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7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 17

Nothing Endures But Change

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1998 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Lucy is very eager to be friends with a classmate named Sarah and her older sister Jen. Eric and Annie don't want their daughter driving with people they don't know, but they reluctantly agree to let them go out for pizza together. Later, when the three girls change plans without consulting their parents, they all live to regret it. Elsewhere, Simon is unhappy with Ruthie's decoration choices for the bedroom that they previously shared, and Mary agrees to baby-sit the young son of her former boyfriend.moreless

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  • One thing about this episode is that it can teach teenagers a good lesson.....

    NEVER let your unlicensed sibling or friend drive the car, even though he or she may be a "good driver", because that can be a serious accident waiting to happen. Alot of times, they aren't as eperienced behind the wheel as someone who HAS a license and has more experience behind the wheel. That was Jen's mistake on this episode that led to Sarah's death and her being injured. I was glad Lucy wasn't in the car when it happened and i had a very strong feeling that Jen and Sarah changed their plans to getting burgers as a way to get Lucy to ride in the car with them. And that line in the beginning of the episode where Lucy says "Matt would never let me drive", i give LOTS of credit for Matt on that one, because that shows how much of a responsible driver he ismoreless
  • at the school Lucy and Sarah and Jen all make plans to go out to dinner for pizza that night but Lucy is sure that Annie will say no. At home Lucy is begging her mom and Annie says no she doesnt know the girls. and Mary finally agrees to go with her.moreless

    i thought this episode was simply outstanding. the acting was just absoutely amazing Beverly Mitchelle won my favortizim in this episode after this episode i felt sorry for her you know being the middle kid always getting left out and always knowing everything last. i get like that as well. eventhough i'm the oldest still happens to me lol. i just felt horribly for her. you can see the desperation in Annie's face and as well in Eric's face i am sooo happy that Stephan Collins directed this episode and he did a hell of a job directing it as well. it Now yes i would like to get to the hallway seen... OMG i just absoutely loved it. the fight between Matt and Mary was just unbareable. you can hear the desperation in Barry's voice as well. asking "How do you think i would've felt if she had been in that car" then Lucy walks in and she has a HUGE breakdown. that seen was sooooo touching and I was really happy that they showed that seen in the coming attractions that's what caught my attention to watch the episode. Annie and Eric were just absoutely amazing in this episode between the rules of parenting and finding out that there daughter is okay and the hallway seen Catherine Hicks was just amazing and so was Stephan Collins i loved how Stephan Collins just held Beverly while she slumped onto the ground crying i thought that seen was just absoutely amazing. well thats my last review for the night let me know what u think =)moreless
  • A very special episode!

    Lucy plans to go to dinner with her friend Sarah and Sarah's older sister, Jen. Jen, who just got her driver's license, lets Sarah drive sometimes. Lucy lies to everyone about their plans, so Lucy can go and she waits for them at Pete's Pizza. Mary babysits Billy for Wilson, while he is at his dance. Simon finally moves out of his room into the attic, where he feels uncomfortable. Matt offers his room for the attic and Simon accepts. There is an accident and unfortunately, it's Sarah and Jen. Sarah was driving and a kid ran in front of them, causing Sarah to swerve into a pole. Sarah was killed on impact and Jen was injured. Lucy, still waiting, is confronted by Annie, who tells her the bad news. Lucy thinks it's her fault, but Wilson helps by taking her to a place for help.

    This episode was very sad and dramatic. Beverley's acting must have been hard since this was based on a true life experience with Beverley. Her friend died in real life in a car accident.

    This was a great episode! I remember the actress who played Jen on Full House as Gia. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • The most beautiful episode!!

    I really do think this is the most beautiful episode ever!Beverly Mitchell is a very good actress, and she shows her emotions very good. I really have to cry when I see this episode. It's a beautiful story about Lucy who's losing a friend at a car accident. Her sister Mary and another friend of Lucy are in the hospital, but they survive... Sarah doesn't. Lucy says it's all her fault, she wish she was in the car at that moment. Her parents try to calm her down but it doesn't work. Lucy cries a lot, and nobody knows what to do. It is really beautiful how beverly act her caracter. This episode is based on a real story, Beverly's best friend Angela died too...moreless
  • I feel bad for Lucy. She lost her best friend in real life. Now on the show?

    I feel bad for Lucy. She lost her best friend in real life. Now on the show? I feel so bad for her. I like Beverly. Why did they have to make one of her past life. I cried when Annie told her that her friend died and her sister was not doing so good.
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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the episode the week before Annie put Lucy on house probation for three months. If Lucy was on house probation why would Annie let her go out?

    • Simon tells Eric that he lived in that room for 10 years, but in the first two episodes, last season, Matt and Simon shared a room until Simon moved in with Ruthie.

    • Wilson tells Mary that his family is out of town. So where is Billy the next day when Wilson comes over and takes Lucy to the support group?

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Lucy: (at a support group) My friend was killed in a car accident. Her sister was with her. She was injured, and now I don't know what to say to my friend's sister.
      Counselor: What did people say to you that was comforting?
      Wilson: Actually, we talk a lot about what people say that doesn't comfort you at all.
      Girl #1: "You'll see her again when you die".
      Guy #1: "He's resting now". I was seven. I thought it meant that when my dad rested enough, he'd come back. It totally spooked me.
      Girl #2: "It was meant to be". That's my favorite.
      Guy #2: "Meant to be". I mean, what is that? My brother was meant to get shot?
      Lucy: Is there anything anybody can say?
      Wilson: Maybe the truth. Things like "This totally sucks".
      Guy #2: That's what I wanted to say out loud at the funeral, but I couldn't because nobody would have understood! That and "I'm glad it wasn't me". It sounds selfish, but I'm glad to be alive. I've got a lot of things I want to do with my life.

    • Lucy: It is my fault! It's all my fault! Nothing will ever be the same again! Nothing! (Lucy runs up to her room)
      Eric: It'll take awhile.
      Annie: I know. But I'm glad that she has awhile to take.

    • Sgt. Michaels: There's been an accident.
      Eric: Tell me it's not Lucy.
      Sgt. Michaels: No. But the girl does go to Lucy's high school. Their car smashed into a telephone pole. One girl was killed instantly. The other one survived, but she's not in good shape. Evidently, they were trying to dodge a kid who ran in the middle of the street.
      Eric: Which one?
      Sgt. Michaels: Sarah. Just fourteen years old. This is gonna be a tough call to make, Rev. I was hoping you'd go with me.

    • Lucy: Well, I'm going whether I have permission or not!
      Mary: Dream on, little rebel!

    • Lucy: What's going on?
      Sarah: Matt was gonna drop Lucy off at Pete's and pick her up.
      Jen: That's okay, Luce, not to worry. We'll just meet you over at Pete's and drive to the hamburger place. Who's gonna know?
      Lucy: Yeah, who's gonna know?

    • Lucy: (talking to Wilson) That's so weird. I feel the exact same way, like every single person on this earth is one second away from leaving the planet, me included. And you know, it's like there must be a reason I'm here. God must have had a reason for keeping me here. Otherwise, why wouldn't I have been in that car?
      Wilson: Right after my wife died, I felt the exact same way. Why didn't I die? Why her? Why did she have to suffer through such a difficult labor and then die in the end?

    • Mary: You know, Dad deals with that kind of stuff all the time.
      Lucy: Yeah, he's a professional. That's just the thing--I don't want to be treated like anyone else who has lost someone. I'm not like anyone else.

    • Eric: Jen's getting out of the hospital in a couple of days. Maybe then she'll feel like having some company.
      Lucy: If you're hinting as to whether or not I want to go over there, no. I wouldn't know what to say to her.
      Eric: Well, you know, you could--
      Lucy: No, Dad. Please...just don't.

    • Annie: What's going on?
      Lucy: Nothing, I'm just cleaning.
      Annie: You know, I like to clean when I'm having a hard time, too.
      Lucy: I'm just cleaning to be cleaning. But I feel like I'll never be able to clean again without someone thinking I'm having a hard time!

    • Mary: You want to talk to Lucy? Why can't you just talk to me?
      Wilson: No offense, Mary...but you're just not a member of the club.

    • Annie: How's Jen doing? Any word?
      Eric: I just got off the phone with her parents; she's still in the hospital. Her leg's going to be okay. But she's got a heavy burden to carry, and... and unfortunately, it could take years to develop the strength for it. Having to be there for Jen is what's keeping the parents going. They're just so grateful they didn't lose her too...what, Annie?
      Annie: I just keep thinking that Lucy could have been in that car, too.

    • Eric: You know, I realize everyone has to grieve in their own way, but it just kills me to see Lucy like this. Any other time in her life...she's full of emotions. I mean, she cries about everything. But not this.
      Annie: She just can't seem to cry. I guess she's afraid that if she starts, she might not be able to stop.

    • Mary: Why don't you talk to Mom? I mean, she just went through the same thing, kind of, when Grandma died.
      Lucy: That's different. I mean, I know it was hard, but Grandma lived a long time. You could at least say she had a good life. What can you say about Sarah?

    • Mary: You're mad at Lucy? Mad about what?
      Matt: I think she was going to run off with those girls. They weren't going to get a pizza.
      Mary: You don't know that.
      Matt: Yeah, I do. It was written all over her face when I dropped her off, but I didn't press her on it. She was trying to trick me. How do you think I would have felt if she had been in that car? She could have been killed, too!
      Lucy: (walks in crying) You think I don't know that? You don't think that if they hadn't been on their way to pick me up, Sarah would still be alive and she wouldn't have died?
      Matt: Sarah died because she was driving the car and the kid ran out in front of her!
      Lucy: I know that! And that's my fault too; it's all my fault!

    • Mary: I already told you no.
      Lucy: Please! If you do this for me, I'll do anything you want for a week....two weeks? Thirty days!
      Mary: Ok. Thirty days. It's a deal.

    • Eric: I don't know about this.
      Annie: Is this about the car and the sisters?
      Lucy: But Mom, Mary's gonna come with us!
      Annie: You know, believe it or not, I love Mary too, and I don't want either of you in a car with a girl I don't know who just got her license.

    • Lucy: Come on Dad, it will be like two sisters out with two sisters, and hey, maybe we'll even find two brothers out with two brothers! (Eric gives her a look) Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the brothers part...

    • Annie: Luce, the accident.
      Lucy: It wasn't them. Tell me it wasn't them Mom, please?!
      Annie: I'm sorry. Sarah was killed Luce, and Jen's in the hospital in serious condition! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Oh, I'm just glad it wasn't you! (they both cry)

  • NOTES (7)