7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2001 on The CW

Episode Recap

Annie has started teaching. While discussing relationships in class, a girl, Christy, asks if two people are always fighting, should they break up? Thinking she means the girl and her boyfriend, Annie says yes. Christy tells her parents that Annie said they should get a divorce because they are always fighting. Annie gets in trouble with the principal for saying such a thing, and the parents refuse to speak with her until she apologizes for what she said. Not thinking she did anything wrong, Annie won't. When Christy comes to the Camden house after yet another fight at her house, Annie talks to Christy's mom and tells her that if she needs someone to talk to or anything, she and Eric are there and can recommend good counselors. Additionally she thanks Christy's mom for making her realize her fights with Eric are having an effect on their own children.

Eric wants to help Annie, who keeps pushing him away. They finally talk after they realize how much time they spend fighting. They agree to mind each other's privacy, but to also try a little harder in the future to communicate and show their love.

Matt is working and going to school and has no time for Cheryl. Cheryl has approached Matt in the past about where his priorities are, and that she deserves more time. Cheryl talks to Eric and he tells her that she is the best thing that has ever happened to Matt, and that the Camdens love her as their own and would welcome her into their family. When Cheryl and Matt talk, Matt tells Cheryl that they should break up, and Cheryl says they should get married. Cheryl admits she talked to Eric, and they both agree to break up for now, but the door is still open.

In an attempt to pass the firefighter test, Mary is training with Wilson and trying her best. When one of the male trainees asks her to join the guys at a bar, she says she is going out with her boyfriend, but when Wilson has to work late, she admits she needs tutoring for the book portion of the test. The male trainee offers to help, and before leaving, he kisses Mary, who, after slapping him, kisses him back. Wilson then walks in to surprise her, but he's the one who really gets surprised.

Lucy has no one to talk to about her feelings for Robbie. She finally confides in Cheryl (Robbie's ex-girlfriend). Cheryl tells her to talk to him. When she finally finds him, he is on a date, and Lucy becomes very jealous. She tells Joanne (his date) stories about what a horrible boyfriend Robbie is. Joanne leaves, and Lucy and Robbie talk about their feeling, and they kiss. Eric sees the kiss from the window.

Simon meets a new girl in school. She flirts with him, but he finds out that she is his friend Morris' girlfriend. They invite him to shoot pool, and she continues hitting on him. She kisses Simon, who kisses her back, and says they have to tell Morris. Simon calls Morris and tells him how she came on to him, and what she said about how things weren't good between Morris and her anyway. Simon then tells her what he told Morris, saying he'd rather keep his friendship with Morris than date her.