7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 14

Red Tape

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 1998 on The CW

Episode Recap

All of the Camdens are at a restaurant trying to decide what to order when Annie gets upset at the kids for not behaving correctly and not having manners. Ruthie complains about not having a toy to play with, but Annie explains that Eric received coupons for seven free meals from Mr. Harrison, the restaurant's owner. Mr. Harrison gave Eric the coupons for helping out at the food bank that Mr. Harrison donates to. Everyone begins complaining about their food selections and griping at each other when the waitress shows up to take their orders. Everyone tries to order their food, but they are discouraged at every turn by the waitress, Harriet, who tells that there are no substitutions and when they mention that they have coupons for a free lunch, she further discourages them by telling them that the only food they can get is the Blue Plate Special, grilled liver and onions. The kids are disgusted, but Annie orders them anyway and tells the kids that they will be eating them and be happy to do so.

Annie gets breakfast ready for everyone when Simon comes down and wants his food without asking nicely for it. Then, Lucy comes downstairs and tells Mary that Annie will be taking the stain out of her sweater, but when Annie doesn't hear Lucy asking for her to take the stain out, Annie decides to have a lesson on manners and tells Ruthie to join them. Annie tells the kids that she is going on a good manners binge and they need to say "please" and "thank you". The kids don't take it seriously and Annie walks out. Annie complains to Eric about the manners that the children have not exhibited during lunch at the restaurant. Annie gets angry when Eric is going to leave the house to go to the food bank and not help her with the kids. Mary and Lucy find a personals ad in the school newspaper and they think that he is pathetic. Matt walks by them and notices that they are up to something, but they don't reveal what they just found out. Matt walks down the halls and the girls look at him and giggle. Annie fields phone calls from different girls calling when she sees a magazine for dog products and they sent a pre-approved credit card.

While at the food bank, Eric is stocking shelves when a young man, Clarence, comes into the food bank and asks for Beenie Weenies. Eric is impressed with Clarence's manners and asks the manager where the food is. Jimmy, the manager, tells Eric that Clarence comes in after school and gets a can of food and that the kids is too polite to refuse. Clarence takes the can and leaves, but Eric decides that he needs to follow him and the manager lets him leave. Annie tells Matt that he got a bunch of calls and Matt tells her about the looks that he got from girls at school and thinks that he knows why. Mary gets upset at Lucy about the sweater and that Lucy still hasn't done anything to fix the stain on it. Matt walks into their room and asks about the girls and they tell him about the personals ad and when they show it to him, he is upset. Mary answers a phone call from one of the girls that got Matt's phone number from the personals ad. Simon takes out the trash and the pre-approved credit card falls out of the trash so he decides to keep the card. Eric follows Clarence home to a run-down apartment building. When Eric walks in, two guys stop him, but they move out of the way when Eric shows the bible. Eric knocks on Clarence's door, but Clarence's parents aren't home, but Clarence asks if Eric can wait until his mom gets home.

Simon and Ruthie look in the magazine to find something good for Happy. Simon finds the 800-number and when he dials the number, he enters the item number and accepts overnight delivery. Simon explains that they need to call back to cancel the order, but when he calls them, the lady can't talk to him because he is not over 18. Mary finds Lucy sitting on top of the dryer and when Mary takes the sweater out of the dryer, it is way too small for any one of the girls to wear. Eric talks to Clarence from the doorway and then gets smacked on the head when Clarence's mother, Harriet, the waitress from the restaurant, arrives home. Eric voices his concern about the neighborhood in which they are living and that he senses that there is something that he could do for their family. Harriett tells Eric that her ex-husband, who was still married to his first wife, didn't file the taxes and now they are coming after her for his tax bill. The IRS froze her bank account and she needed to get paid cash. Eric tells her that he can try to fix the problem with the IRS and talk to Mr. Smith for her.

At home, Eric tells Annie that he is going to the IRS and Annie warns him to not get upset. Mary and Lucy tell Annie that they need a ride to the mall, but Annie asks them to ask nicely, but when they do, they don't get the answer they want. Eric calls Mr. Smith from the office of the IRS and is walking around the office talking on his cell phone to figure out where Mr. Smith is and finally finds him and corners him about Harriett. Matt finds Leonard, a guy on the newspaper, and tells him to print a retraction, but Leonard claims that he is free from persecution since he is protected by the 1st Amendment. When Leonard walks away, a group of girls look at Matt flirtatiously which makes him uncomfortable. Annie finds Happy's dog shoes and the credit card. When Annie calls and asks for a return, but the lady, the same one that Simon talked to, tells her that she can't do anything to help her. Lucy tries to return the sweater to the store where Mary bought it, but she doesn't have the receipt and the manager won't give her a refund. At the IRS office, Mrs. Smith tells Eric that he is about to retire in 14 days and can't do anything about the situation since Harriett took responsibility for the debt. Suddenly, Mr. Smith clutches his chest while Eric calls 911.

At the hospital, Mr. Smith didn't have his insurance card so Eric had to leave and go back to the IRS office to get his wallet. At home, Simon and Ruthie ask Annie I they can have something to eat, but Annie thinks that since they asked nicely, that maybe Happy should also get something to eat. When Annie calls for Happy, he walks into the kitchen wearing his red boots from the catalog. Simon and Ruthie are confused on where Happy got the boots are astonished when Annie tells them that Happy ordered the boot out of the catalog with her credit card. Annie answers the phone for Matt and hands the phone over to Matt when he walks in the room. Lucy comes home and tells Annie that she didn't have any luck returning the sweater. Eric shows up at the hospital with the insurance card and when the nurse tells him to wait, Eric gets upset and demands service. The nurse just tells him to sit and wait, so Eric finds a doctor and tells him that Mr. Smith is having a heart attack and to help him. Mr. Smith is rolled away. Annie shows up at the store to try to return the sweater, but the manager tells her that she can't do anything. Annie then shows the sweater to ladies that are looking at the sweater and tells them that if they wash it, it will shrink like hers did. The manager tells Annie to get out of the store or she will call security, but when Annie walks out, she gives a speech about stores standing behind what they sell and treating the customers with respect. The manager gets upset and tells her that since people have stolen her merchandise and tried to return stolen stuff for cash, she has had to find cheaply made things. All of the people in the store walk out, but Annie feels badly and apologizes to the store owner and offers to get her a cup of coffee. At the hospital, Eric asks about Mr. Smith and finds out that he had heartburn, not a heart attack. Eric sees his opportunity to try to get what he wants and asks the doctor to not tell Mr. Smith until he gets done with him.

At home, Matt answers the door to Leonard from the school paper. Leonard apologizes for putting a personals ad in the newspaper and he did it to get some publicity for the personals section so that more people would do it. Matt says that it is ok, but Mary and Lucy tells Leonard the real reason why he is ok since Dina Nash, the most popular girl in school called Matt. At the hospital, Mr. Smith decides that he doesn't want to die with the Harriet situation on his conscience. Harriet and Clarence show up at Mr. Smith's hospital room and Mr. Smith tells Harriet that she will get the money back from the IRS. When Mr. Smith is done, the doctor shows up and tells him that he had heartburn and will only need to spend the night. Mr. Smith apologizes to Harriet and Eric thanks God.