7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2001 on The CW



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    • Mrs. Parks: Thank you Mrs. Camden. Christy is lucky to have you as a teacher.
      Annie: Considering everything that has happened today that is very sweet of you to say.

    • Annie: Well, I don't know what Christy's parents are fighting about, but whatever it is it can't be more important than their daughter. Don't they see how their fighting is affecting her?
      Eric: You know, there are a lot of parents who believe that as long as they are not yelling at their kids their kids aren't affected by their yelling. They don't seem to understand that a parent's relationship with each other affects their children for the rest of their lives. If we can learn how to have a good relationship from our parents, we can learn how to have a bad relationship from them too.
      Annie: Thanks, but of course, I know all that, which is one of the many reasons they asked me to teach.
      Eric: Hey, I'm just trying to be supportive.
      Ruthie: (to Eric and Annie) You know, you guys fight a lot.
      Annie: Do we fight a lot?
      Eric: Maybe, I don't know.
      Annie: You don't know if we fight a lot?
      Eric: I don't know what answer won't cause a fight. Maybe I need to find a better way to communicate with you.
      Annie: And maybe if I take hormones everything will go back to normal?
      Eric: I didn't say that.
      Annie: But you wanted to.
      Eric: No, I didn't. I want you to do whatever you need to do. And I want us to stop fighting.
      Annie: But we've always had fights, and we're always gonna fight.
      Eric: Well, then maybe we need to find ways to fight that are more productive and friendly.
      Annie: You're right.
      Eric: I honestly was just trying to help.
      Annie: But I don't always need your help. I want to solve my own problems by myself.
      Eric: We're a team. A good team. We've always worked together and our relationship has been the better for it.
      Annie: But lately I feel the need to have things that are just mine...and I'm going to try to be nicer.
      Eric: And I'm going to be more considerate of your feelings.
      Annie: I do love you.
      Eric: I love you, too.
      Annie: I guess we need to show it more, huh?

    • Ms. Mackoul: (to Annie) Did you tell a student that her parents should get divorced? When Christy Parks' mother picked her up at school today, she told her mother that you said her parents should get a divorce. Now her mother is very upset. She just left my office...what exactly did you tell Christy?

    • Eric: (to Cheryl) And Matt was a little lost last year, but ever since he started dating you, he's changed. He's become more focused and he's... he's happy. I'm a little surprised that you don't see that you really have made his life better. And anything that makes his life better makes me and Annie very happy.

    • Lucy: Robbie and I could only be friends. There's just too much history with him and my family and...you.
      Cheryl: If you know how you feel, tell him.

    • Annie: (to the Class) I know we just started reading "Swiss Family Robinson" today but can anyone tell what they think the moral of the story is?
      Christy: I think the author is showing us that even though you may not be shipwrecked with your family that all families have to figure a way to get along.
      Annie: Yes, good. The author, Johann David Wyss, is telling us that all relationships require a lot of work. Patience, tolerance and love. He wrote this book to teach his own sons life lessons.
      Christy: If two people fight all the time, they should break up, right?
      Annie: Well, yes, if two people are fighting all the time then maybe they shouldn't be together, but you're young.
      Christy: That's what I think, too. Thanks Mrs. Camden.

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    • Annie: Thank you Dr. Freud.

      Annie makes fun of Eric by calling him Dr. Freud who was the founder of psychoanalysis in psychology.