7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 3

PK (a.k.a. Preacher's Kid)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2003 on The CW

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  • Wow, a pretty good episode! I never knew that preacher's kid were referred to as PK's, at least according to the writers. Well, then I guess you learn something new everyday then. Wow, David Gallagher really carries the show this season with his storyline

    Wow, a pretty good episode! I never knew that preacher's kid were referred to as PK's, at least according to the writers. Well, then I guess you learn something new everyday then. Wow, Simon (David Gallagher) really carries the show now so far this season with his storyline. I feel so bad for him. Now let's break down this weeks episode (also sorry for the lateness, been a hectic week)…

    Simon and Det. Michaels: I can't get enough of Simon and his angst and his storyline. Two of my favorite scenes in this episode were with Simon and Det. Michaels and Ruthie. It was so nice to see a Simon/Ruthie scene again. In the earlier seasons Simon and Ruthie were inseparable, but as the seasons went on (and as they grew up) they grew apart, but it's nice to see they still have that brotherly-sisterly bond there. Since Simon will be leaving for a while it's great we get that scene with them before he goes. Now, with Det. Michaels and Simon on the porch, also a great scene. It's great that we know more and more about the accident in every episode. But am I the only one who wished we could've actually seen the accident occur? (Didn't the commercials show an accident and someone being put in an ambulance?). That would carry more weight and emotion to viewers. Anyway, it's more relying to know that Simon had little to zero responsibility into what happened to Paul (I would've like to see his face) as Justin carried more weight in the blame as he would give his little brother drugs, according to Det. Michaels when he and Simon was on the porch. That was a great scene. Actually, I thought Paul was older at first and was on a motorcycle instead of a bike, but I think I got confused. It's great that Det. Michaels was looking in Simon's best interest and staying on this case to get as much information as possible and to clear the air on what really happened for that accident to occur.

    It was also good in this episode to see Simon being able to talk to someone, Maynard, (other than someone in the family) about his situation, and who is also a "PK". Although, why did he have to go over next to his desk and kneel down? Anyway, it seems that Maynard was really trying to help Simon and giving him his best options on what to do. Obviously, he's going to enroll in a university early for his departure, and probably with a video interview that will probably be shown in next episode or two. Supposedly it's a video as he went to and editing studio later on as Det. Michaels told.

    Kevin and Haley: Wow, it's very obvious Kevin is not ready to have children. Wow, and that Haley, that little girl was too funny and too cute for her own good. Ha-ha! I didn't see the "Houdini" in her, but what I saw was a vibrant, curious and precocious six-year-old acting her own age and was delightful to see (I hope the twins took a lesson from her). If Kevin considered Haley a little troublemaker and a hands full then he definitely is not ready to have children. Haley was a little angel compared to most children today (believe me, I know) and she was quite a cute kid. Although I got kick out of her saying to Kevin "You're scaring me." The little girl only wanted to play hide and seek, that's all. If it's in the household there's nothing wrong with playing it, as far as I see. Kevin might not be ready but I think Lucy is. She seemed a lot better at the parenting when talking to Haley and Kevin when she found Haley in the bathroom from hide and seek.

    Chandler and his, well…: Ok, the writers better be going somewhere with Chandler and Roxanne this season on their relationship and breakup. So far, as we get further into the season their characters are becoming less appealing and that's a shame since they'll probably be more focused on when Simon (David Gallagher) leaves. I would expect it from anyone else but not Chandler, a minister, dating numerous women in the church and acting the way he is. Plus, what's with him dating these incompetent bimbos who don't seem to be too bright in the head (who was that crazy girl in the promenade with Chandler?). Although, I got a kick out of the scene with Roxanne and Lucy in the pool hall and Lucy indirectly agreeing with Roxanne that she's a slut. This was after making a comment of the church women wanting to date Chandler after being with her and she was supposedly loose.

    Annie: Oh Annie (and Catherine Hicks), we have seen so little of her so far this season (as well as last season). We only got to see in the very beginning and the very end of the episode. She is "supposedly" in Arizona taking care of her ailing father as his disease progresses further. Although, many fans know where this storyline is going as most know that Graham Jarvis who played Grandpa Charles died this past April, a few days before his final performance on 7th Heaven at Lucy's and Kevin's wedding. I guess the writers are now reeling this storyline for his character's probable death later on in the season.

    All in all this was a good episode. It hurts me even more that soon Simon (David Gallagher) will leave. Well, I can't wait till next week to see more about Simon's departure. Plus, I can't wait till next to see the introduction of a new main character, Martin (a probable teen heartthrob replacement for Simon) played by Tyler Hoechlin. He was very good in Road to Perdition). And what is Rabbi Richard Glass doing kissing Annie!?

    Grade: **9 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:
    *Man, I wished we could've seen Mary tell the family she was pregnant too, as well as married. Why do some of the best things on the show happen off-screen?

    *Man, there are so many people in the opening credits.

    *Why is Lou always in Eric's' business about his family members!?

    *Oh, I hope the twins really take lesson from Haley on how to act in front of the camera. She's the kind of kid I wish the twins were. Not stiff and wooden and repeating themselves.

    *What kind of name is Hippo for a school bully? Plus he looked mighty old to be an 8th grader, or maybe he's a Super Senior in 8th grade (and that would be really sad).