7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2001 on The CW



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    • Joy: Do you think the Camdens will like me?
      Robbie: Most of them. Yeah.

    • Annie: (to her kids) You know what's really unfair? What's really unfair is that your father and I have worked around the clock for twenty years to give our children a good home. To send our children to school. To buy them the clothes that they want to buy, and yet those children, the very same children that we sacrificed ourselves for over and over again think that they should decide who gets what and when they should get it.
      Simon: No...
      Annie: Don't speak. I will give your sister Mary anything I want to give her, anytime I want to give it to her, because I love her and I am happy that she is home. Mary needs us. She needs her father. She needs me. And she needs you. And I've got some news for all of you: we need her. We need to embrace each other and support each other because that's what families do. And until you're ready to do that, you know what?, you can just live out here! (referring to the garage) You've got a change of clothes, one week's allowance and some school books. You're more or less on your own. Until you're allowed the priviledge of telling me that just how much you regret you're total lack of respect for me and my decisions. And then at that time, if I like what you have to say, I just might let you back into the home that your father and I created. Until then, take care of the rebellious one known as Ruthie. You can come in and use the toilets, nothing else! Not the kitchen, not the laundry, not the shower, not the phone and not the TV. Enjoy.

    • Mary: (to Robbie about her family) Do they all hate me?

    • Matt: What are you talking about?
      Eric: The prodgial son.
      Matt: Or the prodigal daughter.

    • Eric: She's still incredibly irresponsible and she seems to have absolutely no awareness of that. How are we going to make her conscious?
      Annie: Oh, you mean how are we going to make her confess. Here we go! It's Richard Nixon all over again! I love Richard Nixon.
      Eric: Since when did you love Richard Nixon?
      Annie: Since I heard someone saying that what God is showing us through parents is that he loves us despite the things we do, not beacuse of the things we do. You don't even recognize your own sermon, do you?

    • Simon: (to Mary) I wanna know... what are you hiding?

    • Ruthie: I also want an apology for all that stuff she did last year when she got kicked out.
      Lucy: I don't think you're gonna get that. I don't think any of us are going to get that. I think we just have to accept Mary for Mary.

    • Annie: I've got something to say to you and I think you're old enough to hear it. Life isn't fair so get over it.
      Ruthie: Thank you for letting me know that. Only a parent, a mother, would care so much that she, you, would explain such an important lesson in such a simple and direct...way.

    • Eric: Mary tells me she's here permanently.
      Annie: Permanently? That's the best news I've ever heard. We have our whole family back together again.
      Eric: Don't you want to know what happened with Wilson?
      Annie: I'm sure she'll tell us eventually.
      Eric: (to himself) What's wrong with this picture?

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