7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 12

Paper or Plastic?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2005 on The CW
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Lucy is on her last straw after being on bed rest for weeks, and she is thrilled when Matt finally offers to sneak her out of the house for the afternoon. As it turns out, this is all part of a plan with the family as they prepare a baby shower for Lucy, but what they don't expect is for her to go into labor in the mall elevator. Meanwhile, an extravagent surprise that Kevin has for Lucy is spoiled when Ruthie offers her honest opinion.moreless

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  • Welcome Savannah!

    One of my favourite episodes. Although it may not cover a serious issue, Savannah's inconveniently timed birth was one of the best moments in 7th Heavens history.
  • Savannah is born!

    Lucy goes into labor when she is shopping with Matt. At home, everyone is helping with a surprise baby shower. Martin plays baseball with Sam and David, but they don't want to. Instead, Martin, Mac, Sam and David look for gifts for Lucy and the baby. Matt and Lucy get stuck in an elevator so Matt must deliver the baby in there. Kevin buys a house without telling Lucy. The guests at the baby shower are left alone, so they rearrange the house. Lucy comes out with the baby and she and Kevin name her Savannah.

    This was a wonderful episode! I wish that Mary could've been there. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • What can one expect from a "born in the elevator" episode?

    While this episode was good for what it was worth, it seemed a little too typical -- getting stuck in the elevator. Only this time, it wasn't a husband and wife who were stranded, but a brother and sister. Great how it brought a lot of people together, and promoted family values. My problem with the episode was that the subplot about the huge house Kevin bought seemed out of place. I could understand why they didn't bring it up in the episode before -- Lucy was still recovering from her near miscarriage. But why didn't they wait until the week after, when she was showing off the baby to everyone? The irresponsibility in that would have been more à propos to the recklessness of buying a manor.moreless
  • I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

    I loved this espidoe cause Lucy gave birth 2 her daugher Savannah Kinkirk.

  • This is the episode we've all been waiting for: Lucy Camden-Kinkirk finally has her baby!

    This is the episode we've all been waiting for: Lucy Camden-Kinkirk finally has her baby! Savannah Kinkirk enters the world in an elevator, delivered by her Uncle Matt. (And proud daddy helped .... without passing out)

    This is a trademark for the show.

    We've watch Lucy Camden grow up, starting the show off as an intelligent teenager struggling with the in's and out's of high school. We've watched her develope relationships with her many boyfriends, and get her heart broken. We've seen her get engaged, but in the end get her heart broken - again. We've seen her fall in love with Kevin Kinkirk, get jealous over his partner, Roxanne, become engaged, then married. And for the pass 4 months of the show, we've watched her experience pregnancy.

    Now that her baby daughter, Savannah, is here, we get to see the trials and tribulations of Lucy as a mother and see how motherhood effects her life as a wife. All in all, this was a very very special episode of 7th Heaven.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • If Lucy's real age was celebrated in the series (she was 12 in the pilot), she would have been barely 21 when she gave birth to her first daughter, Savannah. However, her age was advanced a few years.

    • Martin makes a comment to Simon and Mac near the end of the episode where he implies that he does not want children, which would explain his behavior toward pregnant Sandy in Season 10. This is also the first time we see Ruthie outwardly express her romantic feelings for Martin.

    • When Martin and the twins were shopping together did anyone notice when one of the twins called Martin by the real actor's name "Tyler"? I was just wondering who else caught that? Very bad editing in that part of the episode.

    • Response:They sung the song to all of Eric and Annie's kids so it's a tradition for that generation.

    • Response to Kevin opening the elevator door: The door was almost fixed, and so Kevin was able to pry the door open slightly. Before, the door was completely broken so Lucy didn't have the option.

    • Nitpick: When Annie had the twins, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie sang to her a song that had always been sung to each of the kids as they were born. Why not carry on the tradition with Lucy and Savannah?

    • In the store, when the twins were trying to pick out something for the baby, why would they be there all alone? Where were Martin and Mac?

    • How did Kevin pry the elevator door open to announce that the baby was born and he helped? And if the opening in the elevator's ceiling was big enough for Kevin to jump down through, why couldn't they put a ladder in and have Lucy climb out? I realize she was in labor, but she likely would have wanted the option.

    • When Kevin was talking to Eric about the house, Kevin's left arm was on the table, and then it wasn't.

    • Lucy walks out of the elevator minutes after delivering her baby. She is fully clothed, and is totally sweat-free. There is no way that would be possible.

    • Nitpick: Eric is really a BAD role model. Should he really be smoking a cigar in front of Matt when back in the pilot episode (albeit 8 years ago) he tried to get him to quit?

    • Not only is the mother nice and clean after giving birth, so is the baby! Neonates are decidedly gooey when they come into the world, and I seriously doubt there'd be a large enough supply of water in an elevator car to wash Savannah that well after she was born.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Ruthie: (in response to Kevin buying a house for him and Lucy) Are you serious?
      Kevin: Yeah, I'm serious.
      Ruthie: Lucy's gonna take one look at this house and have the baby on the front lawn!

    • Sam: What are you gonna name her?
      David: Yeah, the baby has to have a name.
      Lucy: Well, everyone in our family has a name from the Bible, and while we thought about carrying on the tradition, we decided to name her after the place where we spent our honeymoon.
      Simon: (long pause) Wait. Jekyll? Like Jekyll Island?
      Kevin: We didn't go to Jekyll Island.
      Simon: Well, where did you go?
      Lucy: We rented a house on the beach in Savannah, and it was just so beautiful there. It was a very special time, and a very special place for us. So this is Savannah. Savannah Kinkirk!

    • Lucy (to Camdens): "So, this is Savannah. Savannah Kinkirk."

    • Ruthie: Excuse me, Aunt comin through.

    • Lucy to Matt: "Why is it every time I'm with you the baby wants out?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "There's something I have to tell you."

      Lucy to Kevin: "Is it about the house?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "How did you know?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "We'll move, but maybe in a couple of months when we know we'll be able to handle this little one all on our own." (Kevin kisses Savannah and Lucy)

    • Lucy to Family: "We're naming her after the place we went on a honeymoon."

      Simon to Lucy: "Jekyll? You're naming her Jekyll after the Jekyll Islands?"

    • Annie to Kevin: "You didn't do something stupid like going out and buying a house that Lucy's never set foot in did you?"

      Ruthie & Eric to Kevin: "Yep."

    • Martin to Woman #1 (about Lucy's gift): "I want to give her something practical ."

      Woman #1 to Martin: "Does she have a breast pump?"

      Woman #2 to Woman #1: "I don't think he meant that practical."

    • Lucy to God: "Oh God in heaven, please help me."

    • Lucy to Kevin: "Kevin! No! Please!"

    • Kevin to Matt: "I'm delivering the baby."

    • Lucy to herself: "Oh Kevin where are you?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "I'm right here Luce."

    • Lucy to Savannah: "I love you Savanah."

      Lucy to Matt: "How come every time I'm with you the baby wants out?!"

    • Lucy to Matt (going into labor): "Uh Oh!"

      Matt to Lucy: "Don't worry I can get this thing off."

      Lucy to Matt: "No! This is an even bigger uh oh!"

      Matt to Lucy: "Uh Oh!"

      Lucy to Matt: "You're not supposed to say that! Your a doctor!"

    • Kevin to Everyone: (Peeks out through the elevator doors) "The baby's here! And I helped!"

    • Kevin to Everyone (Peeks out through the elevator doors): "The baby is here! And I helped! And I didn't pass out!"

    • Matt to Lucy: "It's gonna be fine... (Lucy squeezes his hand) OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

    • Ruthie to Kevin: "As soon as the baby's out, she's gonna go berzerk and kill you."

    • Kevin to Ruthie: "You say it. Say she'll love it. Please say she'll love it?"

    • Kevin to Ruthie: "This may be better than any house in Glenoak. It may be better than any house in California. It may be better than any house in the United States!"

      Ruthie to Kevin: "She's gonna kill you."

    • Eric to Kevin: "What'd you get her?"

      Kevin to Eric: "A house."

      Eric to Kevin: "Great!"

      Kevin to Eric: "A big house."

      Eric: "Even greater!"

    • Martin (after Lucy gives birth): I never realized what I was missing until this family.
      Simon: Kind of makes you want to get married and have a bunch of kids, doesn't it?
      Martin: Maybe I'll marry a girl with a lot of brothers and sisters.
      Ruthie (behind him, talking to herself): Who knows. Maybe someday you will. Maybe you will.

  • NOTES (8)