7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 15

Red Socks

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

In this special musical episode, the Camdens get into the Valentine's Day spirit by performing some classic musical hits. As all this is going on, Lucy is irritated that Kevin is working on the holiday. Upset that Vincent has not called her in three days, Ruthie catches him with another girl. Lastly, the family comes together to help the twins celebrate their sixth birthday.moreless

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  • Mediocre episode, maybe an understatement

    This episode was just, ugh where do I begin

    I do like the fact that Collins, Hicks, Rosman and others can sing

    What made me wanna plug my ears was Kevin's god-awful singing

    George Stults just can't carry a tune, and the fact that they didn't let Beverly Mitchell (Lucy) sing, and she has a beautiful voice

    Also I don't blame David Gallagher for passing on this episode, it wasn't at all like the other heart-warming episodes.

    Overall, the episode tries to be like a love-musical and it wasn't exactly something I enjoyed

    Take my advice, when this episode airs on UP pass on it and skip it on DVD if you canmoreless
  • Not a fine moment of the show.

    It's Valentine's Day and the Camdens are singing about love! Simon has a new girlfriend who he thinks could be the one. Lucy is upset when Kevin has to go back to work. Ruthie and Vincent argue because neither of them has called each other in three days. Sam and David's birthday is also today!

    This episode was interesting. The songs were good, but some of the singers were horrible. George sounded like he was talking when he sang and Mackenzie's voice was just too low. I wished that Beverley could've sung. Stephen and Thomas were great singers though! Catherine was an okay singer. This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10.moreless
  • haha funny episode

    wow! everyone really stinks at singing! (especially kevn he just says the lyrics when everyone sings 'Love is Sweeeping the Country') It sucked! i thought it was funny cause no one can sing and the congs that the writers chose really, well sucked. Haha it was hilarious1 The only reasn I am giving this show anything higher than a .01 is becuse I laughed soooo hard! Especialy when Kevin attemps to sing to lucy! He was sooo of key! vincet was horrible ruthie cannot danc and the more she attempts to sing..the more funny it is! ;-) haha Well funny pisode! ;-)moreless
  • I love 7th Heaven, yet this episode made me cringe. How this actually made it to air is beyond me. I've never seen such a train wreck in my entire life. It should set a new standard for badness, lower than jumping the shark. Truly the worst ever.moreless

    I don't even know where to begin. When I read the show description I laughed and thought (hoped?) maybe it was a joke. But nothing could've prepared me for the depth or magnitude of the horror I was about to witness. Not one iota of the show was excusable. Obviously the bad bad baaaad singing, stiff and embarassing dancing, and the ludicrous staging were beyond imagination. But even beyond that, the plot and acting were just the worst I have ever seen! Not that I blame the actors -- can you imagine being forced to do those scenes and still be taken seriously as an actor? Poor George Stults!!!! I don't know who conceived of it, but that's a crime in and of itself. But.... can you imagine seeing the end result, seeing how bad it was, and then still deciding to air it? An all-time low for the show. Actually, I sincerely believe this episode sets an all time new low for television, WELL beneath jumping the shark. Worst ever. Embarassing.moreless
  • This episode was a fine example of what writers should NOT do with a popular show like 7th Heaven. This episode was really painful to watch!

    This episode must have been the most horrible one I have ever seen of 7th Heaven. How the hell did the writers get the idea to let the characters sing almost every 5 minutes?

    If I want to see a musical, I'll go to the Broadway Theatre!

    Besides, the cast are supposed to be actors, not musicians. You gotta give them credit for their courage, though. Almost every cast member gave a little singing performance, except Simon (David Gallagher) the reason probably being that he realized that 7th Heaven is NOT a musical but a TV show.

    Some passages were actually unintentionally funny, first and foremost the scene where Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) was singing in school, which did not really sound like her voice, by the way. Usually, I really like Ruthie but this was just painful to watch.moreless
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Polly Cole


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Red Socks was the lowest rated 7th Heaven episode at the time until A Pain in the Neck that aired in 2006 broke the record for the lowest ratings and viewers for an episode because of the CW's decision to flip their Sunday and Monday schedules.

    • When anyone sings, the sound does not match up with the movement of the lips.

    • When Vincent is singing at the ball field, his mouth is not moving at one part, right after he jumps into the players hands.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Lucy to Kevin: Who's the one that got me pregnant?

    • Kevin to a dazzled Ruthie: "Where'd you get those?"(referring to the roses)

      Ruthie to Kevin: "From Vincent..."

      Annie to Eric: "On our first date you wore red socks."

      Eric to Annie: "I never wore red socks."

      Kevin to Ruthie: "I'll give you a hundred bucks!"

      Ruthie to Kevin: "Okay..."
      (Kevin grabs them from a confused Ruthie and shoves money into her hand)

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