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  • 7th Heaven is the kind of show you come across on a day when you're really bored, and think "Well, this will do..."

    7th Heaven is the kind of show you come across on a day when you're really bored, and think "Well, this will do...", not something that makes you jump on the edge of your seat at the same time every week, wondering what will happen next.

    While the plot can sometimes be intriguing, I usually don't watch an episode more than once, since the 'drama' is often the thing that makes me keep watching. The acting is absolutely not some of the best I've seen, and some of the ideals make me want to throw my TV out of the window. The show is just a little too (Please don't shoot me for this!) American for my taste.

    It is a guilty pleasure for me, because, as much criticism as the show deserves, in my opinion, I still stop and watch it when I come across it, without looking for something better to watch, and I know that, if I come across it in a store, I'd probably buy it, wanting to see the first couple of seasons, since they aren't showed on Danish television. 7th Heaven can be recommended if you're bored, it does make time go by faster!
  • Great For everyone

    Well let me begin by telling you that I have watched since it first aied on the WB and without a doubt it is a fav of mine....the best part of this show is that yes the are Preacher's Kids (PK's) but they all have there faults,as we all do. Matt: as the oldest has the problem of every other Camden turning to him for advise and the fact that he was smoking at the beging og the show and that he falls in love with every girl he dates are just to name a few.

    Mary: Wild Child i men yeah shes a great ball player but throws that all out the wido when she along with her teammates vadalive the gym then she meet "Robbie" doing community service no less she then can't hold down a job..... Must i go on.

    Lucy: What can I say about Lucy shes a cry baby and well talk about drama but for some reason you can't help wanting to comfort her in all that she goes thru

    Simon: aka the bamk of Simon : Talk about a savy kid i think he got in to more trouble than most of the clan from drinking to smoking to sex befor marriage to co-habitation...thats just to name a few Ruthie: Now we're talking probobly my fave of all the kids she was Simons right hand girl and the voice of reason of as young as 5 she new all that was going on in the house and as she got older she did in fact get wiser The Twins Sam and David: They were the OMG moment in the show they were not expected nor were they shuned only by ruthie and oly cause she felt left out i guess they didn't have to much time to do to much wrong but they did like when tey wanted to hlpe the church the were stealing money but hey they were babys

    Eric and Annie: They did a great job blancing family wrok and love into there everyday life
  • A beautiful show that was interesting to the very end! It was a sad day when it finally ended. A show about a family with real lives and real problems.

    A beautiful show that was interesting to the very end! It was a sad day when it finally ended. A show about a family with real lives and real problems.
    It was nice to see a show where the parents did their best to raise their kids right. To see kids going through 'normal' problems as they grew up and went through the different stages of life.
    The show can come of as being lame at times but overall I would say that it is a underrated classic. A well made and acted tv series that should have lasted longer than it did.
  • This is the last show of the serise.

    I thought that the last episode was very bad. I though that the writers would have extended the ending to one or maybe two other shows. I say this because I have so many unanswered questions, like What is Simon's suprise to his parents, Did Ruthie get out of high school a year early, Did Lucy and Kevin ever take the jobs in Oakwood along with a couple of other questions. One thing that I would have liked to have seen is the hole family come together for one last apperence. Or at the end each indvidual walks in and shares there experience on the show.
  • I watch this show almost everyday

    I love this show i love ho it shows what a real family goes through everyday weather it be good or bad. This family is perfect in my eyes (well almost). This show can be a little funny and it has its drama and there are some tearjerker episodes. They love all there kids unconditionally and something that i like about this show is even when some of the charactors are not on the show the charcters that are on the show make many refrences to them so its not like they dropped off the face of the earth. and even when there children got married and moved out they were still major parts of the show unlike many other shows. I just love this show i watch almost everyday.
  • and yet I keep watching.

    There are things about this show I really like, especially in the early episodes. The characters are very charming in many ways and I guess the idea behind the show is to demonstrate that everyone, even a minister's family, has problems and issues. In the early episodes, I think there was a lot of morals to each story. I would find myself crying as the point to the "lesson" was revealed. It was sweet and moving. As the show progressed, though, it seemed the kids were just in constant trouble. I am saddened at the way they are permitted to speak to their parents (yes, I realize it's a show). None of them seemed to have any clue what they were doing, where they were going. All they appeared to care about was being popular and dating. The show seemed to stop focusing on important social issues. I was also turned off by the way the kids openly made out with people they just met in front of their parents. I'm not talking a peck on the cheek either, but full-blown kissing sessions. I found myself talking to the t.v. screen, saying "get a room." Or better yet, do something about your kids people. Stop letting them sass, stop letting them behave poorly. I haven't read the other reviews yet, so I am curious to see if other viewers are put off by the same lack of respect the characters have for their parents or if it's just me. I admit, I am not one to let kids rule the roost, but I think this behavior goes far above and beyond simple teenage angst and is plain ol' bratty behavior.
  • 7th Heaven is over. Finally! What was it about? A big Family, Religion, fundamental values and ultraconservatism. Appealing? Either you like it or you don't.

    There was a time, when this format was new, good and appealing to everyone. This time was 1996, when Season 1 was released. It was good, Season 2 was not that good anymore and the rest was getting worse every season. I bet this show was produced to teach the new wave of young adults how to behave and what's right and what's wrong. Let me think - yes it was!

    A family with a whole baseballteam of kids, a pastor is the father, a housewife is the mother. There is a black sheep in the family - the oldest daughter Mary and everyone's darling Lucy. All of the kids do bad things and learn from them... WOW what a perfect family. What do we learn from this?
    Have a lot of kids! Go to church! Believe in God! Peace on earth! Everyone should be equal!

    Some are good messages, but this is pure conservatism. There was one episode I remember, when they tried to be critical.. I liked it because they actually criticized Bush and the war in Iraq.

    Whatever you think about this show, you can't forget that it still is one of the most successfull shows in the history of american television. How did they manage to do Eleven seasons of love, intrigues, moral issues and religion? I guess with a bunch of conservative Americans.

    But generally this show never made me do anything else but take the telecontrol and switch to another channel. Thank god it is over. Still congratulations for 243 episodes. 7th Heaven uuuuuuh 7th Heaven... is over! R.I.P and never come back.
  • This is a series should have gone on much longer even if one writers passed away. It was the best, cleanest story on TV. The last episode left everyone hanging. I looking for the entire series on DVD. Hope this show can return with the same stars.

    The best, cleanest show with realistic problems on TV today. It is one that should be brought back, hopefully with the same stars. Networks should never allow shows this good to go off the air. We need clean stuff like this compared to many shows that are being offered today.

    Thus if anyone likes clean wholesome things to watch, this is the show.

    I'm looking foward to being able to soon get the entire 11 season on DVD not only for myself, but getting a gifts for others as well.

    Let's bring this show back with the same actors before it is too late to get them.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    Great show - please bring a season 12 back on. The relationship between Eric and Annie is needed in this day and age. It's messages teach quite a bit about life and how to handle problems. I wish they would bring it back on and use the internal family and get rid of Sandy and Martin. I did not get to watch it when it first came on but I have purchased all the DVD's and have watched all the reruns. My favorites are Annie and Eric, they are great together. Since their roadtrip you could bring them back on in a new location and new problems.
  • A wholesome show (in my opinion) that centers on a minister and is wife as they raise their 5 and later 7 children in Glenoak, CA. A a loving, functional family and always, always have each others "backs." The kind of family I would hope to marry into...

    I am a little...biased I guess (is that the right term?). Anyway, I love Heaven. As far as I am concerned, it is one of the best shows to ever be on TV. It teaches us a lot and givers so very much hop and inspiration to others...
    I think that they done really well covering the many things that people are faced with in toady's world. I love the show and look forward to watching it--even if it is now on DVDs or re-runs on Hallmark. Even though it sounds cheesy and corny, nothing....nothing will ever takes its place in my heart.
  • we all love 7th heaven, everyone for sifferent reasons. i will never forget the reason one of my closest friends loves the show...

    one close friend of ine said she loved the show becasue not only was it a drama, we all love them at some point, but that it brought her back to her faith in god after some things happened in her life. for me, my family arn't that religious, i don't know why i guess i was brought up to believe what i believed, not just to believe in the same things as my parents. my nan is religious, and i don't acctually think my parents are, i know my mother went to sunday school when younger, and she bcame a nurse because she wanted to help people. but i don't know why but i never understood why people believed what was written in the bible, i used to think maybee someone made it up or something becasue i belieed that you can't acctually believe and worship something or someone you can't see , becasue god to everyone looks different. i guess my thought changed when i started watching 7th heaven. i began to understand why people believe and want to believe in god and jesus. i guess i like the show because it helped me understand, it helped a friend come back to her faith. but most of all i like all the drama that seems to happen in every episode there is allways a delema with one camdan family member if not more. noone has to agree or disagree with my review. its just what i think and thats all that counts for me.
  • A great show!

    th Heaven is very personal, interesting, exciting, and awesome show. It shows you real life issues. Some shows problems that don't make sense, but this shows problems do. I love all the characters. It shows everyone growing up and the realationships in the show are great: Robbie and Mary, Mary and wilson, Matt and Heather, Lucy and Jimmy, Lucy and Kevin, Simon and Georgia, Simon and Sarah, ruthie and Vincent, Ruthie and Martin, and Ruthie and T-bone. I love this show soooo much. Everyone can relate to one of the characters. Ruthie is my favorite character. Mary is my favorite as well because they both cause problems. I love all the characters and the acters are great.
  • GREAT!!

    this show is definately a personal favorite. It was very upsetting to find out this show had ended. This show is about a family with eight children. They are the kids of a minister. I was first introduced to the show a year after it ended, not too long ago. The show is a drama. My favorite part about the show is that you feel like you are growing up with the family, since it ran for so long. It is a change from what I usually like to watch, which is sitcoms. Overall, the show is a very heart-warming and cherished.
  • The show taught many life lessons. The idea of a new series in Crossroads as Lucy and Kevin in charge and the reast of the cast dropping in with visits to keep us updated would be great.

    I LOVE 7th Heaven. I did however think the last episode was a little bit vauge. The cast seemed lost. I would love to find out if Ruthie and TBone or Martin got maried if Lucy ever had more children Did Matt and Sara open their own clinic near the rest of the family? I have enjoyed the series for learning about Darfor, the lost boys, becoming a foster parent, to the little "talks" that might save our relationships in real life. Please help with our craving for more of 7th Heaven. We need more shows like this to help bring up our children.
  • I loved the show and cast they should do a spin off with Lucy and Kevin in Crossroads and every know and then the other members show up. We need to know what happen did Lucy have boy or girl and did Simmon get married is Ruthie and T-Bone still together

    The last show was great but alot of unanswered question about Eric did he realy get better. Did they go back to Glenn Oak. What happen to Simmon did he get married. Did Ruthie stay with T-Bone or did she go with Martin after all
    A spin off with Lucy and Kevin would be good The show could be called Crossroads and the cast from 7th Heaven could go to Crossroads as special guest on the show. The show was great. We don't have good shows like that anymore just realty shows. We need more good shows Like 7th Heaven
  • The Camdens endure years of Drama and Memories as their family grows up.. If you are reading this, don't rely on it!! I am NO GOOD at summaries!

    Bring my baby back! Oh my gosh, when I come home from school, I open my "On Demand" List and go straight to 7th Heaven! I have to admit,that some of the seasons were kinda,hmmm, not original 7th Heaven.. I am not saying they are not great,but if you LOVED the first few seasons,some of the later seasons (8-11) might surprise you or even disappoint some.. **Warning: The following may give a little spoiler** I hated that Mary was nowhere to be seen for the last few seasons! She was one of my favorites! Well, I would just LOVE to have Sam, David, Ruthie, Simon, Lucy, Mary, and Matt as my siblings! I would love to be raised by Eric and Annie, too! I would absolutely LOVE to be T-Bone, Jane or Margaret if you know hat I mean!
  • This is just some general information that Seventh Heaven fans might want to know and I didn't know where to put it!

    I just wanted all Seventh Heaven fans to know that Stephen Collins (Papa Camden) is joining the Broadway production of Monty Python's SPAMALOT at the Shubert Theatre starting Tuesday, June 24. He's going to take over the role of King Arthur. This show is so funny and he is going to be great in it! I'm so excited. Spamalot is the Tony Award winning musical "lovingly ripped-off" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is the funniest musical in the world. Also Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees and Dancing With The Stars, will take over the role of Patsy, Arthur's trusted manservant. I can't wait!
  • totally cool!!

    this show, use to be my favorite, then i started watching friends, and that was my fav. then i watched Buffy the vapire slayer, and that was my fav. then i watched Gilmore Girls, and that was my fav. then i watched One Tree Hill, then i watched army wives, and it took 7th heavens place on my chart!
    1. Gilmore Girls
    2. One Tree Hill
    3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    4. Army Wives
    5. friends
    but the other day i was waiting for another show, and 7th heaven was on so i watched it, and it was totally awesome, the only thing i didn't like was that Mary wasn't there anymore, but it totally bumped Army Wives down to 5!!
    1. Gilmore Girls
    2. One Tree Hill
    3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    4. 7th Heaven
    5. Army Wives
    6. Friends
    7. Yes, Dear
    8. The O.C.
    9. Degrassi
    10. Summerland

    so it is a good show, just give it more than one chance!!
  • "Prise the Women" is the best episode!!!

    i love this show it is the best i watch it everyday!!! i think that they pick the best people for the show Annie and Eric make such a cute couple and Lucy she is so bold. Ruthie is just like Mary and Matt is a hottie Simon is to needie and Sam and David the cutest i just love this show i wish that they were still making episodes. i thnk that whoever doesn't watch this show is crazyyyyyy!!!!!!! whoever says that 7th heaven is a waste of time well i hate you and i always will. people grow up!!!
  • Horrible

    Just a terrible show to be honest. The only good part is the fact Jessica Biel is in it. I mean wow, that girl is just amazingly stunning ;>

    I dont really feel like saying much more other than.. Do not, for the love of god.. ever watch this terrible show :P

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  • I love this show....It is Absolutely the best.

    This show gives a whole new meaning to family television. Forget the dumb blonde as a mother and the unsure dad, oh no. These Camdens are true blue americans and stupied is not in there dictionary. Mrs Annie Camden is one of the smartest women in Glenoak. She is a homemaker and treats her kids the way Mrs Cleaver Would approve of. Dont forget Reverand Camden, The american Good semiritan. What a lovely couple, one way to top it off.. 7 kids. Thats right 7 bundles of joy. I love that how the best parents can raise 7 beautiful children and not regret one thing that they have done in doing that. I mean mary has given the worst name to the camdens but they still love her and consider her family and a camden. Now thats Love.
  • I like this show BUT the family is way too perfect.

    Here is the thing, I do like this show, I do. It has good values played out BUT sometimes I think this family needs a reality check. There are times when I think this family is so nosy and just way too perfect. Is this making any sense to anyone? Anyone else with me on this? I do like this show but sometimes I just really want to just...AHHHHH...like what kid today acts like the kids on this show. I just think there are some points where the show is to unrealistic. Maybe I don't like the show as well as I thought but that is how I feel. Am I making sense?
  • Absolutely amazing show, i will never forget it.

    great show... absolutely amazing... 7th heaven is amazing, the cast is amazing and just.. well... everything about it. its awesome. there was one thing that disappointed me and that was the ending but its mainly because it was nowhere near what i expected. i have seen probably 90% of the episodes and hope to get to see all of them at one point.... My aunt, grandma and i can talk about 7th heaven for hours... no joke, we all love 7th heaven so much, we'll never forget it. i remember back when there was still new episodes and gosh do i remember flipping out if i missed a new episode. i would frantically call my aunt and grandma hoping they seen the episode to they could tell me what i missed.. i think i loved seasons 9 10 and 11 the best out of all of them. i have seen just about all of the later episodes, its some of the earlier ones that i missed because they are not shown as much. i have heard that the beginning was great and i look forward to seeing the ones i have missed.. I dont recall seeing much of seasons 2 or 3 so i have to see those episodes sometime..
  • I have watched every episode of this show! It was kinda like my family we are from a large family too! This is a nice family show. Where you don't have to worry if your kids watch it!!

    This show reminds me kinda of like a modern day Little House. Good wholesome fun for all ages. We watched all the kids grow up from Ruthie first day of Kinder. to her first boyfriend. Lucy first period to her first baby! This is a show that will go down in history for a good show for the whole family. They have real life issues in this show and they show how they deal with it differntly. Some of the people went on the perform on the big screen, other went to school while one went on the have a singing carrer!!
  • I good show about a christian family having to grow up a certain way, something i can sort of relate to.

    The best thing about this show in my opinion is that the parents are thinking in the early seasons that things are going to turn out a certain perfect way with their kids, and obviously things don't. I barely watched the 11th season, only a few episodes, but i didn't like how ruthie wasn't in the whole season. Produced by Spelling television, this show is a good example of a family-oriented style show, if that's what you're into. I watched this show when i was younger, not so much anymore. But, I guess that's just how things go. I still say good show though.
  • this shows the life of a preacher his wife and all of his five kids as they grow up and deal with their own problems

    i like this show..i may not watch it every time it comes on and i assure u i havent seen every ep..but i have liked all the eps ive seen so far..all the cast are fabulous actors and i admire them truly..i like how it kind of gives the whole contradiction of what people believe to be true about preachers and their families..people always think that preachers' kids are the good ones in society that never have any real problems and never do the wrong thing..this shows the complete opposite b/c one has a child out of wedlock, one goes on drugs, and one just has problems with girls..i like how they give a modern day view to a look into a preachers fam
  • 7 heaven will be miss

    There a show that were are all going to miss it was call 7th heaven it last for 10 season. It was kind of show that I enjoy each week to watch.(And i still watch the reruns.) It was was I guess you could call it clean tv. Would the show lasting 10 season we got to watch the kids grow up. On the other hand on that. I was sad to see some of caracters go before the show had end.But that is show biz. alltrow the show was good but the last 2 season I did not like. They did picksome good caracters at end like Gerorge stults (kevin kinkirk) and the twins. the other caracter kind of suck at the end.
  • This is a truly fantastic programme and was sorry to hear it has finished just watched the last one

    I have really enjoyed this family drama, sometimes sad, happy and very funny. The Camdens have become a part in my daily life, We have just watched the very one here in the UK. But thanks to the Hallmark Channel have stated to repeat it again, I will also bebuying the box sets for region 2 for the ones I,ve missed, how many people enjoy watching this I would love to hear from anyone, so please get in touch and let me know what you think, I hope they decide to bring it back please please for us all x
  • This show shows: Family, Love, Trust, Friendships, Respect, honestly, Loyalty, Sex, Morals etc.... Its a great show that teach younger kids and families to bond. Its amazing!! and a must see !!

    Review? no one can write the perfect review for this show. This show is too good for words. I loved it. I wish they would bring it back. Beverly mitchelle is my idol. Always has been. But it needs to come back. How can it be over? How? It has given so many positive aspects to families that watch it. Teaches a lot of good thing as I mentioned in the summary. It had an overwhelming amount of viewers and the seasons get stronger with the issuses. I know it taught me A LOT i the 11 years and I have been watching it since I was 9, I am very upset! I have nothing to watch. and I have all the seasons that came out on DVD. I want my daughter to grow up on it too and she is only 17 ½ months old. PLEASE Bring IT Back!!
  • i think that show is great

    I love this show i think that show is really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank godness that abc family letting the show reture. I'm now 12 years old i have been watching this show since i was 10 years old.But this one of my favorite tv show but i dont watch it everyday. But watch it when i can. I favorite characters are lucy, ruthie, savannah,sam and david. All the children are grow up now.i just love this show because i just love it.But of all my favorite characteri love savannah the most. She is just so pretty, glamorous,and so sweet........... and that is all from me
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