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  • Maybe one day we'll learn

    In a theocratic society, propaganda movies would look exactly like this show. Unbelievably blatant propaganda movies, in which nothing good exists that is not WASP and everyone turns to and every problem is solved by: a benign father figure. Never before or after have I seen a show that is truer to the saying "Religion is the opium of the people".

    I can understand embracing the values promoted in this show. I don't share them all, but I think I can understand how people can see their worth. What I can never understand or accept is ignoring or embracing its manipulativeness and its shutting-out of any reality as we know it.

    I think it's just terrible and even though it has redeeming qualities, for what I mentioned above I will give it 1 point and hope that the day will come when shows like 7th Heaven will not be produced anymore.

    Reply to sallenj: I must admit, I haven't seen too many episodes, maybe 20 or so, and most of them not even fully. I just could not bear it. But please note that you misinterpreted and misrepresented my review, I believe that a world in which more people were like the family depicted in the show, would actually be a nicer world. But for me the same is true for a world in which unicorns exist. I would love for unicorns to exist. Or for aliens to contact us. Or, yes, for God to exist.

    But that is just fantasy (for me). And that is how I see the show. Fantasy. But the problem I have with the show is that it's fantasy with an agenda. And I think that is very, very dangerous.
  • Reply to Jojask

    Unfortunately, J illustrates the mindset of too many people. Notice that he starts out with the specter of "theocracy" and This is just silly, since there is no theocracy in the show, implied, practiced, or argued for. Besides, we all know that "Will and Grace" or "Modern Family" NEVER have propaganda in them!

    Then, J brings up the boogie man of WASP (That's 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, in case you were wondering). This ignores the fact that the show includes accepted main characters who are Jewish and Catholic (So, it's not exclusively Protestant, or as well as many characters who are black (The Hamiltons, hello?), and at least one major character who is Hispanic (So, it's not exclusively white . It makes one wonder if J has actually watched the show.

    Oh, and he shows that he doesn't like wise fathers, or religion. Then, he ties it all together with a quote from Karl Marx, who actually was what he accuses the show off being: "manipulative, and shutting out any reality as we know it. " Oh, and Marx has been proven wrong by history, by the way.

    He caps off his argument against the show by showing his deep tolerance for people who might have a different view than his. Just kidding. He actually closes by hoping that no shows like 7th Heaven will ever be produced again. That's fitting for someone with his demonstrated fact free view of the show, and his bias against reality.

  • Confused

    Watching the rerun of the final episode 11:22 -

    At the very end - a man named Stanley shows up to help move the RV

    instead Stanley tells Eric he must take him because he is helpful and I thought he implied that Eric had no option.

    I gathered Eric did die and this is his Heaven and Stanley is his guiding angel?

    It was confusing to say the least. I did not watch this show when it was originally on.
  • Real heaven

    This is the best program that me and and my wife never want to miss in Australian Channel 11. It really demonstrate the need for family life and how the parents has to manage their children under different age groups. In the current deteriorating family life in Australia and elswhere, this serial remind all the viewers of the importance of family and morla values. We are hindus grown up with christian friends, the moral values are the same for all of us. Thanks and congrats to all the wonderful actors and the dogs too!
  • Good Job 7th Heaven!

    Great show! I've seen all the episodes. My parents and I used to watch them every day. It was a great way for us to discuss awkward issues, and spend time together.

    The characters are great, and so real. They get into trouble and face difficulties just like everyone else.

    I also like the way the writers bring up such important social and moral issues with a sensitive yet informative view point.
  • 7th heaven

    I like the show I watch it averyday but they need some new ones on tv .I like this the only show that don't have the fightting and it don't have the vilins oor the cursing on the show.
  • 7th heaven

    i love this show you should bring it back on tv

  • I love Watching 7th Heaven

    7th Heaven is the coolest show I've ever seen I can watch it again and again and never get sick of watching =)

    This is an absolutely wonderful show, and it is my favourite. Some of the episodes are bad I will admit, one I couldn't watch the whole thing, but I still think that it is a great show. The first few seasons were better, because the plot was simpler to follow and the main characters were involved more, but the later seasons were also good, they were just different. I have to say, I can't pinpoint a favourite character. I like Matt because of his wacky outbursts every now and again and I also like Ruthie for speaking her mind and for the fact that she is so pretty. Lucy is annoying sometimes for complaining, but she is a good character and very realistic. I have to say I hate Peter, Ruthies ex-boyfriend for his overuse of the word 'honey' and 'sweetie' when they were what 12 or 13, if that happened in real life he would be laughed at, I don't know whta Ruthie saw in him. Overall I great show. :)))
  • I hate this show

    I really don't understand this series.Its show us a happy American family but i don't think that is the reality.Everything there is perfect,everybody is beautiful(yes Bield is very hot but all the girls are not like her,i didn't saw any ugly girls in the show) and everything is great.They show us a idealistic world but the reality is very different .I hate the annoying morale at the end of all episodes.Sex is bad,especially before the marriage, drinking is very, very bad(no its not, i don't think that i am an alcoholic if i drink some beers with my friends sometimes).
  • This Show Sucks!

    This show is boring and stupid, the theme song gets on my last nerves, its annoying and dumb!! This show is so *yawn* needs to just go away, its just I dunno what else to say but BORING!! and STUPID!! 7th Heaven yeah Im glad you got cancelled!! Your ANNOYING!!
  • A really dumb show.

    I love to make fun of this show. It's so bad. The mom cries in every freaking episode!.....no I'm serious. What is just so interesting about a crying mom? Let me tell you: nothing. This show is like........buh-arf. And that's all. Because that's all it needs to be. Since it really sucks. Okay, is the review word count done yetttttttt? Huh huh huh?Crud.I really don't understand this show. It has no actually plot. AND Beverly Mitchell is the most annoying, self-centered person I've ever seen on TV. Character or not, she's straight out annoying. Don't disagree with me, you know you hate her. Okay, I'm done.
  • oh dear. can an axe murderer kill them all???

    really? how many kids? everyone is happy. stupidly happy. no, let me rephrase that, everyone is STUPID. and they all have annoying-ass voices and faces and every time i see them i just want to punch them on the nose you know? just puch the smile off their giddy faces. ooh, we're the silly family and we aaall want to be priests. priesthood rocks. and i hate that father dude. he is disgusting, sorry. and one of the kids looks like a rat. even her voice resembles a rat. man, oh man i hate that show. why did i ever watch it?
  • A Christian minister and his stay-at-home wife raise their family in the fictional Glen Oak, California, all while boasting an impressive range of real-life issues in one episode after another. Had some rough patches, but it was good when it wanted to be.

    Having been on the air for a record-breaking 11 seasons (an ideal goal for any TV show, provided the actors and writers are devoted enough), "7th Heaven" was certainly a classic TV series of its time. Although many people wouldn't readily admit that it was part of their Monday night ritual for all those years, there was obviously a solid fan base that kept it going for so long, and compared to the current obsession with trashy reality TV, this series at least had a message worth sharing.

    Needless to say, 11 years is a long time. The first episode aired when I was in fifth grade, and I was nearing my college graduation by the time it took its final bow, so with a show like that, you really get a chance to see the highs and the lows. There were times when "7th Heaven" was truly good, with quality writing and powerful episodes that dealt with a good range of contemporary social topics. However, as the series reached its later seasons, it really showed its age and began producing some stupid and unrealistic episodes that drifted further and further away from any kind of reality. With all things considered, though, here's a reason I've been collecting all the seasons on DVD, and there's a reason I still enjoy watching it to this day.

    The original premise centered around everyday life for a Protestant minister, his homemaker wife, and their five children, all with very unique and colorful personalities of their own. There was rebellious big brother Matt, athletic Mary, emotional Lucy, inquisitive Simon, and sassy Ruthie. Later in the series, loving parents Eric and Annie expanded the family with twin sons Sam and David. They were "minister's children," so they did grow up with faith and basically good values, but they were far from perfect, and many of the weekly storylines revolved around the ups and downs of raising such a large brood. Other episodes focused on Eric and Annie's loving marriage, as well as Eric's joys and struggles as a round-the-clock counselor to his needy parishioners.

    The show also found a way to shed a positive light on stay-at-home moms without condemning working parents, which was a nice bonus, but the writers' biggest draw was with the countless universal issues that pertain to the real society, not just the television world. Episodes were done about the Holocaust, September 11, American patriotism in general, Tourettes Syndrome, gang-related violence, interreligion marriages, and the more recent problems in Darfur, to name just a few "problems of the week" for the Camden clan (believe me, there were thousands of them). Some cliched topics like teen pregnancy, divorce, and alcoholism were also presented, which generally had mixed results when the episodes actually aired. Some of them seemed very forced and fell flat, while others were perfectly on target with the intended message (for example, Eric's fight to help his formerly responsible younger sister through a devastating alcohol problem was beautifully done and nicely developed over the series' run). It just depends on what seasons you are watching. Seasons 1-5 are pretty top-notch, while 6-11 leave a lot to be desired most of the time.

    Critics of "7th Heaven" would probably spend most of their time talking about its tendency to be preachy, as well as the attitudes of certain characters as the series went on. I agree with a previous poster who said that some of the children's behavior was definitely irritating, especially youngest daughter Ruthie, who seemed to manipulate her parents from age 6 to 16. Maybe it's because I grew up in a family where the kids absolutely did not "rule the roost" (which is exactly the way it should be), but I do think that Ruthie got away with far too much, and middle child Lucy was more than a little overexaggerated with her sometimes psychotic "drama queen" personality. In that sense, Eric and Annie's arguably lax parenting methods weren't always the perfect message, but underneath it all, they were certainly very loving parents who tried teaching their children to serve others in the community, and that's a valid lesson for anyone.

    You'll probably enjoy this show if you're looking for something with Christian-based morals, social issues addressed in each episode, and a good, loving American family at the center. There's plenty to like about it, at least when it was in its prime, and again, if you want "7th Heaven" at its best, I'd go with the first five seasons. Overall, I think I would give it 7/10. There are definitely those days when I am in the mood to curl up on the couch, turn on a good episode, and enjoy an hour with the Camdens, and in fact, it's actually sounding pretty good right about now...
  • 7th Heaven is a show about a minister (Rev. Eric Camden), his wife Annie and their 7 kids. There are also a lot of extended family members (husbands, wives, grand kids, etc.)

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. My family was never into Church. We used to go at Christmas and Easter when I was little, and I would go occasionally with friends if I spent the night at their house, but other than that, nothing. Because of that, I was surprised that one of my favorite shows is about a minster and his family. I love 7th Heaven and I love the Camden's. I was sad to see this show end. It had a great run. 11 Seasons!!! Not many shows can say they have lasted that long. I didn't start watching until I think about season 3. Season 4 was my first full season I think that I watched. When the show premiered in 1996 I was in 4th grade. I was watching Disney and Nickelodeon. One of the first episode's I remember watching was "Johnny Get Your Gun" I don't know why I watched it, but it was a great episode and I believe that from about season 4 on I never missed an episode. I have watched them all now and I have all the seasons on DVD. I love this show!!!
  • I love 7th Heaven!

    I have been watching 7th Heaven since I was a little girl. Now I am married and a mother of two but I still enjoy this show. Unfortunately, it only comes on at 8am so my girls and I don't get to watch it. I think this show had a positive impact and showed how important family was. This is the kind of show we need our children to see. I think that the show should start up again and it can be more about Lucy and Kevin beginning their family. Showing their struggles and sticking together as a family.
  • After 11 wonderful years, it's time to say goodbye...

    For 11 years 7th Heaven has graced us with its presence each week. I know that most of us will always crave more of what we can't have, and I am among those who hope beyond hope that it will be revived- not unlike Jesus himself- for just one more Season.

    I also know that in the end you start thinking about the beginning, and if I had the chance I would travel back to 1996 and do it over and over again. Short of that, we have the DVDs to keeps us occupied so that we don't feel the punch as hard.

    It is time to say goodbye (for a second time) to Eric, Annie, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and all those hundreds of extras as they bow out with the dignity of knowing that they were, at any stage, part of a phenomenon: a family drama, high within its morals, that not only entertains but teaches its audience.

    When we see the finale, and hear Roy Orbison's "Anything You Want" playing in the background to send off what has been 11 years of all our lives, I will sit in comfort knowing that 7th Heaven will fall- with Amazing Grace- back into TV history.

    Oh, what a ride it has been...
  • This show is my #1 favorite show to watch. I cant believe they are taking it off.

    When this show first started I didnt think it was that great but then the kids started to grow up and everyday things started to happen. This is the only show that i know that had an episode about the good thing and bad thing that can happen. they covered thing like dating, break ups, drugs, drinking, etc. this is a family show and i really dont think this show should be going off. I think kids, teens, and adults can learn from this show. i grew up with this show. some people have there own opion about this show. my opion is that this show should go on and if they must have to end it then they should make a spin off of lucy and kevin because they just started there family and i like to see how it turns out.
  • All-around decent show with its ups and downs.

    It's hard to write a review for this show. It just went on for so stinking long, it's difficult to speak for the show as a whole without breaking down its individual seasons. Overall, I enjoyed this show. For the most part, I looked forward to watching a new episode. But, of course, there were times when I wondered why in the heck I bothered with it... Some episodes were just so dang bad! Boring, badly written, cheesy... Especially in the later seasons. There it pretty much turned into a mindless soap opera. But, you know, it still had its good moments there.

    Enough about the bad stuff; now onto the good. The reason I enjoyed this show so much was that, despite the cheesiness of it, it dealt with some serious problems and handled many of them very well. There were some great emotional episodes, especially early on. Like the one where the Camdens learn Aunt Julie is an alcoholic, or the one where the kid threatens to shoot Simon. And I'm a sucker for the classic, idealistic '7th Heaven' endings that usually came out so perfectly.

    All in all, I thought it was a cute little show. Perhaps it ran its course a little too long, but it was still good. After watching the Camdens for 11 seasons, one almost starts to feel like he knows them, and it was sad to see them go at the last episode.

    Farewell, Camdens. You will be missed.
  • a good show

    7th heaven is about this family that is very nice and kind to others sorta reminds me of the mordern day brady bunch lol. the father and the parents are nice and always tring to help there kids and try to teach them and show them in the right ways. and they go through family situations like any other tv family goes through you still got your arugments but they just sorta end nice most of the time on this show. and if other need help in the neibor hood the family is always tring to do the right thing i thought this was a nice show when it came on it was on for about 10 years and it had a long run you really dont see family shows like this anymore
  • cool cool cool nice clean story not like other shows that you turn off in the middle cause they suck and are plaine rude

    you can realy get use to the Camden family in your house realy cry with them laught with them.

    Realy nice clean good proper family story .

    why did it have to end .

    nicest weding scenes and Lucy can she get dramatic.

    very real life based v e r y v e r y v e r y c o o l ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Mat , Kevin , how very cute can you get even Simon .

    Annie- real real strong woman always stands her ground always .

    i am pretty hooked on this series well done to every one involved.
  • A great show, with the best characters, and the best stories!

    Wow! What a great show was that! I am from Holland and the Dutch television has only broadcast season 1,2 en 3! I have seen some episodes of other seasons on the internet, and it's really the most beautiful show I have ever seen! The characters are amazing and the stories are real! When 7th Heaven was broadcast in Holland, Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) was a little girl with brown curly hair, the sweetest person of the show. 9 years later, Rutie is a young woman with her own opinion. It's amazing how the characters have been changed through the years! 11 seasons is enough I think, It was a great show, and I think a lot of people agree with me. But I miss it. But I think the television must bring back all the old seasons. From season 1 till 11. My favourite character is Lucy. I was her age when I watched the show. I knew what she was going through. But actually I like all characters. It is a real family, the right persons played the right characters, what makes it a great, faboulous and amazing show!! I LOVE 7th HEAVEN!!!
  • If there is one show that someone should go to jail for it´s this one. ' It´s so bad that I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy and if this was showed in jail it would be torture.

    Who ever made this crap should go to jail.
    The hole fundamentalistic happy family is just a joke with their BS problems.
    Worst one, was when the gay kid "Aaron Carter hair cut" was heaving sex and for some reason that was huge problem that he wasn´t married etc.
    I was literally banging my head against the wall, how the hell is that a problem???
    Kids today are using crack and most schools have metal detectors so kids don´t bring weapons to school.
    IF only kids just made sweet love there wouldn´t be any school shootings. Jeusus Allah and his friends get a grip of reality.

    P.S The only reason any one would watch this show is because Biel is hot.
  • 7th heaven has done it again =) Stephan Collins is back in action helping this guy Karl because his girlfriend broke up with him, and Eric is working at the Campus Radio Station for a job, a job that Annie doesn't understand Usher guest stars

    Wow to Brenda Hampton for this episode .. it was absutely amazing. It was kind of obvious why Lucy hired helped get Eric a job a that radio station, I am so glad that they got Usher to play Will I thought he did a hell of a job playing that roll, lol what Ruthie did to Jake was hysterical haha go Ruthie haha i thought that was great... Annie's expression on her face was priceless =) I loved it how Will tried to get Carl to open up on the bench when Will found him. I thought that was great. He just did an excellent job playing a counslor thing on the show in my opinion, now to the Lucy and Kevin thing I'm glad Lucy finally is trying to drop the whole jealously thing it was actually getting kind of annoying to tell you the truth. I thought it was nice of her to ask Roxanne not to switch partners with Kevin I thought that was cool anyways great episode...
  • I hate this show

    One of the most annoying shows ever created the story lines are really weak and preachy....I really hate that annoying episode about smoking my sister loved it through its 11 years on the air it brings back a lot of memories of me being annoyed and wanting to change the channel but couldn't. I really hate this show and wondered why it was still on the air. Especially that really annoying episode about smoking. I don't smoke but because of how annoying the episode was I wanted to light up an entire pack. I wish that the show was never created so I could have watched other shows. Or that my sister didn't like it so much. I asked my father why does 7th heaven suck he said it was because it was a christian drama and you know what he is right.

    I am glad you are finally gone 7th heaven!!!!!!!!
  • It had its good time and bad times.

    7th Heaven never really got to be one of those shows which will be remembered adoringly. But it had its good days, particularly in the early seasons. Season one through three showed us different conflicts whether with the children, Annie, Eric, close relatives, friends or citizens of Glen Oak.

    Season 4 was good, but due to circumstances, the show changed somewhat. It was still good and enjoyable, but the atmosphere was permanently altered. However, it managed to stay strong for the next year and half.

    Season 5, in my opinion, was the best. We got to see a Camden child spiral downward and eventually be sent to live with her grandparents back East all the while a freshman Simon adjusts to high school and tries to fit in with new crowds. Mid-season, we see an ex-boyfriend moving in and honestly, without that Camden child around as much, it helped.

    Season 6 was still good, but the show began to falter, unfortunately. As back in season 4, they panicked due to another actor's personal life and brought in a character that hurt the show somewhat. The 8th episode "Lost" we get a glimpse of what's to come in season 7 through 11.

    Season 7, with the departure of Jessica Biel and Barry Watson, introduced a whole gaggle of characters. From this point onwards, I'm sad to say it wasn't the same 7th Heaven I once knew. It recovered briefly in season 9 and if you ignore parts of season 10, it was better. But it never got to be what it was in season 1-3.
  • 7 th heaven is about is reverend who have a church home and 7 kids, each kid is growing up quickly.

    i love the show that im re-rented dvds to watch it again,... im up to season 8

    please help me

    does anyone remember when Mary talk to Lucy about Jeremy's ring and Kevin came upstairs to hug her, she hide her ring, cuz Mary said lets send the ring back to the guys, what episode is that?? so they did, i thought it was season 6. but i wasn't sure, can someone please help me? please help me, cuz i cant remember it

    this is when Mary find out about how Ben isn't for her cuz she still have Wilson's ring as necklace
  • A show about a minister and his family yet hardly any religion in it.

    7th Heaven was about family and friends and day to day life problems they faced. Even though I thought the idea of bringing in the twins Sam & Dave didn't go over too well, the rest of the show was fine.

    Mary and Simon the two "rebel" children in the family were always welcomed back with open arms once they realized their family would always be there for them.

    The Camdens' open door policy to everyone in the community was a nice idea, though in this day and time most people wouldn't be ike in reality.

    I love the fact that when it was time for Lucy to move out, finally, she bought the house behind her.
  • Miss

    I miss the show. It made me cry so many times. It was sweet and every epi. had a meaning. It was show that spoke strat to your heart. I watched every epi. and am getting the dvds to re live it over and over. They play re runs here all the time and I tune in. So in my book this so was one of the best and it will be missed. I read a post somewhere where fans were trying to get them to make a movie now that would be funny. The Camden Family return to film lol. I would watch
  • 7th Heaven is set in Glenoak, Califonia. It is centered around Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie and their five older kids they have young twins but they do not come until the middle of the third season.

    7th heaven is a fabulous family drama that can attract viewers at any age. Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie are raising seven children, Matt, the oldest in med school who marries a jewish girl. Mary, the rebel and the basketball star, my personal favorite after she left in season seven the show went downhill. Lucy, the emotional annoyance. She is always crying. Simon, the mess. He starts out to be a cute loving kid and ends up killing a kid and sleeping around. Ruthie, the nosy youngest daughter deffinitely is an essential character though she acts way too old for her age. The twins sam and David were adorable but why couldn't they speak when they were eight? Robbie and Mary were my favorite characters. They both added so much. I also loved Wilson and Ben. I loved loved loved all of Mary's boyfriends except Carlos...what was that all about. In my opinion 7th Heaven was a decent show, it just would've been better if Mary did not leave and if she ended up with Ben...even Robbie or Wilson just NOT Carlos.
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