escort service. You can't do that.
      Simon: Why not? It's not illegal.
      Robbie: It's immoral.
      Simon: No, it's not. It's practically a public service. I'm not selling sex.
      Robbie: You're one step away from it!
      Kevin: (to peeping Ruthie) Morning, Ruthie!
      Simon: What did you hear?!
      Ruthie: Nothing just 'Morning, Ruthie.'
      Kevin: Does anyone ever think of checking to see if Ruthie's outside the door before they begin a conversation.
      Ruthie: Fortunately not.

    • Eric: You'd consider leaving your family in order to be with this low-life sky jockey who's got a daughter your own age?
      Mary: I really have to go now! Would you please get out of my car!?
      Eric: I hope that everytime that you even think about kissing him you think about kissing your father! And for anyone who's listening, that came out completely wrong!

    • Sam: Shh! Don't wake up mom.
      David: Dad said let her sleep.

    • Ruthie: Is this a way a woman who wants to be a minister should behave?
      Lucy: No...

    • Kevin: Cecilia ratted out Simon.
      Robbie: Did she rat out about her or the other dates?
      Lucy: I'm sorry, but what are we talking about?
      Kevin: Simon has a dating service where girls pay him to take them out.
      Lucy: I didn't know this why?
      Ruthie: Like Kevin said No one likes a stool pigeon.
      Lucy: So you told them not to tell me?
      Kevin: Okay, its me and you.
      Ruthie: Maybe Robbie will talk with me, he's good at that.
      Robbie: Thats between you and Kevin.
      Kevin: How come what I told you to do, but you do it anyways?
      Ruthie: I didnt say anything to anyone. I tell the truth..
      Kevin: Your telling the half truth. Don't you think I have enough problems with your sister already?
      Ruthie: What kind of problems?
      Kevin: Apologize first...
      Ruthie: I'm sorry I embarrassed you expecially in front of my sister Lucy. Is it sex? Is that your problem?
      Kevin: No it's not sex. I dont think that is cute for you to be asking me that. The problem is that I am madly in love with your sister.
      Ruthie: You are, aren't you

    • Kevin: Last night when I was talking to Mary.
      Robbie: Mom said we shouldn't talk to her.
      Kevin: I know but I did it anyways and you know what she said. She said 'Oh really? Did you know Robbie and Lucy had a little sleep over in his room last year.' Is that true? Did Lucy ever spend the night with you in this room?
      Robbie: Is that why you want to trade my room for yours?
      Kevin: I'll take that as a yes.

    • Simon: I hope you left me some hot water.
      Robbie: I didn't have any hot water to begin with, why do you think I'm dressed like this? Im freezing.
      Simon: Why don't we have any hot water?
      Robbie: Because others were up and showered before me, others who use mass quantaties of hot water...Mary.
      Simon: What time is she getting up now, 4 AM?
      Robbie: I don't know but she is going to have to talk to Reverend Camden sooner or later.
      Simon: Did you talk to her?
      Robbie: I could ask you the same thing, did you talk to her?
      Simon: Yeah, I couldn't help myself.
      Robbie: Me neither. Did you get through to her?
      Simon: No.

    • Lucy: Robbie said that you said that Mary told you Robbie and I slept together.
      Kevin: So are you mad at Mary because she said something to me or because I said something to Robbie?
      Lucy: I don't know why she would say something. and I don't know you said something to Robbie, especially without saying something to me first. And I'm still upset with your new partner. Is she still around?
      Kevin: Yes, and I'm sorry if there a rule that I have to discuss everything I say to Robbie with you? Because I didn't know that was a rule. And now that I do I'm not agreeing to it.
      Lucy: You don't have to agree with it because it's still a rule.
      Kevin: Let's see how that works out.
      Lucy: See how what works out?
      Kevin: This. (He kisses her)
      Lucy: Wait. You can't... you can't...
      Kevin: I can't do what?
      Lucy: You can't just do that everytime I try to talk to about something serious.
      Kevin: Why not?
      Lucy: Because it's a rule and I don't care if you agree to it because it's still a rule. (runs up stairs, yelling down at Kevin) and change partners!
      Kevin: (to himself) Man I love that woman.

    • Kevin: (catching Ruthie spying on Robbie and Simon's conversation, speaking very loudly) Morning, Ruthie!
      Kevin: (to Ruthie) If I ever catch you listening in on one of my conversations, I'm not gonna let you off with a warning.

    • Kevin: Don't you think I have enough problems with Lucy without you're help?
      Ruthie: What kind of problems? Is it sex? Is that you're problem with Lucy?
      Kevin: No, it is not sex and I don't think it's cute for you to ask me that because it's completely inappropriate.

    • Eric: Simon! Kitchen! Now!
      Annie: What's going on?
      Simon: I think Dad wants to see me in the kitchen.

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