7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2001 on The CW

Episode Recap

What's the theme:That forgiveness, trust and understanding are crucial elements in life, whether or not you are right or wrong. Mary arrives home, much to everyone's surprise, and announces she is back to stay. She is welcomed with open arms by Annie, and rather coldly by the rest of the Camdens. Not understanding why, she questions them all. They tell her there is no room anywhere for her, so Annie forces Eric to sleep on the couch (she is mad at him for not being happier about her return). She asks Robbie why they all hate her and why they can't believe she has changed and can be trusted. Mary confides in Robbie that she and Wilson have broken up, although they were going to get married. Robbie tells Mary that he has met the girl that he could see himself marrying. There is a bit of jealousy/surprise in her face. After Eric calls Wilson, Billy (Wilson's son) says he wants Mary back. What's up with Annie: With her moods switching constantly, Annie has decided to give the garage apartment to Mary. She works through the night to get the apartment done even sooner. The rest of the Camden kids are furious, calling Mary the "prodigal daughter," based on the Bible story of the prodigal son, with Annie as the father and Eric as the other brother. Annie sees nothing wrong with how she is treating Mary ? she missed her and is making up for lost time.

What's up with Eric: Unlike Annie, Eric is skeptical as to why Mary is back. As with the rest of the Camden kids, he assumes that either Mary and Wilson got married, or broke up. He calls Wilson to find out, but Wilson insists that Mary must be the one to tell them. In his Sunday sermon, Eric discusses how sinners need to recognize sins and those who forgive them. He stresses that even the most obedient are sinners ? they just go out and do something about it. Annie thinks he is discussing their private matters with the whole congregation. Matt tells Eric that he is just as bad as the rest of the kids with Mary's return. Lucy admits she is resentful. Simon says he is a little belligerent, but not hostile. And Ruthie says that he has just made things even worse. When Mary leaves the church, she hugs Eric and tells him he gave a great sermon, and she hopes that they (her brothers and sisters) get it. Lucy's mad that Mary is home. Lucy remembers when she came back, no one made her favorite dinner or offered her the garage apartment. Then, she gets jealous when Robbie tells her about his new girlfriend. Lucy calls Wilson to find out what happened. He stays neutral in the feud, until he discovers that Mary is getting the garage apartment. He helps stage a "coup" in protest, getting all of the kids in trouble. Annie punishes them by forcing them to stay in the garage with only one week's worth of clothes, allowance and their schoolbooks. They can only use the house for the bathroom, although not the shower until they prove to Annie that they have true respect for her. Matt calls Wilson and asks what happened. Matt also advises Robbie to not make a move on Mary. What's up with the rest of the Camden kids: Simon and Ruthie join in the coup, and join in on the trouble, although Ruthie does try to sweet talk her way out of it. They both also call and leave a message for Wilson asking what happened. All Ruthie wants is an apology for the way Mary acted before she left.