7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1999 on The CW



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    • Annie: Honey, I know you want to help Jimmy. And the need to help a friend is a very strong one. But from mother to daughter, please just listen to me. Let Jimmy take care of Jimmy, and let Lucy take care of Lucy. Please. I don't want you to get hurt.

    • Annie: (as Lucy is holding one baby while Annie changes the other) I'll be done in a minute, just hold on.
      Lucy: Which one of us were you talking to?
      Annie: Don't be smart. Be sweet to your brother. Babies pick up on everything, including annoyance!

    • Lucy: So that's it?
      Eric: Yes. Is there anything else you wanted to ask?
      Lucy: Fine. Well, you both know Jimmy's in trouble and if you don't want to help him, I will!

    • Jimmy Moon's parents: We think Jimmy is doing drugs.
      Lucy: If you don't want to help him, I will.
      Annie: Let Lucy take care of Lucy.
      Jimmy Moon: I don't need your help. Just stay the hell away from me!
      Lucy: After tonight I don't think we should talk about Jimmy Moon and drugs again. Because according to Jimmy, a couple of months ago he got busted when some of his friends talked him into trying out some joint. The cops came, the kids scattered and he was left holding the evidence. He made a deal. I'm not free to say what deal, but I'm sure since both of you are smarter than I am you probably realized what Jimmy was up to, and that's why you told me to stay away from him. And I don't want to say it out loud because even though he's not doing it anymore, I don't want to do anything that could put his life in jeopardy again. So you were right and I was wrong and I could've gotten hurt today, but I didn't. Today, I sampled adulthood and I didn't care for it, but I will take it when the time comes and until then... I am comfortable knowing whatever and only whatever you guys want to tell me. And mom? If you would like to join dad in church on Sunday I would like stay home and practice my nurturing on my little brothers.
      Eric: That was better than the lecture I was gonna give.

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