7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 11

Nobody Knows...

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 1999 on The CW
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Mary feels tremendous guilt after failing her driving test, then receiving her license in a very unethical way. Elsewhere, Simon is concerned about his girlfriend, whose leukemia from several years ago might have returned. Ruthie thinks she has been spending the past few days talking to a psychic on the phone, but the person on the other end of the line is actually someone quite different. Lastly, Eric's sister Julie is back in town and trying to put her life together again, but not everyone in the family has enough faith in her.moreless

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    Phyllis Diller

    Phyllis Diller


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    Bill Ferrell

    Bill Ferrell

    Coach Fischer

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    Deborah Raffin

    Deborah Raffin

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    Nicole Cherie

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • At the beginning of the episode you can tell they cut out some lines. Mary says "Those two should be locked up", and Lucy says "but not together" and then you would think there would be some more lines because Mary says "Ugh, just drop it, the whole subject is making me queasy".

      • When Eric and Annie are talking about Julie (its the 2nd to last scene) in the foyer and Eric says "Does Julie have anything to do with you not wanting to be anywhere near me today?" If you watch Annie, she moves different ways when the camera is behind her and facing Eric, but when its actually on her, she's doing something else, usually its her head tilted to the other side.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Eric: Does whatever is going on with Julie have something to do with your not wanting me anywhere near you today?
        Annie: No. Don't be ridiculous.
        Eric: I'm sorry I just couldn't help but notice that you're a little less…friendly than you were yesterday.
        Annie: There's no reason. Just like there's no reason that Ruthie keeps getting in trouble with the phone, there's no reason Lucy cries well and Mary doesn't, there's no reason that one child is sick and the other isn't, there's no reason that your sister is an alcoholic and you're not. It's just what is...I was quoting from one of your sermons.

      • Simon: (to Annie) You know, sometimes you and Dad have funny ways of helping people.

      • Annie: Stay put. This will only take a minute...that's what I thought, when I asked you yesterday if the test examiner asked you to parallel park you said yes.
        Mary: He did.
        Annie: And?
        Mary: And I cried so he let me out of it.
        Annie: Why do I think you had something to do with this?
        Lucy: Because I did?

      • Mary: My Drivers Ed teacher told you that parallel parking wasn't my best thing, didn't he?
        Lucy: No, wait. I got it. He told Dad...what? You and Dad are both bad liars.

      • Matt: Good morning.
        Annie: Good morning. How was dinner last night?
        Matt: Good, thanks... I had this strange dream last night. Aunt Julie was back in town.
        Annie: Matt was just telling me about a dream he had last night. Julie was back. What was the dream about?
        Matt: Ah, she was teaching again. It seemed like it was somewhere around here. I'd better get going...how long does it take to cure an alcoholic?
        Eric: Generally speaking, a lifetime...our kids are bad liars.
        Annie: (to Mary) I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you're not going to be driving solo to school today.
        Mary: That's okay I've got my whole life to drive.
        Annie: Really bad liars. Every last one of them.

      • Mary: (about their parents) Those two should be locked up.
        Lucy: But not together.
        Mary: Just drop it. The whole subject is making me queesy.

      • Annie: (to Simon) How woulld you like to try your hand at fryin' fish?

      • Lucy: You cried?
        Mary: I only did it because you told me too. I'm a disgrace to women drivers everywhere.
        Lucy: Yeah, but not because you cried, because you can't parallel park... and actually crying to get your way isn't a disgrace to all women drivers, it's a disgrace to all women period.
        Mary: You told me too.
        Lucy: Can I just make one teeny tiny suggestion? Learn how to parallel park and retake the test. When I said cry, I meant just that. Cry. Faking it is just like a lie, and like lying you have to break the habit now before it controls you.
        Mary: I gonna break something and it's not my crying habit!

      • Eric: Our kids are bad liars.
        Annie: Really bad liars, every last one of them.

      • Julie: Hey Sport! Sorry, but don't call me, I'll call you.

      • Simon: (to Annie) You know sometimes you and Dad have funny ways of helping people.

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