7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 8

No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'N Roll

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1998 on The CW
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Eric's former rock and roll band comes to town for a concert, but he is concerned about their possible drug habits - and Annie isn't too pleased about their influence on the kids. Elsewhere, Lucy lives in agony when her parents temporarily forbid her from using the phone, and a friend from Mary's basketball team faces a life-or-death situation, with no real concern for the consequences.moreless

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  • One of my favorites; dealing with addictions.

    The Camdens face their addictions. Simon is addicted to coffee because of Matt, but Matt also helps cure him of it. Ruthie is addicted to gum because of Matt, but Matt also helps cure her of it. Lucy is addicted to the phone. Mary and Matt deal with a legal drug that has Eric worried. Mary's friend, Diane, takes them to help improve her basketball game. Mary takes one, but she can already tell how it affects her negatively. Eric talks to Diane's father, but he denies that it's bad for them, even though people have died from it. Eric's old high school band rolls into town. Annie must deal with them, but she doesn't mind when they ask her to "jam" with them during their concert. Diane has a major heart attack because of the pills.

    This episode was really great! I like how they put addictions into one episode. It's sort of cheesy, but I liked it! I really like how they portrayed this story of the pills being dangerous, but under a safe name. That can really trick people. Diane's father's face at the end really shows how people react when they're wrong about something. I give this episode a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Lots of things going on.

    Awesome plot. That's about all I can say on it. Eric's ( Stephen Collins) old band, drugs, telephone, gum and coffee. It all mixes together in a plot that is put together nicely. Last, Annie (Cathrine Hicks) gets to play the triangle in a stage show with Eric's old band.
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Ali Glazer

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    • Annie: Spit it out.
      Ruthie: How did you know?
      Annie: I have eyes in the back of my head.
      Ruthie: If that were really true, I'd bring you in to Show N Tell.

    • (Annie catches Simon drinking coffee)
      Ruthie: I'm not drinking coffee, I just stole it for him.
      Simon: (to Ruthie) Thanks a lot.
      Annie: Simon! (grabs the phone from Lucy) Goodbye Jordan.
      Lucy: I had to call him to tell him I couldn't call him.
      Annie: (to Ruthie about her gum)Come on, spit it out. (to Simon)You, no coffee. (to Ruthie) You, no gum. (to Lucy) And you, no phone. Got it? Good.

    • Mary: Can I go play basketball with Diane at the Park?
      Annie: Do I have to drive you?
      Mary: No.
      Annie: Do I have to pick you up?
      Mary: No.
      Annie: Have a good time.

    • Annie: So where do you guys live when you're not on the road?
      Chris: We're always on the road.
      Annie: Isn't that hard on your wives and children?
      Don: No wives.
      Chris: Ex-wives, though.
      Don: And no kids.
      Ray: Yeah, you can't blame the over-population of the planet on us. (Annie looks at her tummy) Sorry.

    • Annie: Lucy, wait. I got the phone bill today.
      Lucy: Congratulations.
      Annie: You're phone usage is completely out of control.
      Lucy: Define "out of control."

    • Lucy: How did you learn to be so cruel?
      Annie: It's in the "Mommy Manual" between crafts and cuddling.

    • Ruthie: Is Jimmy Hendrix dead too? (Annie shakes her head) Do you think Daddy's friends know anyone who's still alive? (Annie sighs)

    • Eric: What are you doing with this stuff?
      Matt: A friend at school gave gave 'em to me. Their just natural energy boosters made from herbs or something.
      Eric: Not everything that is natural is good for you. Cocaine is extracted from the cope of plant. Heroine and Morphine come from natural plants and extracts. Natural doesn't always mean good!
      Matt: Dad calm down, okay. Check the bottle, it's sealed I didn't take any. I was just looking for a way to keep awake so I could keep studying.
      Eric: Oh, you'll stay awake because the main ingredient in these pills is Ephedrine which is just a chemical process away from from being Methaphetamine.
      Matt: Wait I don't get it, I mean the guy who gave these pills bought them from a health-food store. I mean if this stuff is so dangerous then why is it not illegal.
      Eric: Because Ephedrine is classified as a food not a drug, so it's not regulated the way it should be. Ephedrine-based supplements are illegal in 13 states. You know that it took to make them illegal? People died. (Mary enters the room)
      Eric: What's wrong?
      Mary: I took those pills.
      Eric: You took these pills?
      Mary: No, I didn't get the pills from Matt, I got them from Diane who gets them from her father. I thought everyone was taking them.
      Eric: I think I better talk to Diane's father.
      Eric: Throw them out.
      Mat: Gladly.

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    • Episode Title: No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll

      This title alludes to the famous saying/stereotype addressed to rock 'n' roll artists. "Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll."