7th Heaven

Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2001 on The CW
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Robbie is thrilled when his long-lost father shows up out of the blue, but it isn't exactly the fairy-tale reunion that either of them would like it to be. Eager to purchase a make-up kit that her parents already said no to, Ruthie becomes downright sneaky in order to get what she wants. Elsewhere, Annie experiences the difficult side of motherhood when Simon's grades start to slip, and when Lucy begins idolizing her friend's mother for all the wrong reasons.moreless

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  • Parents was a great episode!

    Alan Thicke guest stars as Robbie's dad, Ed. Ed comes into town. Lucy and her friend along with her friend's mom go to a party. Ruthie tricks Matt into taking her to buy a make-up kit that Eric and Annie already said she couldn't have. Simon must finsih a paper. Mary gives advice to Ruthie about how she shouldn't disobey.

    This episode was great! I love the show, Growing Pains, so it was nice to see Alan Thicke. Although I like Alan, I didn't like his character. Ed was a deceitful father and Robbie didn't want to believe it. Now that Ed has come back, he wants to start over with Robbie and his brothers, but Eric steps in and cleans everything up. I hate how Ruthie lied and disobeyed her parents. I liked Mary and how she warned Ruthie not to do it. Lucy's friend's mother, Serena, doesn't act like a mom to Ashley, Lucy's friend. She acts like her best friend and flirts with guys half her age. Ashley just wants her mom to act responsibly. This was a great episode! 10 out of 10!moreless
Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke

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Krystee Clark


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Caroline Aaron

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Matt goes to talk to Ruthie after finding out she lied to him, she's in her room, on her bed, playing with the make-up kit she secretly bought. The thing is, Annie caught her with it already, so why didn't Annie take it away immediately? Instead, Ruthie was encouraged to just keep using it, all while she was supposed to be punished and sent to her room.

    • How could Matt think that Ruthie would give Annie a make-up kit, which looked like something for a 14-year-old with all those colors? Not only that, but supposedly, Ruthie says she asked everyone in her family to drive her to the store so she could buy the kit, but they all said the same thing: she was too young for make-up. That means she must have asked Matt already, and it's pretty hard to believe that he didn't make the connection that she was secretly buying it for herself.

    • When Annie is in the kitchen getting coffee and cookies for Eric and Robbie's dad, Annie leaves the room without the coffee, but when she enters the living room she has the coffee.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ashley: You wouldn't understand. You have a mother. A real mother. Sometimes, I wish I had a real mother, too, not someone who would rather be my friend than my mother. Friends, I have. People to go to parties and dances with, I have. A mother, I don't have, and haven't had since my parents got divorced. That's when my mother decided that she didn't want to be a mother anymore.
      Lucy: I had no idea you felt this way. I thought you liked having a mother who was hip and cool and unmotherlike.
      Ashley: What's so hip and cool about being locked in some stranger's bathroom while your mother flirts and carries on with some guy who's too old for us and too young for her? Welcome to the dark side of having a hip and cool mom.

    • Ruthie: Can I have that really big, really cool make-up kit that's on sale at the department store?
      Eric: The one you asked about yesterday? (she nods) No. You're too young to wear make-up.
      Ruthie: But my friend Rachel gets to wear make-up!
      Eric: You have a 10-year-old friend who wears make-up?
      Ruthie: Just blush and lipstick. Her parents don't think she's too young. Her mom bought her that make-up kit.
      Eric: Sorry, no make-up.
      Ruthie: Thanks for nothing! (storms away)
      Eric: (sighs) Parenting really is its own reward.

    • Annie: You've had months to work on this. This is nowhere near your best work.
      Simon: So? I'm not gonna get an A on everything I do.
      Annie: If this paper was truly the best you could do, it would be fine. You'd turn it in, and that would be that. You could probably still turn it in and get a passing grade, but then what will you have learned? That to get by in life, you don't have to do much, because you're a smart kid? If all you want to do is pass, then the truth is, you don't have to work very hard.
      Simon: Why are you making such a big deal about this?
      Annie: Because it is a big deal! You are smart, very smart, and if you don't work up to your potential, then you will never truly be happy. Sure, you'll have time to goof around with your friends, but deep down inside, you'll know you're not the person you could be, and that will make you very unhappy. I'd rather see you mad at me for the rest of your life than to see that happen.

    • Eric: I'm sorry.
      Robbie: Sorry for what? For caring about me? For giving me the first real home I ever had? For being the dad I never had and always wanted? For forgiving me my past mistakes and being so supportive and kind? You have nothing to be sorry for.

    • Serena: You know, just because you bake cookies and make lunches and drive a carpool does not make you better than me. It does not mean you're a better mother! I am a good mother, too!
      Annie: This isn't about us! This is about you and your daughter. It's about you growing up and acting your age. This is about you being an adult so she can be a child. It's about parenthood, and it has nothing to do with cookies, and everything to do with raising children! Helping them find their way, loving them, and putting their needs first. How is your daughter supposed to learn how to be a mother if you won't be a mother to her?

    • Ruthie: What I need from you is a plan.
      Mary: A plan?
      Ruthie: Yeah, a plan. I want to do something Mom and Dad say I can't. You practically made a career of doing stuff Mom and Dad told you not to do!
      Mary: And look where that got me.
      Ruthie: They're not gonna send me away to Buffalo for buying make-up!

    • Matt: I've been home for a while, but I've been in my room, thinking about what I want to say to you. I'm very upset.
      Ruthie: The devil made me do it.
      Matt: Let's not bring the devil into this, okay?
      Ruthie: What do you want me to do?
      Matt: I want you to apologize.
      Ruthie: Okay. I'm sorry.
      Matt: No, I want you to apologize and mean it!
      Ruthie: I really am sorry. I didn't mean to lie, but I just had to have that make-up kit.
      Matt: That's not an apology.
      Ruthie: Why are you being so mean to me?
      Matt: Look, I'm not being mean. I'm being nice. You have to learn that what you did was wrong, and if you don't learn it today, you're gonna go out tomorrow and do the same thing to someone else, and hurt them just like you hurt me.

    • Matt: (when he hears that Ruthie lied to him and secretly bought a make-up kit) But Ruthie's too young to wear make-up.
      Annie: Bingo. Your father and I told her she couldn't have it.
      Matt: Wait a minute. Ruthie's done a lot of things, but she's never actually looked me in the face and lied to me!
      Annie: Doesn't feel so great, does it?
      Matt: No, it doesn't.
      Annie: I'll have to go talk to her.
      Matt: Would you let me do it?
      Annie: Are you sure? You're going to have to punish her, and she's not going to like you for it.
      Matt: I don't care.

    • Lucy: (about Ashley's carefree mother) You just don't like her because she doesn't bake pies or go to Church socials or make lunches!
      Annie: That's not true.
      Lucy: She's fun. I like her. What's wrong with that?
      Annie: Serena's funess isn't the problem!
      Lucy: So are you saying I can't go?
      Annie: You know, you're gonna be graduating soon and making your own decisions, and I won't be there to help you with that. Should you or shouldn't you go where or when. So, from now on, I think it's best if you start making your own decisions.
      Lucy: If the choice is mine, then I'm going.

    • Mary: (about Ruthie buying makeup behind her parents' back) Sooner or later, Mom and Dad are going to find out. They always do, and when they do you're gonna be in trouble. Big trouble.
      Ruthie: I liked you better when you were messing up your life.

    • Ashley: Mom, can you grow up and act your age for just ONCE?
      Sarina: You cannot talk to me like that. I am your mother!
      Ashley: My mother? I thought I was your best friend. Which one is it? Mother or best friend?
      Sarina: Can't I be both?
      Ashley: No!
      Ashley: Because I want a mother who tells me what to do. A mother who tells me to do my homework, to go to bed. I want a mother with her own life, her own friends. I don't want a mother who makes a fool of herself, flirting around with some guy who's half her age! I know it isn't all about me, but why does it have to be all about you?

    • Ed: You can't stop me from getting an apartment with my son.
      Eric: The state of New York can.
      Ed: Is that a threat?
      Eric: No, it's not a threat, it's... (pause) Okay, it's a threat.

    • Ed: You are not Robbie's father!
      Eric: Neither are you.
      Ed: Sticks and stones. Ouch.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode begins a recurring role for Jane A. Rogers as Serena who tries to put a dent in the Camden marriage later on in the season, in a few more episodes. John Hamilton (Chaz Lamar Shepherd) does not appear in this episode.

    • In Germany this episode is known as, "Shadow Pages," translated.


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