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  • order more episodes to honor aaron spelling.

    7th heaven is such a great show. it applies to the issues of family structure. and all family problem within the camdens as well as the community of glenoak. the only issues i havent seen is a hiv problem , nor a gay/lesbian issue. tjis show has been strong since 1196 and will continue to be strong.
  • It proves to us that even the strongest christian families have their problems but with help from god they can make it through. Without all the pain and suffering there wouldn't be compassion. 1 family many problems and 1 HERO who goes by the name of GOD!

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  • 7th Heaven is the best show on television.

    You can tell why 7th Heaven is the longest running family drama on television. The Rev., his family and friends keep you entertained until the last moments of the episode. My favorite Camden is Ruthie, I am not sure if it is because i can relate to her problems since we are close to the same age. I also loved Sandy. She helps add how people can overcome obstacles and really be sweet and caring peopole. This show also has interesting storylines, characters, and extrodinary actors/actresses. I also like how we have watched actors/actresses grow up and change.

    I LOVE 7TH HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great show to watch with or without your family. The show teaches a lot of life lessons that you may or may have not yet encountered.

    I came across this show a couple of years back on ABC family since I din't have the WB. Ever since watching it from the begin of season 1 to season 9, I've became hooked. i'm trying to catch up to season 10 before season 11 comes this fall. Finally I'll be getting the CW (Upn and WB together) so I can catch up. I was so happy to hear that it was coming back for an 11th season. This makes it the longest running family drama ever! After reading that Mack and Dave weren't coming back for season 11, I din't like the sound of that. But hopefully they will change their minds. It's said that if 7th Heaven doesn't better on the CW in the Fall then it looks like Eric dies of a heart attack. But if it does come back how are they going to write it out. Anyways it's a great show to watch with the family!
  • I love this showw!!

    i love love love love love love this show .. i wish it would still be making new seasons .. this show has every thing that you ever wanted .. i really love this show .. i want to meet the cast because i mean the guys are soo hott and i just love all of them .. they all have a great talent .. i cant wait until next monday to watch it on the wb at 7 .. well i just wanted to tell yall how much i love love love love love love love this show !!
  • Just another drama.

    Once again it is just a drama. Im not a big fan of Dramas but this show is pretty good. I havent watched alot of it but I do like the show. I probobly like the show because my sister doesnt like it. This show does get annoying but once you see one episode you get sucked in.
  • :) TV guide channel says therell be a new season

    I love this show with a huge passion. I grew up with this show. Growing up I had a huge crush on Mary and Lucy. My favorite episode would have to be the one when Lucy has her baby in the elevator. I thoght it was such a great episode. I saw on the TV guide channel that they were bringing back 7th heaven for anohther season. I hope its true but with the death of Aaron spelling I dont think its possible. I dont really like the way it ended. It should have ended with a wedding. Plus we will never see all these twins that are gonna be born
  • The Camdens, a Christian family living in California, face the challenges of trying to live a moral life in a confusing world.

    This drama is currently in its 9th season, and the 1st season has just recently been released on DVD. As an avid watcher of this show, I have been rather amused by watching the DVD in tandem with the current episodes to see how the characters have all grown up. The show itself has gone through many changes, both in casting, in quality and in maturity. It combines the dynamics of a typical family-oriented soap opera with moral lessons, political statements, and social issues that few shows dare to tread upon. Over the years it has talked about typical dramatic topics such as parenting, school, dating, and relationships, as well as more heavy topics such as racism, war, sex, religion, death and domestic violence. Overall, as a show, it succeeds extremely well in presenting these issues through strong characters and excellent writing. One of its major strengths is showing the world of the non-churched that Christians are not perfect people who never make mistakes. The Camden kids struggle in their attempts to balance their values in the real world; sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose big time. Because it’s the fantasy world of television, sometimes the way the characters’ struggles are resolved within an hour-long show come off as unrealistic and phony, but actor Stephen Collins (Eric Camden) has admitted in an interview that though the show is idealized, it is not fantasy. 7th Heaven explores, through storytelling, many hard issues that people face everyday, and usually does a good job at revealing the source of these issues.

    One issue that is currently being explored in the current season is sex. Though many of the older Camden kids have been tempted and come very close in previous seasons, Simon has become the first member of the family to have pre-marital sex. This is certainly not a new issue for a TV show to explore; several shows such as Dawson’s Creek or even Friends treat pre-marital sex, rather irresponsibly, as something normal and acceptable, with minimal consequences. Sex is treated as something that does and SHOULD be part of the early stages of a relationship, a casual and even recreational pastime. Yet apart from some squabbles, tears and breaking things off with a shrug, rarely are the consequences ever explored or mentioned. On 7th Heaven, the subject has been only skimmed until now, as to not only the consequences but some of the reasons why pre-marital sex occurs.

    The consequences that are often talked about, both in real life and on television, are the obvious ones of unwanted pregnancies and diseases. What is not usually brought up is the emotional and relational consequences of pre-marital sex. What’s so bad about it anyway, and why is it treated with such fervor among the Christian community? Nicky Gumbel, speaker in the popular Alpha course, sums it up very well by pointing out several things: firstly, that God created sex, and that pleasure is HIS idea, not the Devil’s. God’s plan and design for sex is that through it, a man and a woman become one flesh. (Genesis 2:24, 1 Corinthians 6:16) Well what happens when one piece of flesh is torn apart? It hurts! Gumbel uses the illustration of two pieces of corrugated cardboard glued together and then torn apart. What happens is that pieces of the one will still be left behind on the other. Even when two people come together in marriage and consummate it through sex as God intended, if either partner has previous sexual relationships, pieces of those other partners are still there with them, and the ‘one flesh’ is no longer ONLY two becoming one, undermining the intimacy. Using an analogy of colors, pure blue and a pure yellow will make a pure green, but if there are other colors mixed in, the color ends up muddy. This is why it is considered sin to God, because it misses the mark of his plan for us, which should include unspoiled sexual pleasure for those who marry.

    What 7th Heaven has recently explored is the excuses we make for having dabbled in a sin such as pre-marital sex. When Eric and Simon finally sit down and discuss the aftermath of Simon’s decision, Eric attempts to help Simon realize why what he’s done is a bad idea. Eric tells him, “I love you, but I hate what you’ve done. What can I do to help you right now?” Simon’s response is that he wants his father to tell him that what he’s done is OK, and that he’s just like any other 18-year-old guy. Rather than tackle the issue head on and admit he has sinned, he wants to hear that nothing is wrong, he wants approval. He even blames his decision on his partner Georgia, on her seductiveness and the fact that she’s ‘persuasive.’ This is a natural human response that goes all the way back to Genesis. God asks Adam why he sinned, and Adam blames it on Eve, who blames it on the serpent. Passing the buck like this is part of our sinful nature, and we do it all the time. We try to justify our wrong-doing constantly with others, with God, and with ourselves. Eric’s response to this is interesting, that Simon is not like any other 18-year-old who can freely go from one casual relationship to another, because he “has more than a casual relationship with Christ.” What a rare, awesome thing to hear this uttered on a mainstream show such as this! God is mentioned often on TV, but how often do we hear the name “Christ”? Not often enough. This scene between Eric and Simon is not resolved right away in its particular episode, which is realistic and appropriate. Rather than do what the show sometimes does, in wrapping up a tough issue quickly and unrealistically, it allows the characters time to think and flesh the issue out over more episodes. Simon later confesses to his therapist that the reason why he had pre-marital sex was because of his guilt related to the car accident in the previous season, where he accidentally killed someone. He figured since he thinks he’s going to Hell anyway for doing this, he might as well have sex. Not steal, or cheat, or intentionally murder another, but have sex. There is an interesting truth to this. Of all the vices available to us fallen humans, sex is probably the most subtle of them all. The dangers of drinking and drugs are much more obvious, and the experiences behind them are not always particularly pleasant to begin with, let alone the deadly aftermaths they can lead to. But since sex feels good, pretty awesome in fact, it doesn’t seem so bad does it? As long as you’re “safe” about it and use protection, how bad can it be? The emotional confusion and damage pre-marital sex can do to our self-esteem and character, if treated like a casual game, is the enemy’s disclaimer he doesn’t want us to know about.

    7th Heaven has continued to explore the issue of sex further throughout the season, comparing Simon’s situation with his sister Lucy and her husband Kevin, who are having a baby. Although they waited to have sex and they are following God’s plan, there are still medical emergencies that occur with Lucy’s pregnancy, and the emotional roller-coasters that both her and Kevin go through. It’s not an easy road, no matter how it happens. There is also another story involving a pregnant teen and her reluctance to tell the father of their situation. She eventually does, and the event brings the estranged families of the teens closer together, on the road to healing. God can, through the support of His people, bring any unwanted situation to a reconciled conclusion. Bringing up a child in a loving family is part of God’s plan, His desire for US, and it’s amazing how He manages to bring people back to that when they have caused it to happen otherwise. He loves us that much.

    What makes 7th Heaven stand out from other shows and how it handles the topic of pre-marital sex is that it doesn’t blindly condemn it for no reason, nor does it promote it as an acceptable activity. The show has always presented it as something healthy and normal within marriage (Eric and Annie were like bunnies in several earlier episodes)…and has explored the consequences outside of marriage from many different angles, including the reasons why teens and other unmarried adults continue to have sex. As Lucy explains in her sermon during the current season, it has much to do with being validated or important. Anyone who does not feel any sort of self-worth or love for themselves will always look to other social activities, whether it be sports or sex, to make themselves feel good. Using the woman in Song of Solomon has her model, she explains that if a person has self-confidence, they won’t need casual sex to feel validated. If you can feel that your life has purpose and meaning, then everything that flows from that, including sex, will eventually fall into place.
  • A show about a minister and his wife with their family of 7 children. Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam & David are the children of a minister and his wife, and part of one of the best known families in their area. They are known for so much.

    7th Heaven is an amazing show with fantastic stories and actors. The actors - even the young ones - never fail to impress. The show is great because it isn\'t scared to touch base on the \'uncomfortable\' subjects. Dating, sex, rape, pregnancy, suicide, death, addiction, drugs, abuse, and even more. If there\'s a \'touchy\' subject out there, 7th Haven will have probably tried it by now, or is getting ready to debut it. I truly love this show though because no matter how long its been on air, it has never gotten \'lost in time\' as others shows tend to do. It stays with our age//era, and reinvents itself in a samll way every season. For a show that never fails to impress and one that you can watch with the whole family, 7th Heaven is the one.
  • This show jumped the shark A LONG time ago. It was time to put it out of it's missery.

    Seriously, this show has gone downhill since the whole story line about Mary going 'bad' began. The Camden parents became neglectful and self-righteous, not to mention just plain annoying.

    Instead of being parents who guided their children with wisdom and love, they became parents who turned their backs on a child if they did something to displease them.

    And the writers trashing of Jessica's character Mary was just disgraceful. Just because she choose to leave the show before it turned ugly, doesn't mean they have to treat her former character like an unappreciative, offensive, uncaring person, who doesn't have any control over her life. It's as if they're trying to say because she went against her parents’ wishes for her that meant she'd never be successful in her career, or in her family life. It's disgusting.

    I'm not a Christian, but I still used to be a big fan of this show. Now it's just boring, preachy, show that should have been canceled years ago.
    It's really sad to see what happened. I just can't believe the actors were willing to continue tying themselves to such drivel for so long.
  • This award-winning series has been on the air since 1996 and right when it was about to retire, what does the CW do but bring it back!

    I, for one, am thrilled that this lovable family series about the trials and tribulations of a minister, his wife, and his seven children has been picked up for an 11th season. Not many television dramas last this long. In fact, NO television dramas lasted this long. And that is saying something. Obviously, 7th Heaven is one of the most successful series in a long time and it\'s obvious why!
  • I Love This Show.

    Let me start by saying I love 7th Heaven. I watch it everyday on ABC Family. I love all of the characters and its such a real show. The first few seasons were way better than the now. I\'m glad they\'re coming back for a new season but its gettin kinda boring. I\'m still gonna watch it cause I\'m still addicted. Lucy was my favorite character cause she\'s so beautiful. But Ruthie\'s grown into a beautiful girl. I wonder will this season be worth watching. I really hope so cause its fun watching their ups and downs. I\'ll just wait and see.
  • this show was about a family whose father was a minister and the mother stayed home raising the family of five then two more a set of twins came

    this show was a bout a family whose father being a minister and a mother staying home trying to raise a happy well adjusted family in a home that belong to the church and the kids trying to be good while be coming teenagers the family also had to help others in need while trying to cope with their own problems and the rest of the family problems this is a real family show and it hit on topics that we are selves are going through as families with teenagers and also our own parents getting older
    this show just tried to help and they always stuck together wether near or far and they also kept the line of communication open even if it became hard to do.
  • Tis is a family show about the Camden family as you watch all their kids grow up and the problems both the kids and the parents go through. Lucy, Ruthie, Mary, Matt, Simon, and the young twins Sam and David.

    This is the kinda show i would want my kids to watch. It\'s a good family show that shows you that you show stick together with your family. The kids aren\'t perfect they make some bad choices but yet they are still role models for your kids because they always end up having to ay for their actions.They kids are not the only ones who go through trials it show the kind of pain that a kid\'s bad decision can bring on all of those who love them. The parents aren\'t perfect either and go through their own problems too. I have watched this show with my family from the very begining and now that it is gone it will be missed terribly
  • 7th Heaven, the Camden family. Mr. Camden is a minister and his wife Annie and him have five children to start off the show. Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie. Later Sam and David the twins are born. As the years go bywe watch all the children grow up.

    I\'ve been watching since the beginning and I love it. It\'s a great family show and has great lessons in it too. I can\'t wait until the next season. It\'s going to be a great season. The last episode ended with us not knowing about Simon and the baby but we can al figure it all out. Him and Sandy are so made for each other. I hope we get to see all the sets of twins be born and Martin should come back and maybe with a new girlfriend. I love 7th Heaven so much. Season 11\'s going to be great!
  • 7th Heaven is a show about a minister and his stay at home wife trying to raise 7 kids and dealing with common prombles. Common prombles for kids, teens, and adults.

    I think 7th Heaven Is a great show but sometimes some episodes are better then others and sometimes some are worse than others. I really like that this show has drama and funny things in it. Thats why I would say that this show a perfect 10 or a really high 9. I would have to say that because 7th Heaven is my favorite show beside Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also have to say that I love that this show deals with politics and religon but isn't always clean or good for young people to watch. I just love this show so much!!!!
  • Mom, Dad (the minister) and seven kids being raised in California. Has been on tv for 10 seasons and now we are getting one more.

    I can't believe that this show has been on for over 10 years, and now it has been resurrected and we are getting at least one more. We have watched the kids go from school, to college, to marriage and having kids of their own. Little Ruthie Camden is now old enough to drive. This is one of the few shows that families can still watch together. It still tries to teach the viewing public about how to deal with the trials and tribulations of life. I think one of the reasons I still watch 7th Heaven is that I feel that I have grown up with the kids, I am only a couple of years older than Matt.
  • Good values and lessons in each show

    I remember watching the show when it first started. Through the seasons it was fun watching all the kids grow up to who they are today. It seems like every show has some sort of good lesson that rarely you see in any other show today.

    However, during last season that they said would be the final season, the acting seemed like they were just reading off the cue cards. They didn't act it so you felt like you were in the room, but like you were watching a high school play. I know they are coming back next year, and I will watch it, but I sure hope the episodes are better written and acted.
  • Way past its prime, I\'ve never thought a television show more undeserving of 11 seasons as 7th Heaven.

    Really, there\'s nothing more to say. Sure, the show had some interesting and enjoyable plotlines earlier on, this show has been, somehow, painfully chugging along these past 11 years. And with the recent merge of the WB and the UPN having to make cuts of some of the programming, its just not fair. The face that a show like 7th Heaven which is obviously already dead quality-wise would be renewed AFTER their SERIES finale (Wonder why the ratings were good for the finale? Because everyone thought it was the finale!!) and take the place of a far, FAR better show like Everwood, which, in my opinion, had MANY years ahead, forcing them to end the series so abruptly. I think it's time for 7th Heaven to move on!
  • i love this show, from the first time i started watching it i fell in love. its like a normal family dealing with problems most familys have to go through.

    i can not belive that the show is gone that was so sad to see it end i hopethat it might come back as they left it leaving you wondering what might happen to them all and to see all of their familys grow. the last show was one of the bests as it show them from the first show and then now in the last. its hard to think of what they might of done and then see if they could last. :) :( it also was neat to watch the show and be going i know what thats like or watching to see what you could do to stop problems that might be happening. i also thought that all the characters fit well with the person that thehy really are. :D
  • This is a great show!

    I think 7th Heaven is a awsome show. It is one of my favorites. I have to admit that I haven't been watching it alot lately though.

    7th Heaven is another one of those great shows that deals with alot of situations that normal people face everyday.
    It allows the fans to be more informed on situations that some of them might not know about. This show address issues like hunger, teen pregnacies,drugs,diseases, and so much more. It teaches viewers the importance of being a good person and helping other people.

    The characters on this show are really easy to realate to because there is a character for almost every age group.

  • This show used to be a lot better until Jessica Biel left

    Back in the day when this show just started a decade ago most of the actors were fresh like Jessica Biel and Macknzie Rosman who had never had acting roles before this. The story was well written and acted out really good. it stayed this way until Barry and Jessica left in 2002. then the opposite of everything I just said started to turn up like bad story writing,etc. My favorite actors were Jessica Biel and David Gallagher(when he was younger). Now most of the story just focuses on Lucy's life and Simon and Rose's relationship and some episodes just put aside Ruthie and give her maybe only 5 minutes of screen time. The 10th season finale was the worst writing ever for the whole show they should have made that 2 hrs or not waste so much time with unnecessary scenes such as the wedding predictions or giving Lucy too much screen time as usual. They should have shown Matt's graduation instead. Hopefully with the 11th season they can fix the 10th season's crappy ending and put a real ending which means putting Jessica Biel in it.
  • just past it prime

    I think it was really stupid to keep this show because you want to bring it back I think it is time for 7th heaven to go that show was and is time to go. I truly thank that you should keep EVERWOOD ON. So don\\\'t cancel this show keep it going cause it was starting to grow. This show was going somewhere this year. It was getting really good. I don\\\'t know who mead there mind up to cancel the show but they are not that bright. Do they really think that 7th heaven is going to be any better this year? Just bring back everwood and keep seven heaven canceled
  • It is a show about family. Also my favorite character is "Lucy". As a fan of the Seventh Heaven show, I took a test of who i represented, and my results were that i was more like the character "Lucy" from the show.

    Seventh Heaven is my favorite, and the only show that I watch. I am looking forward to the show being re-aired on television again. Also I would like to add a suggestion that I would like to be on the show. But of course as a guest actor or possibly more.
  • Can you believe how inviting Eric and Annie are with their children's friends. I think it is great how they welcome everyone into their family. We need more shows like this. Ones that repect the family unit and what it means to them.

    Can you believe how inviting Eric and Annie are with their children's friends. I think it is great how they welcome everyone into their family. We need more shows like this. Ones that repect the family unit and what it means to them. It is the best show on TV and I am so glad that it is coming back. I can't wait to see where they are taking it next. It can only get better. I want to see how Ruthie does in Scotland and all the twins being born. It is just so awesome.
  • Reverend Eric Camden (Collins) and his wife Annie (Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household.

    From Spelling Television and Brenda Hampton comes 7th Heaven, a critically acclaimed family drama about a minister, his wife and their seven children. The WB's highest-rated series, 7th Heavenhas captured the hearts of television audiences with its witty, charming and heartwarming storytelling and has been praised for providing high-quality entertainment for all ages. This fall, 7th Heaven begins a record-breaking 11th season, making it the longest-running family drama in the history of television.

    The series has received numerous awards for chronicling the many complex problems of growing up in the world today. The young adults on 7th Heaven have been exposed to issues ranging from teen suicide and sibling rivalry to violence in schools. Storylines have touched on such topics as the Holocaust, hate crimes, prejudice against Muslims, drug use, vandalism, the right to vote, drinking and driving, teen pregnancy and homelessness. Reflecting the headlines of our times, episodes have also focused on the Lost Boys of The Sudan, a real-life American serviceman who was killed in Afghanistan and a law allowing teenage mothers to turn their unwanted babies over to hospitals with no questions asked. The series has received honors from the Parents Television Council, The Media Project?s Shine Awards, Entertainment Industries Council's Prism Awards, Viewers Voice, Anti-Defamation League, Film Advisory Board, Academy of Religious Broadcasting, Kids Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Family Friendly Forum Awards and the TV Guide Awards.

    7th Heaven stars Emmy Award-nominated Stephen Collins (The Two Mrs. Grenvilles, The First Wives Club, Sisters), Catherine Hicks (Peggy Sue Got Married, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home) , David Gallagher (Phenomenon and the upcoming The Picture of Dorian Gray), Beverley Mitchell (Phenom), Mackenzie Rosman (Gideon), Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino as the twins, George Stults (the upcoming Night Skies) and Tyler Hoechlin (The Road to Perdition).

    Reverend Eric Camden (Collins) and his wife Annie (Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household. This year, Eric, Annie and their extended family will deal with the changing roles of parents, both at home and in the workplace. Most challenging of all, several family members will grapple with the responsibilities and consequences of teen sex.

    At the end of last season, Simon (Gallagher) shocked his family by not marrying his fiancé, Rose.

    Martin (Hoechlin) receives the upsetting news that a girl he dated over the summer, Sandy (guest star Haylie Duff), is having his child. Since Simon was the one who introduced Martin to Sandy, he feels responsible for their situation. As they deal with their emotions and try to decide what to do, everyone involved must face the reality that sexual activity changes young lives forever.

    For new parents Lucy (Mitchell) and Kevin (Stults), the challenge has been dividing the time they spend with each other, their jobs and their young daughter, Savannah. Kevin finds that he misses being home with Savannah so much that he makes the decision to become a stay-at-home dad, and he will surprise everyone with his ability to function perfectly in the role of Mr. Mom. While Kevin seems to have found his niche, Lucy struggles with her job as an Associate Pastor at Eric?s church. When the church elders request that Lucy be removed from her post, Eric finds himself in a very awkward position. As the season concludes, we find that Lucy is pregnant with twins.

    As for Ruthie (Rosman), she is busy with schemes to date a new older boy, Jack (guest star Garrett Stromman), who had been dating one of Ruthie's girlfriends. Ruthie's plans come to a sudden halt, however, when Eric learns of Jack's age and refuses to let Ruthie go out with him.

    Through all the ups and downs, Eric and Annie have managed to keep their romance alive and their family close. This season, all the Camdens will be focused on the issue of responsibility, whether it involves careers, friendships, dating, parenting or the life-changing repercussions of teenage sex.

    7th Heaven was created by Brenda Hampton (Fat Actress, Mad About You, Blossom), who also serves as executive producer along with Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. Spelling and Vincent are also executive producers of The WB's Charmed, produced by Spelling Television, Inc., a Paramount/Viacom company.
  • how you you end it the way that you did? All the lead up and everything. I m come on that was so old. It was left with a total cliff hanger and was so pset about it that i actually swore and yelled pleasssssssssssse!

    i can\'t believe the way that they left Simion and rose i mean i was so glad that they didn\'t get married and the whole leading us to the graduation and didn\'t even take us there common what happened with that? please i was happy to see matt and sarah but the blips and whole what 35 sec of mary she should have been there or at least showed us the reaction to Eric and Annie in the fact that mary finally graduated college and taking responsibility for herself. They fought so hard for mary and to end it the way the did . Now to find out that 7th hevan is coming back will they have that episode with mary i sure hope so what do you think she needs to finally have a good story line and maybe more of sam and david.
  • Can't stand this show but for some reason I watch it. I geuss i like to be nostalgic when it coms to shows that used to be acceptable. Season 10 was poorly written, poorly acted, and had no story other than pregnancies and weddings.

    I never "like" liked this show but for some reason back in my younger days i watched seasons 1-4 very closely whereas i choose to do homework while i zone out on a new episode of season 10. I am very surprised that nobody is sewing the wb for renewing a show that had a countdown to goodbye since the last 10 episodes. COME ON people this show gets fake countdowns but we aren\'t officially informed about Everwood's series finale till the last week. The shows stars are also wayyyyy to old to be a part of a family drama. Half the characters are gone! The other half are in college or live in a different house. I'm sorry but basing an entire 11th season on the youngest kid is just stupid. Ruthy has such a bland life. Does anyone actually believe she does all her homework and gets on honor role even though she obsesses about getting a boyfriend for hours and hours.

    I'm sorry for such a low score but then again they have earned it by dissapointing loyal fans(I'm not one of them, check out my bashing thread on the forum), misinforming viewers with a "countdown to goodbye," and bringing the story to a predictable and bland ending. Three sets of twins and a couple who spent a year saying they want to get married and then at last minute just don't do it.
    I'm offended by this and a lot of people may not agree but I am just being honest.
  • Great Show !

    This is the greatest family show on tv I know about its like a modernd day little house on the praire it touchs base with all the problems in child teen and adult life and helps people to deal with those problems I really lik this show for its honesty , I think this is a show that could be show to just about anyone and still be a show that was liked by everyone !
  • Does anyone knnow the book that has been mentioned several times on 7th??? It was about hope to behave . . . everyone in the family from young to old reread it on that episode. Any ideas???

    Does anyone knnow the book that has been mentioned several times on 7th??? It was about hope to behave . . . everyone in the family from young to old reread it on that episode. Any ideas??? They talked about how to treat each other and it seemed to be a kids book. I would really love to find out what it is - I think it would be a great addition to anyone\\\'s library. Anyone know about any printed material that has been referenced in this show. Even if the relgious aspect is not relevant to you the themes certainly are.
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